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F.A.Qs.  -  Faid Asked Questions!
Why Ads?

Q: Is it Faid or Faids?
A: It's Faid. The blog was named during one of the "ret paladins are OP" phases of Arenas and all I ever heard was "nerf Paladins."  Now, I don't seriously PvP in any form but I always joked that I didn't need to be nerfed because I was a paladin, I needed to be nerfed because I was Faid, and any Faid is OP, therefor you should nerf Faids.  Thus the name of the blog.  My character name, however, is Faid. It's DIAF backwards, if that helps you remember.

Q: What server do you play on? Do you raid?
A: I play on Argent Dawn US, a medium population launch day RP server.  I am a main tank of my guild's main raid team.  I play a Protection Paladin as my main character.

Q: What addon do you use for your _________?
A: This post and accompanying video lay out most of the addons I use.  I have switched from using ZeroAuctions to using TSM for all my mass posting purposes, and also use it to craft Glyphs. I use a few other addons and if you have any questions post them as a Youtube comment to the video they are seen in and I'll get back to you about them.

Q: Why are you a Blood Elf at the beginning of all your new videos?
A: How is the Orb of the Sin'dorei. Why is because I'm a Blood Elf at heart.  The original Faid was a Blood Elf Mage and I hold a not-so-secret dream that one day LotI will mass faction transfer. I'll trade Alliance for Blood Elves and Goblins any day! But until all my friends switch, I'm an Alliance player and I'm not ashamed of that!

Q: What's the best profession for making gold? What's the worst?
A: This will be largely dependent on your play style, your ability to pair the single profession with other professions, and your server's markets. However, in my position I find the biggest money maker to be Inscription (followed closely by Jewelcrafting) and the worst to be Leatherworking.   However, all professions have the ability to be profitable if you use them properly.

Q: I have more questions. (Granted, this is not a question, this is a statement.)
A: I enjoyed getting correspondence from readers, but as stated earlier, I find long-winded descriptions of a person's gold-making setup interesting but tiring to read then write up a huge response.  However, I do like talking gold and answering questions.

Q: Can I contact you directly with gold-making questions?
I will not stop you from sending me Youtube comments, posting questions, etc. and I will try to answer them when I have time; but understand that I may not get to them.  I love hearing from everyone who enjoys reading my blog but I'm afraid that more often than not you may feel ignored when I don't respond to your direct messages.  Please note it's nothing against you or your gold-making situation, I'm just not one for much direct e-mail correspondence.