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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Video - Quick Scribe Tip!

Don't worry, I haven't been so caught up in streaming my gold making live that I've forgotten my YouTube fans! Here's the next installment in my short video tip series, I hope you all enjoy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Importable TSM Mog Lists v2.0

A while back I made a post on the Consortium forums containing importable TSM shopping lists for Keelhaul's Cloth, Mail, and Plate mog armor recommendations.  However, there were some issues with it. For starters, it was a full list.  It included things like pants which wouldn't even show under the robes, tons of bracers that wouldn't show, etc. Also, there was no leather list.

This morning I decided to completely redo my shopping lists. I completely deleted my original lists and began recreating them now that I know a bit more about mog selling.

What I Used
The lists are almost entirely based off of the lists by Keelhaul, farli_wow, and EpicPennyPouch which can be found in Power Word Gold's Hatchery. Here are the original lists, if you would like to take a look at them: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate

What I Did
My previous effort to make the lists which resulted in the Consortium post was essentially taking the entire list and everything in every set and making it importable into TSM. It was very helpful as a starting point but many people found themselves filling up on bracers, ugly hats, and cloth pants that they don't need.

When creating the importable version of the leather list, and in revamping every other armor type, I was much more discerning this time around.  I removed almost every bracer and simple-looking hat or belt. Most cloth pants and shoes are not in this list, nor are most simple looking shoulders.  To put it simply I included the sets that looked best or most unique, and the most important pieces of those sets. Many lower tier sets, or sets that look so plain or similar to many other sets were removed altogether. I trimmed the fat, so to speak.

Miscellaneous Notes
Some items that are very rare and sell very well on your server may have been removed; every server is different.  I tailored these lists with my own experiences in mind (e.g. the Lord's set was removed since I have a million of those sitting around, too common for my tastes!) and while the armor may be one-size-fits-all this list probably isn't.  You may want to use these lists as a starting point to add or trim to work for you.

Leather sets were an interesting animal. They have many sets that look almost identical but are different colors. (Chieftain's Set shares a skin with several others in the list.) I included all the different colors and types that share a color. Understand when buying and selling though that one item may have a much more common item that's virtually interchangeable; this is especially apparent with the leather belts that appear to have studs or rivets in them, like in the Chieftain's Set previously linked.  I included them but buy at your own risk!

The Lists!



How to Import These Lists
I made a short (~2 minute) video about importing lists to walk you through the process. If you're anti-video you can also check out the first link in this post to my Consortium thread which includes a screenshot walkthrough.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nerf Faids Live: The Stream!

I finally had the chance to get together with Jim from Power Word Gold and get my settings all figured out and we were able to get my stream up and running!  So be sure to follow me on  for live gold making videos as they happen. You can participate and ask questions and see how I play in real-time!

I did my first stream this morning, thank you to everyone who participated.  I did go back and delete the saved file I'm afraid.  The reason being is that in my noobness to streaming I did two very bad things: For a brief moment my login name appeared and then I accidentally said half my password as I typed it in. So, naturally, zee evidence had to be destroyed!

I intend to record future streams and embed them for those who can't make it to the live recordings but I do invite everyone to come participate in them, they're a lot of fun.  (Follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates on when I start streaming.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

End of Expac Slump + Two New Videos

Before we get into talk of the end of expansion slump I'd better get these videos in! A few days ago I put up episode 4 of my new shorter video series and tonight I've put up episode 5.  Sorry I didn't post right when 4 went up but I think the slump has hit my blogging as well as my gaming and I overlooked posting it. Better late than never, though, so here are both of the newest episodes.

We were in ICC for almost exactly a year. A year. Sure, Halion came out, but that was a shadow of a real raid.  Once we'd cleared everything we likely would in Wrath of the Lich King I was bored out of my mind.  I turned to gold making and have been enjoying that ever since.  Gold-making was new and interesting. There were things to learn, actions to perform, and rewards if I did well. Like raiding.

Now that Cataclysm is nearing that same point in ICC my interest is waning once more.  But gold making, my old go-to, isn't new and exciting anymore. It's like farming raid content for gear you don't even want.  I've set an arbitrary goal of 2 million gold before Mists of Pandaria but that's not enough to motivate me.

Hell, I pulled in 70k the other day just doing the same old same old. Nothing's challenging about gold making anymore. When MoP releases and there are all sorts of new items, strategies, and gold sinks I'm sure I'll be dying to compete in the market but right now I'm just spinning my wheels here.

Really, what do you do when you've got gold making on farm status? Play TF2, I guess.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Disenchant Scans - The lazy gold maker's best friend.

Folks who have been following my gold making videos will remember this tip from my Enchanting-specific gold rush. This is such a fast, easy, lucrative practice in my gold making routine I wanted to feature it as its own video. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gold Rush #2: Don't lose out on Transmute profits!

For those who listen to the Power Word Gold podcast this won't be super new as I mentioned it in a past episode. However, the response to the tip has been so great I thought it would make a great subject for a quick Gold Rush video.

I was originally introduced to the idea by Zerohour at the Consortium forums and noticed quickly that many people over there seem to use this tip. Just one of many great tips that I've picked up over there; check em out if you haven't already.

If you need a transcript of the narration of this video for whatever reason you will find it in the Youtube comments.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gold Rushes are back!

This (early) morning I'm announcing the repurposing of the Gold Rush series.  I did Faid's WoW Gold Rush to feature ways to make gold in 15 minutes or less of play time.  The videos are still up there and the like but I've decided to repurpose the title. I've launched a new video series under the Gold Rush name in which the rush refers less to the time spent in-game and more to the time spent watching the video.

Each video will be fairly short (this first video is only a minute long!) and will feature one or two assorted gold making tips.  The reason I'm doing this is that shorter videos will allow me to put out new videos more often. In other words you can look forward to a video every few days. I'm going to shoot for every other day!  So I hope you all will enjoy those, here's the first:

My second announcement is a bit less exciting I would imagine.  Not often, but occasionally I'll have a fan of my blog or videos ask me how they can contribute/show their appreciation, such as donating to PayPal.  I've not used PayPal extensively so I tried setting up an Amazon wishlist but there were complications, so for now there is only PayPal donations which can be accessed via the button in the top right.

Thanks folks!

Oh, also there are now nested comments so I can reply to comments much easier and there's an e-mail link, at the top of the page if you would like to contact me directly. Woo!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Obligatory Schedule Post

Over time I've had many people ask me to post my daily gold making routine. There are two reasons I haven't done so. 

The first is that I've been worried people will take my schedule the wrong way. You see, I'm a total no-lifer in this game. I play day in and day out.  So my "routine" often plays out over 10 or so hours of playtime. I worry that this sends the message that the reason I have a lot of gold is  that I spend a lot of time getting it. While it certainly helps I don't want to send that message. Even with very little play time you can get great results.  I just happen to have a lot of time on my hands so I spend it playing.

The second is that it's difficult! I wanted to make a video but with two accounts going at once it was a nightmare to figure out how to record and edit it into a video that would show what it needed to show in a decent amount of time.  I brought up this issue with flux and he recommended I just keep a written log of my activities and use that.  So here's that log from yesterday. 

The blue text is my main account which houses most of my crafters and max level toons, the red text is my secondary account which is mostly made up of AH/bank toons.  Green text is out-of-game information.

4:50 AM – Log on to Liquidate, cancel and repost auctions. Liquidate is a general purpose AH toon. She handles enchant scrolls, belt buckles, items I'm flipping. Generally most things are sold by her on Alliance. Do a TSM Dealfinding search, no deals right now.

4:50 AM – Log on to Faid to check mail, clean out bags from last night's raid. A friend in my guild has been asking me to get him a Horde Festival Lantern in exchange for his Alliance one, so I need to do that. Sending the Lunar Lantern I received to Tekelili for banking until after the holiday to sell later. My Oracle Egg hatched but I just got aged yolk. :( I'll have to buy another when I'm out doing dailies for Argent Tournament later.

4:50 AM – Check the Consortium forums, e-mail, twitter.

4:56 AM – Put on my Blessed Medallion of Karabor and port to Black Temple to check for Collidus the Warp Watcher.

4:59 AM – Killed Collidus, put on my Argent Tournament tabard and port to Icecrown. Log out after porting, I need to do other stuff before I forget.

5:01 AM – Log over to Andawe, my Horde scribe/enchanter. Check mail, do an Auctioneer+Disenchant scan, and Northrend Inscription Research. I found several items in the disenchant scan. I spent 110g on them and posted enchanting materials worth 478g. It doesn't sound like much but doing this every day has net me about 20k in the past month! I learned Glyph of Frost Armor.

5:01 AM – Log into Verixi, my Horde alchemist/Jewelcrafter. Do the Orgrimmar JC daily, Transmute Water to Air, and check ore prices. (Still bad! Horde are often much more expensive than Alliance, but always worth looking.) The JC daily is Nibbler! No! which is great news since that means I can do it on my level 76 warlock easily. When it's Elemental Goo I either have to dualbox it or must skip it. I trade my JC token for a Chimera's Eye and sell it. (I have all the cuts on my two Alliance JCs and rarely cut on Horde, so I just sell the eyes.)

5:08 AM – Not much going on on the interwebz (Did you know I put my e-mail address up at the top of the blog in case you wanted to contact me? :D I'm lonely.) Switching to

5:11 AM – Do a TSM destroying scan for any Blackfallow, Ethereal, or Ink of the Sea at 6g or less on Horde. I didn't get very much. Since the bots have been banned it's slim pickin but I was able to buy enough to make 12 IotS and 17 Ethereal Ink. I'll bank it; I can use it to make glyphs for Horde or Alliance but I'll keep it here for now.

5:20 AM - Log on to Byakhee, my Alliance warlock. Do the JC dailies for Dalaran and Stormwind, Transmute Water to Air. I still do the JC daily in Dalaran for any JC that's still leveling since it's worth good experience.

5:21 AM - Log onto Klix, my Alliance DK. Do the JC daily in SW.

5: 25 - Rapid succession Alchemist visits. Log to Lexicar, Kendran, and Lockbox to Transmute Water to Air on each. (Two procced x2!)

5:29 AM - Log to Tekelili, my glyph seller. Today is not my day to sell glyphs so I'm taking in the gold I earned yesterday and the glyphs I didn't sell. Finding out what needs to be restocked later today.

5:32 AM - Log to Rixen and do an Auctioneer+Disenchant scan on Alliance. I sell mats I have a lot of and anything I'm often running low on, such as Large Brilliant Shards, get banked. It looks like someone was leveling LW because there are tons of leather crafted greens to DE. Cha-ching. The guy who sold them whispered me and asked me why I bought all his stuff. I told him and he said "If I had known people were going to buy it I would have put it up for more." I'm like "But then I probably wouldn't have bought it . . ." I don't think he gets it.

5:46 AM - Finished bringing in my glyphs/gold. I spent some gold yesterday on my glyph toon (I needed it for the other account but didn't want to log to my general banker, so used GlyphGold. Had I not done that I think my take from yesterday was about 16k for glyphs.

5:47 AM - Log onto Kickback, my general auction house toon on Horde. Most of my Horde selling is cross-faction pets and recipes, so mostly this is just cancelling and reposting those. I also am checking the price on Festival Lanterns and buying any under 6k. Looks like my competitor's auctions have expired on most cross-faction stuff, cancelling to raise prices always feels good. :D

5:57 AM - Log onto Neutrality, Kickback's Alliance counterpart. She mostly deals in cross-faction stuff, as her name implies, but she's also my "old stuff" bank. Any crafting materials and such that aren't from Cataclysm are in her guild bank <Your Self Storage> and if anyone gets the reference without looking it up I will give you so many Faid Rep Points. Both of my cross-faction banks are looking pretty empty, I will need to go on a recipe run later today.

6:00 AM - Done doing the DE stuff on Rixen. Most of teh other toons on this account have no real daily purpose. A level 60 PvE twink rogue, a herb/skinning druid and that's about it. This account's now on hold until I finish with second account maintenance and can plan the rest of the day.

6:05 AM - Logging back to Liquidate to do another Dealfinding search. If I can find cheap Runecloth or something I can give the main account something to do while I finish up second account stuff. I found some cheap Runecloth. Hooray. Also buying and banking a bunch of cheap Volatiles while I'm here since I'm running a bit low. Also bought 7k gold worth of Elementium, sending it to Klix.

6:11 AM - On Rixen turning Runecloth into bolts, then headbands, then DEing the headbands and selling the materials.

6:22 AM - Logging onto Croft, my Horde glyph posting toon. I can post any day on Croft, I don't have a deal on Hordeside. But I'm also much less interested in the Horde glyph market so I usually just recycle the glyphs once a day or so.

6:29 AM - Hold everything! Someone on Hordeside is selling stacks of Elementim for a decent price and selling in bulk. To the bank toon!

6:40 AM - Deal complete! I bought 102 stacks of Elementium at 110g per stack (Average on Alliance is 140g/stack) so I've got lots to prospect! I'll prospect all of it on Verixi and then send the raw gems cross-faction. Logging back to Croft to continue flipping glyphs on the second account.

6:43 AM - Logging onto Verixi to start prospecting all that ore. Hooray for macros!

6:56 AM - Taking a good bit of time to flip glyphs on Horde even though I don't have very many of them. I have issues with TSM Warehousing so I have to do it with BankStack. It takes longer but at least it works. :D Hoping to get to the bottom of my Warehousing problem soon.

7:07 AM: Woo, finally finished Horde glyphs. Just one more bank toon to check. Off to Kickstart. (Not to be confused with Kickback) Kickstart has two purposes: She's my transmog seller and also is the guild leader of my guild experiment Lackadaisical. So I'm going to flip my mog pieces and spam Super Guild Invite invites. I'm going to spend a lot of time reworking some pricing tiers for transmog today because I've been unhappy with my results lately.

7:21 AM - Finished prospecting all of Verixi's Elementium. Send the raw gems to Andawe to move across the neutral AH later. Right now I'm going to Klix to prospect the smaller amount of ore I bought on Alliance.

8:18 AM - Finished prospecting Klix's ore and turning the green gems into jewelry.

8:18 AM - I'm not done managing my transmog settings but I'm going to get off Kickstart temporarily to move the raw gems from Horde to Alliance. This way the main account can continue to shuffle while I'm dealing with mog stuff. Also, my feet are cold. :(

8:30 AM - Haha, someone just sniped 4 Hessonite from me. I am so amused because they just missed about 7,000g worth of Inferno Rubies a few seconds ago. Ah, that's hilarious. Anyways, finished moving the stuff across.

8:32 AM - Back on Kickstart finishing up some mogging management. Now Klix can start making jewelry and such. :D

9:19 AM - Finished making jewelry with all my green gems and mailed the jewelry to my enchanter. Now time to cut the blue-quality gems.

9:50 AM - Finished doing my mog list management, switching back to Liquidate to cancel and repost.

9:54 AM - Finished cutting blue gems and mailed them to Liquidate, now off to the enchanter to DE the jewerly. Totally playing Plants vs. Zombies while I DE this crap. :D

10:25 - Alright, all the jewelry's DEd. I've been selling a lot of enchants recently so I'm going to restock now. Time to do a TSM scan on Rixen, queue up profitable enchants, and hope there's enough materials to make them. :D

11:25 AM - Finished restocking enchants, still just AH camping on Liquidate. Going to run to the first boss of H MgT on my mage for a mog dagger I'm hoping to get.

11:28 AM - No dagger, again. :(

And now this is about where I "drop off." I start most days strong, doing gold making tasks as you've seen above. But then once all the basics are taken care of I start a task. Like, today I'm going to spend the afternoon visiting vendors for recipes and pets. So I AH camp on one account while working on a project on the other and that's about it!

Serious Issue, please follow me on Twitter.

As  much as I wish this were just a clever marketing ploy to get everyone to follow me on Twitter it's not.  I just had my Google account disabled for no reason.  Just minding my own business and bam, I was locked out of my e-mail, my blog, and my YouTube account and all posts on my blog were removed.

I'm back in for now and the blog is here, thank God.  I'm not sure if I'm permanently back in or if I'll be re-disabled for another non-existent reason. This is just another reason why I hate that Google controls so many important services. They have next to no customer service so if I do get locked out I'll probably be fucked.

I want to stay with Google because I like the services but should it break I'll just restart a blog at WordPress.  Not my plan right now, but if you ever come here and Nerf Faids is missing that's probably what's happened.!/faidtastic   <= This is me, and should something happen with Google this will be my lifeline, if you will.  So follow me if you use Twitter; if you don't and don't intend to you can still bookmark it and view what I'm saying if something goes wrong.