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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Louder Audio for the TSM Guide Videos

Hey folks, I could use just a moment of your time to help me out.  I had several people comment on the quietness of the TSM guide videos.  While I'm sure those folks could turn it up it did create a problem for me. I intend to eventually do a few more guides for other modules and tips/tricks kind of stuff and there would be a problem with volume uniformity. So I've reuploaded all of the TSM guide videos. They're virtually the same, just more normalized in volume with slightly worse sound quality as a result.

The more views, likes, comments, etc that my videos get on Youtube the  more it helps me out.  By uploading all of these again I lost any likes and comments you folks had on the previous. I would be very appreciative if, assuming you did like them, you could take a look at the louder videos and give em a thumbs up if you approve. Thanks folks!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

TSM Videos - A Beginner's Guide

The time has finally come! Sapu and the rest of the dedicated TSM team have released the newest version of TradeSkillMaster! I've been using a pre-release version for a while now and have had a lot of fun with it. The team's done a great job and I'm sure you all will enjoy the changes.

At the bottom of this post is a series of videos which should help newcomers to the addon find their way around and perhaps teach veterans a few things. They are not designed as an advanced manual of tactics; my goal in creating these videos was to help people who have just installed TSM to learn the basics. I'm still learning certain aspects of the addon mysef (Sapu even gave me some tips on my own use of it after I showed him the videos!) but this should be a sufficient primer for those who have found it intimidating in the past.

There is currently no video for Warehousing.  While I have used the tool for a limited time I am still fairly clumsy with it myself as I attempt to learn how exactly it works with my setup.  Once I am more  well-versed with Warehousing I will make a video but it is not required to use the core of TSM so for now it is absent from my video guides.

So what's new?
A lot! In its new form TSM has shed the side-bar style and has integrated into the main AH panel with its own TSM tab from which you use the TSM plugins like shopping for crafting mats and posting auctions. There are new reset scants, shopping lists, and an easy to understand UI.

I hope you all enjoy these videos; I admit my editing isn't top notch but they should serve their purpose well! PLEASE watch these in HD so that you can see the settings and whatnot.

-This should be the first video you watch if you are new to TSM-

If you have any questions for me feel free to leave them as a comment here or on the videos. If you have questions or concerns about TradeSkillMaster be sure to visit the development forum over at The Consortium forums!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I buy all my Greater Eternals from the vendor.

One of my favorite enchanting markets involves heirloom enchants. While they may take certain miscellaneous items like Essence of Air or Righteous Orbs they pretty much all take a few common components: Greater Eternal  Essence, Illusion Dust, and Large Brilliant Shards.

No, I'm not going to rehash the same tired Enchanted Thorium Blades and Runecloth Headbands post, though you can certainly integrate them into this little shuffle I'm about to introduce.  You see, I hate Enchanted Thorium Blades.  Rugged Leather and Thorium Ore are rarely in abundant, cheap supply on my server with so many people leveling.  Doing only Runecloth Headbands will give you far more Dust than Essence.  What's an enchanter to do?

It's time to visit Gorn One Eye.  Never heard of him? That's because he's being sneaky and hiding behind this tree root in Timbermaw Tunnel:

Now, any enchanter into heirloom enchants is already exalted with Timbermaw for the Agility enchants. If you're not go get it done, since Cataclysm it's crazy nerfed and won't take you long at all.  Gorn will sell you an item called the Furbolg Medicine Totem, a one handed mace which will cost you about 9g 31s with all discounts applied.

I bought 50 of them (465g78s50c spent) and DE'd all of them.  They DE into Lesser Eternals, Dream Dust, and Small Brilliant Shards.  This is what I ended up with.

There are very few uses for Small Briliants so I turn those into +100 Health to chest. They move slower and for less than +4 Stats but since you can give them a lower price tag they can be attractive to the thrifty alt.

On my server right now a Greater Eternal is 41g, so leaving aside the shards and dust I can already sell these items at a 400g profit and all I did was visit a vendor. I didn't need to rely on anything on the AH and could essentially do this endlessly.

However, I do this for enchanting materials. Now, Dream Dust is virtually useless as an enchant material but can be "traded up" in a few different ways. The most popular way to do this is probably Enchanted Thorium Blades.  That tends to net more Eternals (not a bad thing.)  So be sure to have Rugged Leather and Thorium Ore and Bars on a snatch list.  Also consider Wizardweave Robes, though they are not very efficient, they're just a way to get rid of way too much Dream Dust without flat out destroying it should you be unable to find enough Thorium/Leather.

In short, this is a way to always get unlimited Eternal Essences without having to worry about depleting your AH of the materials necessary for the blades and headbands and the like. Unlimited essences are at your finger tips!

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    TSM Guide Videos are coming!

    For a long time people have been asking me to make TSM set up guides.  I've always just recommended guides other folks have made because other gold makers have made  some very informative videos. However, people have continued to request them since, as I've been told, I'm "really good at explaining things." Whatever that means.

    I've been putting off making the videos for a while but Sapu is preparing to release a new version of TSM. He was very kind in allowing me to preview this version and I thought this would be a great opportunity to buckle down and make these videos.

    They will not be in-depth gold making strategy guides for making gold with TSM. If you'd like some of those check out the Consortium, as they have great guides posted there.  My mission in creating these videos is to give someone who has just picked up TSM a primer in how the addon works.

    So when the new version of TSM is released be sure to make your second stop (after downloading the addon) this blog and/or my Youtube channel as I'm looking to release these whenever Sapu officially launches the update!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Lunar Festival: Gather ALL the coins.

    On the 22nd of this month the Lunar Festival will begin.  For those who don't remember or don't care the Lunar Festival is a holiday where we go all around Azeroth visiting our Elders. Each Elder gives a token and you can then go to Moonglade in Kalimdor and buy fireworks and dresses and the like with your little Tokens of Ancestry.  There's a big dog in Moonglade named Omen to kill and that's pretty much it.

    Until this year! This year we will see the arrival of two new pets the Festival Lantern (Horde Version) and the Lunar Lantern (Alliance Version.)  For fifty Coins of Ancestry you can get your faction's version and learn it, or sell it on the AH.

    But why stop there?  So far we have a few examples of faction specific pets.  There are the Argent Tournament pets as well as the enchanting pets so this idea shouldn't be new to most gold makers.  These pets create a tremendous opportunity for gold making in a few different ways.

    The Swapper
    If you have toons of a decent level on both factions then you could just earn your own pets and swap them across. All you'll need is some neutral AH skills and, assuming you only have one account, a friend to help you out.  New to the business? Check this out:

    The Shopper
    If you have enough gold on the opposing faction (or are willing to take a 15% cut to move a bunch over before the holiday) you can do the usual buy-low-sell-high concept.  A lot of people will probably see a sellable pet and flood the AH with them.  I'm not sure how these will be priced when they come out but unless your economy is completely screwed you will probably be able to buy them cheap and resell at a much better profit on the opposing faction. So if you're a Horde player add Festival Lanterns to your snatch list (Alliance hit up Lunar Lantern) and buy them out when they're relatively cheap. Move them across the Neutral AH and enjoy your gold.

    Remember that this will be depleting your gold on one faction in favor of making more on the other.  To keep your gold stores up on both factions be sure to be doing this both ways.  While I don't personally care much about gold on Horde, for instance, I still would buy Alliance pets to sell to Horde to keep my gold up so that I can keep buying Horde pets to sell to Alliance. Winning!

    The Sniper
    This probably won't be quite as worthwhile but it's something of interest to mention.  I know I will definitely be a Shopper this holiday season. There will probably be at least one person, if not more, per server trying to move pets across the Neutral AH.  If you are the type to do this you may want to keep an eye on the Neutral AH zones (Booty Bay, Tanaris, and Winterspring) and snipe the pets as people attempt to move them.  It's a bit shady and not my style but if you're interested in it it will be a great way to pick up a few cheap pets.

    Bonus: Fireworks!
    I love Fireworks. Especially when I can shoot them at my friends.  While most people will probably spend all their tokens on pets you may end up with a few extra. For the past several years I've been buying Elune's Candles (using a MOLL-E to mail them then a guild bank to store them, as they are Unique) and then barking them in Trade throughout the year. Quite popular on July 4, New Years, etc. They're slow sellers but if you have the tokens to waste anyways no real reason not to.

    As long as you're up there . . .
    I always thought this dress was ugly as all hell but apparently a lot of people are interested in Formal Danguis. This item has a very very low spawn rate on Geenia Sunshadow in Moonglade so when you're bored take the moonbeam to Moonglade and check her out.  Be aware that I believe the huge demand for this was because the dress once had a very high iLevel and could have nice higher level enchants put on it. That is no longer the case. However many people would still be interested in it because it is so rare, so no reason not to check.

    While there be sure to pick up Pattern: Runecloth Robe from Darnall (sell the pattern or learn it,  the dresses are nice for transmog,) Pattern: Felcloth Pants and Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense from Lorelae Wintersong.

    There are likely many other gold making opportunities, such as hitting up other vendors while you're running around spamming Elders for coins, but that's a pretty good start for gold making this holiday.

    Image Credits: [1], [2]