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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Important! This Blog's Last Post

Don't worry, just this blog's last post, not Faid's last post.  I'm upgraded to a real domain and all of that, so let's get this move underway!

When I first created NerfFaids I did not anticipate it ever becoming anything beyond a public journal for my own gold making. I never thought there would be fans or any reason I may need to give out the URL and so the URL was always clunky. "Uh, it's but that's with a double f and Faid is spelled weird . . ."  Just don't really flow, does it? Let's not even start on the fact that it caused people to refer to me as Faids more often than not!

Thanks to generous donations from fans (if you'd like to chip in check out the widget up top!) I was able to register a domain. Clockwork Riot? Yeah, it's a bit nonsensical, but so is my blog so that's alright. Plus it just sounds badass, which also describes my blog.

Don't worry, I'm not about to change my content; you can expect the same quality Faid-content here, it will just look prettier and be easier to direct people to the site.  NerfFaids will no longer be updated. Don't worry, if you ever need to reference anything or just want to relive past memories the entire blog will still exist at for your viewing pleasure.

I've also renamed my twitter and created a new Youtube account to mesh with the new domain.  Be sure to follow/subscribe and all that good stuff at the links below to stay up to date on any Faidnews from here on out.  I will be making my "Best of Nerf Faids" videos available on the new Youtube channel in the coming weeks and will also be publishing all of my new gold making videos there, so be sure you're following!

So what do you need to do?
Here's a quick to-do for all Faidfans so you can stay with me through the move:
  1. Bookmark
  2. Be sure you're following @YoClockworkRiot
  3. Subscribe to me on Youtube.
  4. Update your feed reader.
  5. Tell your friends about the move!
Thanks, I hope you like the changes as much as I do!


  1. Okay.. I just want say that this does seem a little silly.. why not just keep the blog where it is? I was guess you got something like a .com.. but this isn't really different then before.

    Another thing which is a very bad move, why make a new youtube and twitter for it? That seems a little silly to me. I think it's great you want get a domain name for your site and mainstream more, but your going about this the wrong way and your gonna end up losing some views and fans.

    You must be talking to the wrong people when it comes to domain names. It's not that costly to buy a .com pre year at 10 bucks and blogspot had a very easy set up to do that, this just seems like your making it harder then it really is.

    But each it's own, I try to explain it on the one livesteam when you asked about it but hell who ever listens to me? I've only been building and running websites since 1996... what do I know about it. Good luck and I do hope you don't lost visitors over changing all your accounts like that.

    1. 1. Why not just keep the blog where it is?
      It's difficult to easily reference the URL to someone who doesn't know how to spell faid, that there would be double f's, and it creates some confusion about what my screenname even is, all of which was discussed in the post. Also, the .com lends a much stronger sense of legitimacy.

      2. Why make a new twitter/Youtube?
      I ended up not making a new twitter. As for Youtube it's because Youtube partnernship requires you to own or have the rights to post 100% of every video on your account to qualify for partnership. So to qualify for this I would either need to create a new YT account or delete about 60% of my popular and helpful gold making videos. The new youtube account was an inevitability in its own right and actually what spurred the domain name registration in the first place, not the other way around. It's kind of like "Well, I've gotta get a new Youtube and I have been meaning to do some other blog maintenance, let's get it all done in one go."

      If I do lose views and fans that's alright. It's not ideal, no, but if they can't be bothered to update a bookmark then I can't really be bothered to care all that much. My goal is to put out quality content, not worry over every click. If I continue to put out quality content the reader/viewer audience will grow regardless of my URL. This URL is just easier and more fun for me.

      3. "You must be talking to the wrong people when it comes to domain names. It's not that costly to buy a .com pre year at 10 bucks and blogspot had a very easy set up to do that, this just seems like your making it harder then it really is."

      That's about what I paid. Actually I paid a bit less; I think 7.99/year. What do you mean I'm talking to the wrong people?

      4. Well, thanks for the almost-sincere good luck. I'm sure I'll do just fine. :)

  2. Sad to think this will likely be my last comment on Nerf Faids. That said I'm digging your new re-vamp. Much easier to say and spell.

  3. Grats on the upgrade Faid. :)
    I still hate the change, but uh I hate all sudden and drastic change...XD


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