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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gold Rushes are back!

This (early) morning I'm announcing the repurposing of the Gold Rush series.  I did Faid's WoW Gold Rush to feature ways to make gold in 15 minutes or less of play time.  The videos are still up there and the like but I've decided to repurpose the title. I've launched a new video series under the Gold Rush name in which the rush refers less to the time spent in-game and more to the time spent watching the video.

Each video will be fairly short (this first video is only a minute long!) and will feature one or two assorted gold making tips.  The reason I'm doing this is that shorter videos will allow me to put out new videos more often. In other words you can look forward to a video every few days. I'm going to shoot for every other day!  So I hope you all will enjoy those, here's the first:

My second announcement is a bit less exciting I would imagine.  Not often, but occasionally I'll have a fan of my blog or videos ask me how they can contribute/show their appreciation, such as donating to PayPal.  I've not used PayPal extensively so I tried setting up an Amazon wishlist but there were complications, so for now there is only PayPal donations which can be accessed via the button in the top right.

Thanks folks!

Oh, also there are now nested comments so I can reply to comments much easier and there's an e-mail link, at the top of the page if you would like to contact me directly. Woo!


  1. Booom...Gold tip! Done! love it! :P

  2. Love the speed! I'll be inspired by this.

  3. Faid's gold rush videos are the best in the gold blogsphere!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. 1000g for Frost Oil? Man them are crazy prices. Been using this recipe in frequently since vanilla and despite best efforts they rarely sell for more than 50g.

    Seeing all the tips out here in WoWGold land makes me think Shadowsong EU just sucks for gold making


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