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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Serious Issue, please follow me on Twitter.

As  much as I wish this were just a clever marketing ploy to get everyone to follow me on Twitter it's not.  I just had my Google account disabled for no reason.  Just minding my own business and bam, I was locked out of my e-mail, my blog, and my YouTube account and all posts on my blog were removed.

I'm back in for now and the blog is here, thank God.  I'm not sure if I'm permanently back in or if I'll be re-disabled for another non-existent reason. This is just another reason why I hate that Google controls so many important services. They have next to no customer service so if I do get locked out I'll probably be fucked.

I want to stay with Google because I like the services but should it break I'll just restart a blog at WordPress.  Not my plan right now, but if you ever come here and Nerf Faids is missing that's probably what's happened.!/faidtastic   <= This is me, and should something happen with Google this will be my lifeline, if you will.  So follow me if you use Twitter; if you don't and don't intend to you can still bookmark it and view what I'm saying if something goes wrong.


  1. I lost am email and YouTube acct to terrible Google support. :/

  2. It's pretty easy to import your blog into wordpress (I see you've already exported it, good job!) and you can get a self hosted wordpress, meaning you get lots of control over it, and get your own domain!

  3. How I hate google sometimes. And if I recall right, this wasn't the first incident that had something to do with google disabling your stuff? :o

  4. Sorry to hear what happen, Google is pretty bad when it comes to that. What I found to be a good thing is to have two emails, one of which has no connection to Google as a back-up login. If you like I'd be willing to help you out in the hosting a blog (free that is) and a domain name if you like :)

    Just contact me on Twitter @NeckarUnrivaled and let me know I'd also be willing to help you by answering any questions you might have about setting up wordpress itself plugins, themes, etc.


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