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Monday, February 27, 2012

Importable TSM Mog Lists v2.0

A while back I made a post on the Consortium forums containing importable TSM shopping lists for Keelhaul's Cloth, Mail, and Plate mog armor recommendations.  However, there were some issues with it. For starters, it was a full list.  It included things like pants which wouldn't even show under the robes, tons of bracers that wouldn't show, etc. Also, there was no leather list.

This morning I decided to completely redo my shopping lists. I completely deleted my original lists and began recreating them now that I know a bit more about mog selling.

What I Used
The lists are almost entirely based off of the lists by Keelhaul, farli_wow, and EpicPennyPouch which can be found in Power Word Gold's Hatchery. Here are the original lists, if you would like to take a look at them: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate

What I Did
My previous effort to make the lists which resulted in the Consortium post was essentially taking the entire list and everything in every set and making it importable into TSM. It was very helpful as a starting point but many people found themselves filling up on bracers, ugly hats, and cloth pants that they don't need.

When creating the importable version of the leather list, and in revamping every other armor type, I was much more discerning this time around.  I removed almost every bracer and simple-looking hat or belt. Most cloth pants and shoes are not in this list, nor are most simple looking shoulders.  To put it simply I included the sets that looked best or most unique, and the most important pieces of those sets. Many lower tier sets, or sets that look so plain or similar to many other sets were removed altogether. I trimmed the fat, so to speak.

Miscellaneous Notes
Some items that are very rare and sell very well on your server may have been removed; every server is different.  I tailored these lists with my own experiences in mind (e.g. the Lord's set was removed since I have a million of those sitting around, too common for my tastes!) and while the armor may be one-size-fits-all this list probably isn't.  You may want to use these lists as a starting point to add or trim to work for you.

Leather sets were an interesting animal. They have many sets that look almost identical but are different colors. (Chieftain's Set shares a skin with several others in the list.) I included all the different colors and types that share a color. Understand when buying and selling though that one item may have a much more common item that's virtually interchangeable; this is especially apparent with the leather belts that appear to have studs or rivets in them, like in the Chieftain's Set previously linked.  I included them but buy at your own risk!

The Lists!



How to Import These Lists
I made a short (~2 minute) video about importing lists to walk you through the process. If you're anti-video you can also check out the first link in this post to my Consortium thread which includes a screenshot walkthrough.


  1. if this catches on I won't be able to buy up the cheap stuff that no one actually used for transmog then post it only slightly higher to sell to the ppl who blindly used the original lists :( curse you faid!

  2. The only thing I'm not sure of with using TSM is how I should price my auctions. Using Auctioneer I had my shopping lists set up by price, so I knew instantly what an item was worth and how much I should post it for. With this that all seems up in the air. How do you arrange pricing quickly with TSM?

    1. jim over at power word gold posted an hour long stream to show how to set up mog posting lists for tsm.

    2. I think he is looking for more of a price guide. I'm sort of having the same problem when it comes to leather items and weapons. There was a series of great posts over at power word gold hatchery with regards to Mail, Cloth, and Plate pricing but so far I've yet to find a similar list for Leather or Weapons. I've seen a couple weapons posts that had a handful or 1 hander or staves or something like that but not a big multi-wepaon multi-tier list.

    3. Scratch that, didn't even realize there was a link to a leather price guide in the post!


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