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Friday, January 13, 2012

TSM Guide Videos are coming!

For a long time people have been asking me to make TSM set up guides.  I've always just recommended guides other folks have made because other gold makers have made  some very informative videos. However, people have continued to request them since, as I've been told, I'm "really good at explaining things." Whatever that means.

I've been putting off making the videos for a while but Sapu is preparing to release a new version of TSM. He was very kind in allowing me to preview this version and I thought this would be a great opportunity to buckle down and make these videos.

They will not be in-depth gold making strategy guides for making gold with TSM. If you'd like some of those check out the Consortium, as they have great guides posted there.  My mission in creating these videos is to give someone who has just picked up TSM a primer in how the addon works.

So when the new version of TSM is released be sure to make your second stop (after downloading the addon) this blog and/or my Youtube channel as I'm looking to release these whenever Sapu officially launches the update!

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