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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Louder Audio for the TSM Guide Videos

Hey folks, I could use just a moment of your time to help me out.  I had several people comment on the quietness of the TSM guide videos.  While I'm sure those folks could turn it up it did create a problem for me. I intend to eventually do a few more guides for other modules and tips/tricks kind of stuff and there would be a problem with volume uniformity. So I've reuploaded all of the TSM guide videos. They're virtually the same, just more normalized in volume with slightly worse sound quality as a result.

The more views, likes, comments, etc that my videos get on Youtube the  more it helps me out.  By uploading all of these again I lost any likes and comments you folks had on the previous. I would be very appreciative if, assuming you did like them, you could take a look at the louder videos and give em a thumbs up if you approve. Thanks folks!


  1. Thanks for doing this Faid. I know it was a pain.

  2. I thought the older ones where fine if you ask me. I don't see why so many people complain about it. -shrugs-

    Either way thank you for taking the time, it was a pain in the butt I'm sure. I went and reliked all of them for you :)


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