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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I buy all my Greater Eternals from the vendor.

One of my favorite enchanting markets involves heirloom enchants. While they may take certain miscellaneous items like Essence of Air or Righteous Orbs they pretty much all take a few common components: Greater Eternal  Essence, Illusion Dust, and Large Brilliant Shards.

No, I'm not going to rehash the same tired Enchanted Thorium Blades and Runecloth Headbands post, though you can certainly integrate them into this little shuffle I'm about to introduce.  You see, I hate Enchanted Thorium Blades.  Rugged Leather and Thorium Ore are rarely in abundant, cheap supply on my server with so many people leveling.  Doing only Runecloth Headbands will give you far more Dust than Essence.  What's an enchanter to do?

It's time to visit Gorn One Eye.  Never heard of him? That's because he's being sneaky and hiding behind this tree root in Timbermaw Tunnel:

Now, any enchanter into heirloom enchants is already exalted with Timbermaw for the Agility enchants. If you're not go get it done, since Cataclysm it's crazy nerfed and won't take you long at all.  Gorn will sell you an item called the Furbolg Medicine Totem, a one handed mace which will cost you about 9g 31s with all discounts applied.

I bought 50 of them (465g78s50c spent) and DE'd all of them.  They DE into Lesser Eternals, Dream Dust, and Small Brilliant Shards.  This is what I ended up with.

There are very few uses for Small Briliants so I turn those into +100 Health to chest. They move slower and for less than +4 Stats but since you can give them a lower price tag they can be attractive to the thrifty alt.

On my server right now a Greater Eternal is 41g, so leaving aside the shards and dust I can already sell these items at a 400g profit and all I did was visit a vendor. I didn't need to rely on anything on the AH and could essentially do this endlessly.

However, I do this for enchanting materials. Now, Dream Dust is virtually useless as an enchant material but can be "traded up" in a few different ways. The most popular way to do this is probably Enchanted Thorium Blades.  That tends to net more Eternals (not a bad thing.)  So be sure to have Rugged Leather and Thorium Ore and Bars on a snatch list.  Also consider Wizardweave Robes, though they are not very efficient, they're just a way to get rid of way too much Dream Dust without flat out destroying it should you be unable to find enough Thorium/Leather.

In short, this is a way to always get unlimited Eternal Essences without having to worry about depleting your AH of the materials necessary for the blades and headbands and the like. Unlimited essences are at your finger tips!


    1. New reader here, I found this post to be pretty awesome, I've been doing this for a long time now. In fact I started doing this back in wrath (when the rep grind was a little harder xD).

      Its awesome to see someone finally post about this little hidden gold mine. There are a number of small vendors who sell items cheap that can be DE'd into enchanting mats for profits.

      Also wanted to say that after watching your videos on youtube and reading a good hand full of your blog post, it's inspired me to push myself to hit the gold cap by the end of cata :)

    2. Hey Faid, I read your blog because I love it and all but sometimes you read something and it just feels wrong. This would be the first time I have had this "bad feeling" reading your blog.

      This is an exploit. I think it is an awesome way to get overpriced materials on the cheap as you do; however this is not how this item was intended to be used in the game.

      I saw this posted in the consortium forums some time ago and I saw it mentioned briefly by Cold as well as a few other lesser known blogs. I did not touch it then and I won't now. I would just rather see it associated to those other people rather than you.

      This may not have been your intention and surely sharing it with the general public is a sign that exploiting WoW is not in your agenda but some poor bastard on your server that is competing for those enchant sales might have a different opinion.

      If you sold them as a public service to your server at exactly their cost (50 x the cost of the maces / the # of lesser eternals received = the price you sell them for on the AH) you are still upsetting the balance of that enchanting material for the guys that buy or farm the materials to make the items that they DE to sell their Greater or Lesser Eternals as well (or the equivalent in enchanted vellums).

      I hate calling you out on this and I hope you'll forgive me but I would rather piss you off and alert you to the exploit than see you go down for it. So you know I think you are one of the greatest players of this game. You are a well rounded person who attempts and succeeds in all content this game has to offer. Please don’t hate me for caring about your continued success.

      FYI- The Consortium Poster was luminatyra, Timbermaw Hold Disenchanting Profit (eternal essences).

      1. Untrue, and unclear reasoning to boot. If Blizz thought this was in violation of intended use it would make the item in question limited availability. This is no different than farming cloth or Mog gear.

    3. @Crusard: I'm afraid we'll have to disagree here. I admit I don't have the firmest grasp on what Blizzard deems an "exploit." So I looked it up!

      Now, this wouldn't be a bug exploit because it is not an error in programming. If this were anything it'd be "Abuse of Game Mechanics."

      The entire text is found here but the part I find relevant here is:

      "Since the line between the sanctioned use and the abuse of game mechanics is sometimes unclear, we prefer to educate players before taking any action against the account being used. This category includes using/distributing game mechanics in a manner unintended by their design that:

      Damages another character, their gameplay, the service itself and/or its economy."

      Now we must ask ourselves "Is buying this item and disenchanting it to use or sell abusing game mechanics in a manner unintended by their design to an end that damages the economy?"

      And to that I answer no. While the brief case you've made for whether or not it damages the economy does indeed hold water we must also look at the previous bit "in a manner unintended by their design."

      Now, we can't say for sure that we know what Blizzard's intent is at all times, but I will offer supporting evidence. The Halaani Claymore. This item has been a much more public DE-able item for a long time and nothing's been done.

      Consider the other similar item that has come up in the mean time. Markco posted about it right around the time I was first getting into gold making but there's no search feature on the site. Basically you could, for a while, get your Violet Eye ring from the guy outside of Karazahn. You could then disenchant it and ask for another one from teh vendor. Blizzard deemed this an exploit and made the item unable to be disenchanted. However, the Halaani Claymore remained. To me this is setting the line as "If you pay for it somehow it's fine, if you get unlimited numbers for free then no."

      Because the Medicine Totem is not the only disenchantable vendor item (by far) and because it has existed for so very long I personally feel that this does not qualify as exploitation or abuse of game mechanics.

      If Blizzard sees it differently, and indeed they might as we have no idea what they intended exactly here, they will first issue a warning and hopefully fix it.

      Until then I stand firm in my reasoning.

      Also, boo! I googled the idea and didn't come up with anything, I thought I'd discovered something brand new. :( Oh well!

    4. Wait.. wait.. wait.. how is this an exploit? You do know that this item has been in the game form the moment the vendor was put there in game.

      When I started up my enchanting business on my Paladin, the very first thing I did was search WOWhead for all green or better items that are sold on a vendor. I then went around to buy them to DE them. Most items in Wrath (when I really started) could not be DE, this was mostly the rep items. But there was those vendors out in Grizzly Hills, the PVP ones where you could spend your PVP marks you got form those dailies to buy and DE them.

      In fact now that those marks are gone, and they sell for cheap honor points you can still buy them and DE them. Hell if you really want to go that far, you can get really cheap maelstrom crystals for just 700 honor off the vendor and DE them.

      All PVP gear can be DE pretty much, and that's not an exploit.

      I'm sorry but I disagree, unless blizzard comes out and says "Oh we don't want people to be able to do that" and they hot fix it, then okay. But that doesn't make it an exploit.

      Do you know what and exploit even is? Look it up some time. This is no where any different then me spending an hour to do normals and turn my Justice points into honor and buying Relics at 700 honor and Deing them. Would you call that an exploit?

      If your butt hurt that you didn't think of it first or you did it the hard way by DE'd other items that are not so easy to get.. you do know you can go out and do this too right?

      In fact my new enchanter I have didn't have the rep.. you know what? It took me just hover an hour to head out and get the rep all the way up. Yeah I have the guild perk+ my toon was human, but still not that hard.

      I then DE a load of them. My guild isn't level 25, so they cost me 10g each, and you know how much they went for on the AH? Just a bit over 40g.. that's hardly even making any gold, given each one gave me 1-2 lessers, which pretty much met each Greater made me about around maybe 2-5 gold profit. That's pretty small given you have to fly out there to do this.

      I can't even see this as a Abuse of Game Mechanics because everyone can easily do this. Just like with the maelstrom crystals example I spoke of. No one said anything about that, even know they have maelstrom crystals on the honor vendor for like 4k honor, but I can get them for 700. Maybe they hot fixed that, I don't know I haven't done it in a while.

      My point is that like any and all gold making tips, its only a gold mine if hardly anyone does it, if everyone does it, the market gets flooded and it becomes not worth it anymore.

    5. @Crusard

      What? Are you crazy? This isn't an exploit of the game. It is just using your vendors wisely.

      Is buying Sharp Cookies in Halaa to D/E an exploit?

      What about buying copper rods off the vendor and selling them for 25 gold each on the auction house? That must be an exploit of the economy too according to you.

      And WTF is this supposed to mean?

      "I saw this posted in the consortium forums some time ago and I saw it mentioned briefly by Cold as well as a few other lesser known blogs. I did not touch it then and I won't now. I would just rather see it associated to those other people rather than you."

    6. My goodness, not often does a reply get more attention than the post! I agree with you 100% Faid. My perspective was a bit narrow due mainly to my restricted net privileges at work. I see your reasoning to be more valid than my opinion.

      As to the nay sayers I expect you all to defend Faid as you are subscribers to her blog and such. I did, however, bring up my points respectfully and that it was my stance and not that of Blizzard.

      It is an "exploit" but most certainly not one that Blizzard would ever care about fixing as it does not endanger any game mechanics whatsoever.

      I am on team Fain and since she is an in-game friend I felt obliged to play the devil's advocate. I don't think I will again though, unless she pays me to [wink]!

      @Cold, The mentioning of other sites that had previously touched on this DE mechanic was exactly that. My loyalty is to this blog above all others and if it was a EULA violation (which it isn't) I would rather their sites take the hit for it and not Faid. No hard feelings Cold but I do not know you. Thanks for your great blog and excellent posts, etc. I believe I've made my point.

      @The NU, you rock and thanks for giving me the one-two punch. I look forward to reading your comments in the future bud. /kneel

      Sorry again Faid, I did enjoy the drama though [LOL]!

    7. The only argument against the claymores and the thrown weapons are that they are limited supply. I guess someone dastardly could go to timbermaw, drop a couple K on totems, flood the market with eternals at that cost, and basically tank the vanilla enchanting market for an indefinate period of time. But they would have to waste a lot of their time de'ing just to stick it to you.

    8. I don't think this is an exploit by any means. All this does is create a price floor for Eternal Essences.

      If more people knew about this 'exploit' all it would do is keep prices down to a reasonable level for this enchanting material.

      I don't think Blizzard will be banning anyone anytime soon for an item like this that is clearly 'working as intended'.

      Kudos to Faid for another awesome gold making tip! I have already flipped several GCE's for 50g each, they were previously going for 75-80g each. Only posting a few at a time so as to not arouse suspicion from other sellers.

    9. "If you sold them as a public service to your server at exactly their cost (50 x the cost of the maces / the # of lesser eternals received = the price you sell them for on the AH) you are still upsetting the balance of that enchanting material for the guys that buy or farm the materials to make the items that they DE to sell their Greater or Lesser Eternals as well (or the equivalent in enchanted vellums)."

      Here's a question:


      Those guys are competition. If they get pushed out, more money for whoever does this "abuse" of game mechanics.


      Public Service



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