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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking News: Pimp Your Bank Toon to the Max

This tip comes from Reddit.   So right now you can currently transmogrify your heirlooms (while following other rules, such as leather must be leather, etc.) and if you mail them they will keep the transmogrification.  Know that this is not considered intentional and anything you do may be wiped in the future, but for now you can have the most pimping bank toons on the server, such as my level 10 Night Elf warrior in T12 HM Firelands paladin tier:

Note you must mail the items, you cannot trade them to yourself or the transmogrification gets wiped.

When trasmogging these items the transmogrification only cost me 3g so it's not a huge investment if you already have lots of heirlooms sitting around.  Will this last forever? Probably not, but it'll be fun while it lasts.  Plus Blizzard has a history of "No one else can, but people who already did it can keep it" so we may get lucky if you do this quickly before it's hotfixed!

In doing this I've experienced some wiping of the mogs after mailing, giving it a few shots usually equals success though!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recapping of the Re-Capping

For those who don't recall and/or never really cared to remember it was on patch day for 4.2 that I first capped 1 million gold.  I went a bit beyond that, then spent down again. After several TCG mount purchases, some BoEs, etc. I found myself coming into 4.3 at about 780k.  Naturally I hoped to make a repeat performance of the last patch and bring myself up to 1 million gold again.

Mission accomplished!  I was blown away that I was able to sell over 200k worth of stock in about 8 hours, but I'm very excited about it all! While I knew I would come out on top in the end I was, once again, blown away by how quickly things sell on patch day.  So let's go over preparation!

I've stated many times I'm not one to stockpile.  I think stockpiling is a great idea, I just felt it was never for me.  However, with my new-found freedom I wanted to try something new and I thought creating a stockpile, however small, might be a fun new experience.

I'd not been stocking over time.  I keep a significant amount of mats on hand "just because," a tab of assorted Cata Ore, a tab of assorted herbs and volatiles, a tab of mostly Hypnotic Dust, and some cloth. That's about it.

Kicking it Into Overdrive
Before creating my stockpile I had about 820k.  I started stocking up three days ago. (Yes, three days.) I bought up any Cataclysm Ore under 49g/stack.  I bought the materials to make 60 Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. I bought literally every Maelstrom Crystal on both the Horde and Alliance AHs for about 80-100g per crystal. I powereleveled my Leatherworking the last few points to make leg armors and bought out all the Savage Leather and Blackened Dragonscales on both factions and crafted 20 of all three epic armor kits.

I didn't have any Maelstrom Crystal enchants on my enchanter. I didn't mind; I've always made bank with Mighty Stats to Chest and other cheap enchants.  However, some people saw my screenshots of my stockpile from my previous post and asked about them.  I figured that hell, if I was looking for something new, might as well go all out.  I got every Maelstrom Crystal enchant in the game, snagging the bracer formulas from Horde for about half price from the usual Alliance rate for the recipes.  I crafted as many of the Maelstrom enchants as I could but was woefully understocked on Maelstroms (What do you expect, stocking for less than three days?) so I couldn't get a full stock of enchants.

I made a bunch of Flintlocke's Woodchuckers and cut all of my uncut gems into a relatively equal assortment of cuts I anticipated selling.

Why pre-cut, you ask?  Usually I will just sit on my JC and cut and restock as I sell during patch days. However, I knew I'd be distracted in one way or another (I assumed Skyrim, turns out it was the new five mans that took my attention) and wanted to have a mostly hands-off, stress-free patch day.  

So this is, roughly, what I had headed into the patch, plus a few things that I'd not yet crafted:

Up at the Crack of Noon
I slept in pretty late but luckily no servers were up before I woke up.  I downloaded the patch and quickly logged into the Consortium IRC to find many people already there chatting away.  I love the IRC there, particularly on patch days. The excitement is obvious and also we can all share information quickly and it can really help get some breaking news out.

Finally the servers began to come up.  But wait, what's this?  After what seemed like an eternity I was left staring at an inactive realm.  Argent Dawn was literally the last server to come up today, and a good half hour or so behind many.  However, finally it came up and the day began.

I did my usual routine for logging on on patch day: Log on, select character, panic.   Though I'd read patch notes and such I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to look at. Where was the transmogrifier? I want to go unlock void storage! Oooh, new five mans. There's a new glyph to research! Better get over to the enchanter to shatter maelstroms and finish making scrolls. Hey, look, new scroll graphic!

So I did the easiest thing I could think of, I posted my auctions on Liquidate and just kept doing whatever struck me at the moment.  So I did transmog for the first 20 minutes, then organized my bags after putting a lot of stuff in Void Storage.  I made some more enchant scrolls, researched and posted the new glyph, and then found myself in the five mans with some guild members.  More on that in a future post, this post is about gold making!

Highlights and Observations
Everything was selling!  I'd never sold Maelstrom enchants so I didn't know where to put the prices but settled on around 1500g/enchant, depending on what type of enchant.  I also bought out all the 200g Belt Buckles and reset the prices to 450g for a while until undercutting quickly drove them back down.

Amusingly my top grossing enchant was still +15 Stats to Chest.  I was selling them at about 600g/scroll; keep in mind it's only two Lesser Celestials to make those!  I love that enchant!

My other highlight was when a competitor seemed to have a bit of a mess-up when changing some settings in an addon and began posting many items for incorrect prices. I snagged two of each bracer enchant, two of each epic leg armor, and an Ebonsteel Belt Buckle, all for 5g a piece. I was quite pleased.

I ended up prospecting all of my remaining ore and transmuting them into Shadowspirit Diamonds.  While Infernos were also flying off the shelves I was floored at how quickly I was selling Burning SSDs.  After seeing how quickly my cheaper enchants were selling I also quickly made up some cheap leg armors and cheap spellthreads.

So that's basically my patch thus far.  I'm headed to bed now; I posted massive amounts of stock at my fallback price just in case some sales come while I'm asleep, but I look forward to many more sales tomorrow; I hope everyone's patch day was profitable!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Little Faid's First Stockpile

I decided to try to do some stockpiling for this patch.  I've not really been a big stockpiler in the past and, depending on how you define stockpile, some may not view what I've gathered as much of one.  But here's what I'm headed into 4.3 with:

I'm hoping to fill in the gaps before the patch hits. My goal is to get another 8 stacks of Inferno Rubies, more Embersilk, Heavy Savage Leather, and Pristine Hides. I'd also like to replace some of my Hypnotic Dust stacks with more Celestial Essences.  Also, naturally, fill out the gaps in the Ore tab with the appropriate ore and bars.

All in all I'm feeling pretty good headed into this patch, I think I should see a pretty big return on investment.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Catering to Holiday Shoppers

Most players will celebrate some form of gift-giving holiday within the next month. Those that don't probably will still recognize that most of their peers in game do and may give gifts even if they don't celebrate the holiday themselves, as it is the spirit of the season!

With WoW many people have strong friendships or more within the game and it can be difficult to get a friend an out-of-game gift, so in-game gifts become the next best thing. If we can identify what people usually give as gifts we can probably cater to some holiday shoppers over the next month.

Here are some things on my lists of common in-game gifts; feel free to add yours in the comments!

These big ticket items are usually more common to give to a best friend or spouse who also plays the game with you.  I received a Mekgineer's Chopper from my boyfriend back before I started making gold.  Since then my boyfriend has received from me a Vial of the Sands and a Spectral Tiger; I'd say his investment was a good one. ;P

Mounts probably won't fly off the shelves however expect to see a small but noticeable increase in demand for Vial of the Sands and Mekgineer's Choppers/Mechanohogs.

It seems pets are the normal go-to gift in this game.  Now that the Armory shows pets learned you can even avoid that annoying "I don't know if they already know it but I can't ask them without them figuring out what I'm getting them!" problem.  

The great thing about pets is that you can usually find one for any budget.  If you're on the low end of income you can maybe get a cross-faction vendor pet.  If you're looking to spend a bit more you can get that friend of yours an Argent Tournament pet.

This month I highly recommend stocking up on cross-faction vendor pets and Dalaran vendor pets as well as trying to flip some cross-faction Argent Tournament pets.  Any other pet will likely see an increase in demand as well, but these are some of the most easily obtained pets from a gold making standpoint and, being cross faction, they're less likely to be "already known" by the recipient so they're a great choice for gift buyers.

These seem to be less popular than pets or mounts, likely because upgrades are fleeting while mounts and pets stay with you forever.   However I know I've bought BoEs for friends in the past if I knew they really wanted that one particular piece.  I wouldn't buy anything for the purpose of flipping but if you've been trying to move that one item that just hasn't budged this may be a good time to try to liquidate it.

I'm sure there are more tips y'all know for providing gift shoppers, let's hear em!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving. T-5 hours for deliciousness at my house!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1c Undercuts - The Faid Stance

I'm not sure what's caused this to come up so often all of a sudden but I hear about 1c undercuts one way or another nearly every day for the past week or so. 

On the one hand I hear competitors yelling at me about  my 1c undercuts or guild members saying that 1c undercuts piss them off.  On the other I've got people complaining about how stupid it is for people to undercut by 10g+ and just cut everyone's profits down.

I don't pretend to know what's "right" in the realm of economic theory. I always just sort of assumed that this was a personal preference and everyone thinks that their way is right.  Well, let me tell you what my way is and why I think it's right.

The Supposed Case for >1c Undercuts
I've heard a few reasons for undercutting by more than 1c, or to put it another way, why undercutting by only 1c is not a smart decision.  Usually it's one of these beliefs:

● My item will sell faster if I undercut more because people will see that they're getting a better deal.
If there is an item that is usually 20,000g and I see it for 10,000g I have to admit I would be getting a deal and I may buy this item to flip it.  However, that is usually not the case.  Usually the 1c undercutting is happening in markets like gems or glyphs when the price tag is often under 100g.  When I look at discounts I look at them as a part of the entire cost of the item. Getting 10g knocked off a 20,000g item is a lot less of an appealing discount than getting 10g knocked off a 20g item, you see?

I will dare to say that most buyers are similar to me: We don't care if you're cheaper by 1g or 1c, if your item is at the top of my list (aka cheapest per unit) I'll buy yours.  Why? Because it's at the top.  Hell, with TSM_Shopping I don't even usually see a price comparison on many commodities, the items are just queued up by cheapest automatically.

● My item will sell faster if I undercut by a larger number.
Yes, I just rehashed the previous belief so I can discuss it from a different angle.  I want to discuss more from the speed angle here.  I am not a patient person.  Most people I know aren't particularly patient when it comes to buying things off the AH.

Understand that in WoW there really isn't a lot of window shopping and impulse buys, particularly for trade goods and consumables. Rarely are people going to stumble upon your great deal on flasks just on accident.  If people are looking at your item on the AH they probably went to the AH and typed in that item in particular.

I just powerleveled Jewlcrafting today.  There's this hellish area in JC when you need Large Opals, Azerothian Diamonds, and Blue Sapphires.  There were about 20 Large Opals on the AH, some were at 3g and the others were at 15g.  You know what? I bought all of them.  I didn't care that the 15g Opals were five times the rate of Mr. Undercut. I wanted opals so I bought opals.  Don't get me wrong, I love cheaper goods, but Mr. Undercut could have easily recieved 15g for his Opals as well had he not undercut so aggressively.

Remember that if your item is popping up in a search most people are specifically searching for that item. They already want it, you don't need to sell them on it by kicking sand in your competitor's face.

● Undercutting by 1c is a dick move.
This one's certainly opinion based so difficult to argue against.  To those who hold this belief I merely must ask you to look at it like this:  I can undercut you by 1c. You can then choose to undercut me by 1c. You've lost, at most, 2c of value off your original sale price and will still be selling it for Original Asking Price Minus 2c.  Or I can instead undercut you by 50g.  You can then undercut me if you want, and given your opinions on 1c undercut you'll probably undercut me by at least 1g.  So now you can, at most, sell your item for Original Asking Price Minus 51g just because you didn't like 1c undercuts. Who's the dick now?

The Upstanding Individual Who Fights 1c Undercuts
A phenomenon in all of this is the buyer who will buy a more expensive item if they see someone's been undercut by 1c.  For example, if you're selling a Glyph of Innervate for 50g and I post mine for 49.99.99 this "Upstanding Individual" will buy your glyph just because they don't like 1c undercuts. I know a few of these people.

But you know what?  For every one of these people I know I know about ten people who don't even look at the others on the AH, they buy the top if it's within their price range.  If you want to "fight the man and his 1c undercuts" by buying more expensive items that's fine; I'm sure the sellers appreciate it.  However, it's really no deterrent for you to brag about your moral highground and about how you prefer to pay more for the same product as other people are. The 1c Undercutters are still swimming in gold without needing yours. No skin off my back!

At  the end of the day there are multiple stances you can take on the issue. I don't particularly mind if someone takes one over the other. As you can see here I clearly am in support of 1c undercuts but I don't mind if my competition wants to rob themselves of potential profit. 

PS: I didn't want to devote a whole post to this since I felt like quickly my blog was becoming a blog about the blog itself, and not about gold-making. However, since I think some people may be interested in my reasoning, I did make up a page.  In case you didn't notice there are now ads on Nerf Faids. Here's why.  If you do run an ad blocking program I humbly request that you disable it for this website to help support me in blogging, but whatever you'd like to do is fine! 

Faid (+Eluniar!) on the Power Word: Gold Podcast

I was, once again, a guest host on the Power Word: Gold podcast. I don't usually make posts specifically to announce that but this one's special!  We ambushed my boyfriend to join us on the podcast this time and share with us some not-super-serious-gold-maker views about gold.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Also, this was the first podcast I recorded with the new headset. I kind of cringed; I thought I sounded a bit irritating, but maybe that's just me.

I've been working on a few larger posts, some about getting ready for 4.3, one about my daily routine, one about my toon/profession set-up, etc.  So look forward to lots of content soon!

PS: I didn't want to devote a whole post to this since I felt like quickly my blog was becoming a blog about the blog itself, and not about gold-making. However, since I think some people may be interested in my reasoning, I did make up a page.  In case you didn't notice there are now ads on Nerf Faids. Here's why.  If you do run an ad blocking program I humbly request that you disable it for this website to help support me in blogging, but whatever you'd like to do is fine! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

About five or so days ago I was lucky enough to get a non-epic Spectral Tiger off the AH for the shockingly low rate of 70,000g.  I know I got an excellent deal and I didn't regret it one bit.  So excited to have this!  Why am I so excited? Well, beyond it being just a really awesome mount and somewhat of a status symbol it also marks my "done-ness."

While there are certainly other large purchases I can make; an epic Spectral or other TCG items and the like, they would all just be for the sake of +1.  Now that I've got a spectral tiger I feel that I've arrived at the point where I've made my largest must-have purchase. Assuming nothing neat comes out in the future, that is!

So now I really do feel able to do whatever I want with my gold; I no longer need that reserve just in case a Spectral pops up.  How did I celebrate? I bought another one!

Another tiger popped up last night for 145k.  Not as well priced as mine but still quite cheap by my standards.  (TUJ says that the US Alliance Mean is around 430k, most people I see selling them are asking 230-280k.)  I figured if I could flip it for a fast profit I would. After a day (I'm impatient) I decided instead to give it to my boyfriend. He actually hasn't logged on yet so I'm excited for when he finds his tiger!

And guess what? There's another tiger on the AH now!  210k for this one, more in the "normal" range in my opinion, price-wise.  I think I'll let that one be for now.

I'm hoping to make back what I spent on the tigers and everything. Right now across both factions I only have about a million gold, I'd like to have 1.5 million on Alliance before Mists of Pandaria comes out.  I have a lot (by Faid's non-stockpiler standards) of stock ready for 4.3 so I'm expecting a big jump in gold on that day, if nothing else.

Oh, also, enough people seemed to wish I hadn't hidden  my most recent WTFaid? Article, so if you scroll down two entries or so you can read it. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nerf Faids Manifesto

Hello, readers!

I started this blog back in October 2010. I can't believe it's been over a year! Over time my readership has slowly grown. The past few days I've been seeing as high as 500 unique hits a day, which is pretty astounding considering I really only started this blog as a public log of my journey to the gold cap!

As my readership has grown and my blogging style has evolved I feel that many new readers may not know the purpose for which Nerf Faids was created.  I want to lay out a brief history and mission statement here so people understand where I'm coming from and can hopefully abandon some off-base expectations.

The Beginning
Nerf Faids began as a public journal.  While I hoped my writing may help others it was mostly a place for me to collect my thoughts and keep a log on my journey to the gold cap.  I did not create Nerf Faids to teach others to make gold, it was only a soap box and place to share my own experiences and thoughts.

The Purpose
I believe as time has gone on that readers and others in the blog community have grown to see Nerf Faids as a place for good gold making information, and I imagine that I'm largely at fault for that.  As people began asking my advice my posts became more targeted for the situations of others, more about tips and less about my journey.  Once I'd reached the gold cap it was rare that I was using a new strategy and so I started writing more from a theory point of view, even starting to make tips in video guide format and the like.  I like people to like what I put out and the videos and tips seemed to get great feedback, so I kept putting them out.

Understand, though, that Nerf Faids to me has always, at its heart, been my soap box.  I'm glad that so many people have enjoyed reading it and that many people have found my tips useful. However, remember that the tips are meant to be incidental; a little extra on the side if you will.  Nerf Faids is, to me, my place to voice my thoughts and opinions.

My Promise to You
Nothing.  I promise my readership nothing.  I will write what I wish to write when I wish to write it.  I will try to write well and with responsibility.  I will not write a post because I feel obligated by the community.  In the past I have felt pressure to write or delete posts on account of the community. I deleted one earlier today, in fact.  Not again.  From here on out my only promise is one I make to myself: That I'll be true to what I want to write about, not what I think makes my audience happy.

I do not monetize; I have never received a dime from any of my blogging or Youtube efforts.  I do not accept donations because I do not write for the purpose of pleasing others; I write because I like to write and I make it public in case someone should happen to want to read it.

What I Expect of You
If you don't like reading my blog don't read it. No one's forcing you to stay.  I will not pander to the whims of a fickle audience and morph my writing to please any entitled body. Likewise I don't expect you to pretend to like my writing and continue coming if you don't like it. Don't like what I'm writing? Vote with your traffic and don't click links to Nerf Faids.

With that, I hope that those enjoy my writing will stay and enjoy it in the future. I hope that those who do not enjoy my writing will recognize this and perhaps find blogs that are more suited to their tastes.  Regardless, I hope this allows everyone to understand my stance. I do not write this blog to be a pillar of light in the gold-making community or to carry upon my shoulders the gold makers of the future. I write this blog for me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WoW Gold Rush - Jewelcrafting

WTFaid?: A Clarification of Stance

Welcome to another installment of WTFaid?, a semi-regular column in which I discuss things that might not directly impact gold making, but that I want to talk about nonetheless. If you're looking for gold-specific tips, check out my archive and blog roll! If you're looking to get some insight into the mind of Faid, God help you. Also, read on!

A few days ago I put out a video review of WoW Crusher.  I was surprised to see this generated a lot of buzz in the gold making community and a few bloggers have put out posts that seem to be spurred by my video.  This post is not meant to chastise anyone on any side.  I'm writing this because I feel that the anti-JMTC/anti-Markco sentiments in some of the posts may be applied to my video and I want to clarify my motives and message.

I'm not going to pretend I don't have opinions about each gold blogger and each gold blog.  However, if my opinion is not a positive one I try to keep it to myself in an attempt to not start drama. While my track record for this is not likely perfect I've tried to make sure that the only time I voice an opinion about a specific person or site is if I feel it serves a purpose more important than "airing my opinions."

With that said let's answer some questions I've had tossed my way:

If you weren't targeting Markco/JMTC why did you choose to blast his guide, of all guides?

I didn't lay in wait for Markco, new or old, to release a guide for me to rip apart.  I've always wanted to review a gold guide since I first found there was one.  However, I'm bad enough with real life money without buying game guides so I was never in a position that allowed me to try one out.  I would gladly have reviewed any guide an author provided me with.  The reason this guide was reviewed was because it was the first one I was given access to.  (I was not granted access by the author, but by a customer.)

Then why don't you review ___________'s guide?

I will! Any authors who have written a for-pay guide out there are welcome to grant me access to their material for the purposes of reviewing.  Assuming I don't get inundated with requests I would be happy to review gold guides.  Keep in mind that you are not hiring me to write an advertisement for you; I will write/record what I actually think of your guide. If you think your guide can stand up to some scrutiny it's definitely an opportunity to prove your guide worthy of someone's money!

I ask that it be for-pay only because, if it's free, I see no real reason to review it.  Reviews, to me, are something to show people before they buy a product so they know what they're paying for. If the guide is free they can just see the whole things themselves and come out no worse from the deal.

What if the author of WoW Crusher also wrote those other sites? Then it wouldn't be plagiarism!

One or two people have brought this up.  WoW Crusher's support is handled through the same service as the PvP Bible, one of the sites from which the WoW Crusher information is copied.  This has brought up some suspicion that these guides were written by the same person.

I personally do not know for sure; but I invite the creator of either/both of the guides to let us know what the case is.  However, I took a much simpler approach when considering the usefulness of this guide:

Is this information available elsewhere on the internet for free or for less?

I believe if it is then the selling of this guide is very unscrupulous.  As for the idea that he should be allowed to charge if he gathered information from many sources because he went through the work of doing that I disagree. 

First off, the sources aren't that few and far between, nor is the "gathering" of it all that hard. I can also Google "Arena basics," "how to duel," "firelands raid," and "gold making" but I'm not going to copy it all into a note file and sell it to you with some pretty pictures attached.

Beyond that is the fact that is that this is not advertised and sold as an anthology.  If you watch the WoW Crusher advertisement video the creator of the video claims he teams up with "Kevin" to create a great system and guide. That they put in hundreds of hours creating this. Hundreds of hours.  Perhaps if the author had said "I've gathered all the best information from around the internet all in one place!" they may at least be being honest to their customers. But they didn't. They said they spent hundreds of hours creating this and they lied, and that is what drove me to make this.

I didn't make the video or review to get up in anyone's face.  I did it to show would-be-buyers what they were being asked to pay for, nothing more.

I'm not chastising any community members for their posts, merely laying my motivations out for all to see so that people know where I'm coming from. 

Oh, and also, new Gold Rush video, enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Scam Alert: WoW Crusher

I've seen a lot of WoW guides kicking around on the internet. I've always wondered what sort of secrets they may contain but could never bring myself to pay money for a WoW guide.  I happened to get access to WoW Crusher, the new system that JMTC keeps trying to shove at its readers.  I wanted to make a review and said video follows.

The TL;DR version?

The "author" of WoWCrusher has copied information from free sources aroudn the internet and pasted it verbatim onto his site and then charged people to be able to read it.  It's an absolute ripoff. Don't buy it!