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Saturday, July 30, 2011

WoW Gold Rush - Leatherworking

Hi folks! Still not completely done with my "break" but slowly inching back into blogging/videos. Hope you enjoy this Gold Rush!

Monday, July 25, 2011

WTFaid?: How to make 10k gold in under 10 minutes.

Welcome to another installment of WTFaid?, a semi-regular column in which I discuss things that might not directly impact gold making, but that I want to talk about nonetheless. If you're looking for gold-specific tips, check out my archive and blog roll! If you're looking to get some insight into the mind of Faid, God help you. Also, read on!

GPH.  The MPG of the gold-making world.  How efficient is this strategy at making gold if you did it for one hour? Usually when you see the GPH stat it's something incredibly high (by that expansion's standards) to entice you to watch/read/listen.

I've decided to take a look at some.  I'm only going to look at Cataclysm specific videos and I want you guys to notice a trend here.  None of these strategies are universal and likely very few, if any, will work for most players.  I'll be sure to point out why.

Unfortunately most videos I ran into were ones with someone trying to sell you something and no tips even involved, but I'm going to pluck all those useless videos out and only go over the ones that contained actual tips, tricks, strategies, farming areas, etc. that are currently available/possible in WoW.  I am only choosing videos that claim you can make Xg in Y hours. If the tip requires a certain class, profession, etc. I'm assuming that I have the requirements as well, including Bountiful Bags and the like.

Video 1 - This video is about making 2,000g an hour farming Air in Uldum. 
   Why this isn't universal: 
  • This tip requires many things to be in your favor.  You must be able to quickly kill and loot the elementals; if you're less geared than this player you will likely take longer, impacting your gold per hour.
  • This tip requires a good price for Air on your server.  If your server's air is selling for less than his it will lower your gold per hour.
  • This tip requires a good demand for Air on  your server.  If I farmed this Air for 24 hours straight would I make 48,000g within that 24 hours?  Not likely, because I still have to sell off the air without flooding the market and lowering my profit.  Without a high enough demand you will have negative impact on your GPH.
Video 2 - This video claims to net you 1500g per hour farming Deviate Hatchlings in Wailing Caverns. This is pretty much the worst style of gold/hour video in my opinion.
    Why this isn't universal:
  • First off, the maker of the video lies and your instnace lockouts are shared across your entire account.  You cannot swap characters to get in an instance more often and thus you can only actually farm this for about 20 minutes tops, depending on how long it takes you.  (He also thinks you can have multiple DKs, so clearly he's never actually tested this strategy in the long run.)
  • He believes you will get one every fourth run or so.  With a drop rate of roughly %0.2 that's definitely false.
  • Even if the above facts weren't the case then you would also be limited by the amount of them you can sell.  There are only so many pet collectors per server and so, with all mob drop farms, you have to take into account how much they sell for on each different server and how many people are actually looking to buy one.
Video 3 -  This video claims you can make 3500g/hour with Jewelcrafting.  Apparently he "discovered something" (It's actually just the obsidium shuffle) and basically just prospects cheap ore.  I'll leave aside the fact that it doesn't work due to the change in vendor gems because not everyone updates their videos for new patches and that's not really a fault in my eyes. We'll assume that hadn't happened.
   Why this isn't universal:
  • The problem with claiming you get Xg per hour from something using goods that are farmed or purchased from other players is that chances are no one is getting the same deal. To keep up this 3500g/hour I would need to buy 214.2 stacks of Elementium Ore at 33g/per stack every single hour.  With supplies drying up, prices raising, and competitors buying it's just not sustainable and neither is this gold per hour.
  • As with anything you sell on the AH you also must take into account the changing AH prices per server.  Back when we were vendoring gems that created a great standard to use, but now that that's so low it's not really feasible to base gold per hour off of it and there is no longer an attractive gold per hour from vendoring gems, unfortunately.
Video 4 - This video claims you can make 3500g/hour with farming Stratholme. Now I love farming Stratholme for other reasons like Righteous Orbs so I'm interested in how this is going.  This tip relies on Mageweave Cloth (on the video maker's server selling for 15g/stack,) rare zone drop patterns, and enchanting materials.
  Why this isn't universal:
  • The video maker flat out claims that his server's economy is screwy and that the prices are "jacked up" ridiculously.  There's no way that his prices per item can translate into the same GPH on an average server. 
  • Same trap as all other farming: You'll flood the market if you post too much, the prices will fluctuate by server, and the GPH is not sustainable.
Video 5 - This video claims he made 40,000g/hour as a level 1.  That's not a typo. This guy apparently is going to tell us how to make 40k/hour as a level 1. The video centers around buying and flipping items on the AH using Auctioneer.
   Why this isn't universal:
  • This relies entirely on what deals are to be found on the AH at the time.  For players on low population realms, realms with poor AH economies, or realms with someone already performing this strategy there will be almost no gold to be made here.
  • Also, keep in mind that if this person's claim of 40k/hour is true he is able to make and sustain an income of 960,000g every single day.
Video 6 - This video claims to make 2000g/hour farming Whiptail in Uldum.  It's awesome because they used Dota by Basshunter, which makes me happy everytime I hear it.  Basically there's nothing informative  in this video, it's "watch me farm Whiptail in a really choppy video." (Hey I made one of those!)
   Why this isn't universal:
  •  Blahblahblah flood whiptail market, AH prices vary drastically by server, etc. etc.
Video 7 - This video claims you'll make 1300g+ per hour from skinning in the Molten Front. Of all the videos about farming I've seen so far this is the one I liked the most.  It wasn't over the top with a bajillion gold per hour, and at this point in time the estimate is probably right since everyone and their alts are out doing the dailies. However, it will not always be as such.
   Why this isn't universal:
  • This, like all farming, is based upon AH prices on your server as well as demand and avoiding flooding the market, thus is not sustainable.
  • He kills many spiders, but a practice of most skinners is to scavenge off others' kills.  When people stop doing these dailies so diligently the farming will slow down, negatively impacting gold per hour.

So that's the first page of Youtube videos after searching some combo of "cataclysm gold per hour guides," minus all the "let me sell you my guide" videos.

Gold per hour is a fun and enticing thing to read as a new gold-maker. Holy crap, this guy's going to teach me how to easily  make thousands of gold per hour! But I have an issue with it.

In my eyes gold per hour should, above all else, be constant and sustainable.  Whether you're selling something or not you are marketing something to your viewers/readers, even if it's just your idea and trying to get them to watch your video or read your post.

I challenge my readers to find a gold-making tip that can be performed today on any server in any market for a full week and net the amount of gold claimed by the author/sharer of the tip.

So many gold making tips rely on a market that's only viable on a few servers, a drop that's rare and so you can't possible sustain that much gold per hour over many hours, or some other variable factor.  I appreciate that people say "While doing this I made x."  That's helpful to some. However, so many of these videos claim that anyone can make this same profit on whatever server they happen to play on but at the end of the day it's just eye-candy to entice people to watch it/read it. (After all, the title of this blog grabbed your attention, didn't it?)

I guess my point here is to say that, like the term "gold guru," I find claims of allowing you to make x gold/hour complete jokes. We all know that no one server is the same as any other and no farming experience will be the same, so the fact that people who are, in my eyes, supposed to be helping and teaching are instead just trying to sell people on their product with bullshit gold/hour claims is just saddening and leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

For all Bloggers who Use Blogger

Hey guys, I just wanted to share this so maybe you all can avoid this hassle yourself.

I've always used two Gmail accounts, one for my WoW stuff (like Youtube, Blogger, etc.) and one for personal use. Yesterday I logged onto the one for personal use and found my account had been "disabled due to suspicious activity." I tried to regain access to the account and the only way Google has set up to do this is to answer long drawn out questions that I can't even remember the answers to; things like when I began the account (which would have been in Jr. High so I can't possibly remember the exact date) or the e-mail address of the stranger on some internet forum I don't go to who invited me, or the name of 10 recently e-mailed contacts when I don't even e-mail two contacts on that account, etc. etc. Because this information does not exist/is not remembered by myself I cannot get access to my account and Google has literally said "Sorry, make a new one then."

Had this happened to this account I would be locked out of Blogger and my Youtube channel and have to restart NerfFaids from the ground up. So I highly recommend you know the following about your Google accounts: The date when you started using each Google product (AdSense, AdWorks, Blogger, Gmail, Google+, etc.) , five commonly e-mailed contacts, the names of 5 labels you use to sort your mail, the date of your last successful sign in, your most recent recovery e-mail address.

I am so annoyed right now you have no idea. I'd rather have been hacked; then at least it's in my hands to up my security. Screw this "We're protecting you from everyone, even you." bullshit. -_-

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hiatus for a Few Weeks

Hi folks!  Thanks so much for being a reader of this blog. (No this isn't a sign off post I promise!)

I really enjoy writing it and intend to continue to do so in the future.  However I've recently been considering some IRL stuff (A change to my major field of study and, consequently, my chosen career path) and am going to take a break from blogging while I get everything in order for the change.  While I have to admit I have tons of time on my hands I feel it being sucked up by WoW more than I would like.  So I'm going to take a break from blogging and from "most" of WoW (I feel I've made a commitment to my guild and will not quit raiding with the main raid) while I pursue other hobbies and interests for a while.

Look forward to posts starting up again in a few weeks!  I will still be around and on Twitter and the like so I won't be completely disappearing!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

No problem at all! Cease-fire called!

Fun fact brought to you by Reddit: The shortest war in history was the Anglo-Zanzibar War which lasted roughly 40 minutes.

I didn't quite beat that record but it was close.  After entering into the glyph market Horde-side yesterday I was instantly flailing about in my chair bemoaning how much I hate the glyph market.  Horde glyphs reminded me a lot of what Alliance glyphs were when I started: It seems to be great profit but you need to fight tooth and nail for it and often you won't make 1/100 of what you expected to.

I'm sure dedicated sellers will make a boat load in this market but, quite frankly, I don't want to be that person.  Gold is great but fun is better and I'm sick as can be of the glyph market, so I'm done. I've got 1.4mil, do I really need to suffer for every few hundred? No! =D

Also factoring into this decision was a competitor.  I /tickle competitors when I'm on my posting toons just because I like to talk to others in gold-making but don't know how to approach folks without seeming like I'm trying to spy on their efforts.   For the first time ever someone actually replied.  (S)he was very polite and didn't seem to mind competition at all, something that fascinated me by how angry people on Alliance get when someone tries to compete with them.

So today I whispered this person and offered them a deal: I don't want to sell glyphs but I don't want to lose out, so would they be interested in buying all my glyphs for 10g/glyph?  Granted, this is a pretty substantial loss on my part, but if it means I can go out and actually play again instead of babysitting glyphs I'll consider it a gain.  They agreed to the deal (Who wouldn't?) and I've CoD'd all my glyphs over.

I had plans to spitefully enter the glyph market and cut Horde profit margins in half.  At the end of the day though that's never been something that's been fun for me.  I appreciate how other people find it entertaining but I'd rather bow out and find another market when competition gets too . . . competitive.  And so I have!

My new effort Horde-side, I think, will be making gold in "less traditional" ways instead of the monotonous shuffle/glyph grind.  (The pic is Andawe with Hand of Freedom up.  Get it? Because he's free c wut i did thar?)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Problem? Horde Glyph Wars Declared

You may remember a while back I was floored at the Horde-side glyph prices.  It's been a while; I've leveled two toons and my scribe is now 450 Inscription, high enough to get anything that really matters.  I've been doing my research with a few days missed here or there and now have 63% of the glyphs in the game. Not a lot, but a fair amount.  Plus I can always make them and send them over from Alliance.  

So today it has begun.  Honestly I probably wouldn't have even touched the Horde glyphs; I find glyphs boring and tedious. Good pay out but I feel you sacrifice a lot of fun to get it.  However, as I mentioned, I leveled two characters on Horde; a warrior and a paladin with a mage and druid waiting in the wings to be leveled.  Every time I needed a glyph for them I'd check the AH first and was constantly seeing 300g+ glyph prices.

On the one hand I could have jumped up and said "Hey, 300g! That's a lot of money I can be making."  But it actually just sort of angered me.  Maybe I coveted that profit margin because I fight tooth and nail for half that margin on Alliance.  Maybe I had a nice streak and felt bad for the Horde players "forced" to pay these prices.  But for some reason the prices that people were charging for glyphs on Horde actually made me angry.

I've heard people talk about those who are out to be like Robin Hood; they think they're being righteous by forcing people to lower prices and helping out the other people on the server. For example, on Cata launch day, yes launch day, one player on my server was selling Elementium/Obsidium by the stack for very low, I forget how much but it was <50g/stack.  I asked him why (while buying out all his stock for my server first rush) and he said he just though people charged too much and wanted to help out.  Good for him, I suppose.

I'm not quite as self-righteous.  I'm not doing this because I want other people on Horde to be offered cheaper goods. I'm doing this because I am actually almost offended by the fact someone tried to gouge me for 300g/glyph and I want to ruin their business while still making a pretty profit myself.  So no, I'm no Robin Hood.  I'm just spiteful and have too much gold to care about cutting my profit margin in half. :3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WTFaid?: Up-Tight Tanking!

Welcome to another installment of WTFaid?, a semi-regular column in which I discuss things that might not directly impact gold making, but that I want to talk about nonetheless. If you're looking for gold-specific tips, check out my archive and blog roll! If you're looking to get some insight into the mind of Faid, God help you. Also, read on!

I'm an up-tight tank and I doubt I'm the only one, which likely leads to longer queue times.

TL;DR: If more people cared about how they played and treated others in low level dungeons maybe tanks wouldn't be so frustrated and cynical by 85.

I enjoy tanking, I currently have three level 85 tanks and am leveling three more for fun. It's just my favorite way to play, and I doubt I'm zomgamazing but I think I'm better than your average RDF tank in how I play.

But I imagine some people don't like my attitude. I don't nitpick strangers who aren't doing everything perfect, and in general I won't even speak unless spoken to. Usually I think of randoms like prison: I want to do my time quietly and without incident and get out. Luckily I can usually run heroics with my guild and don't have to deal with level-capped randoms.

The problem I'm running into are on leveling my alt tanks. Tonight I've tried to do three randoms.

The first was normal Blackrock Caverns on my Arms/Prot warrior. I queued as Arms for a change of pace and it went decent for the first couple pulls. Without any explanation the tank left and was replaced rather quickly with a paladin. The paladin proceeded to pull Corla along with two trash packs. Luckily normals are ajoke and we didn't wipe. The paladin's threat was awful but, as we were doing okay, I didn't nitpick. (See? I'm not an elitist jerk, I just don't like stupid people and if people are being bad but not stupid, meh, we'll survive.)

As we got further in though the paladin started dying on every pull, not that it mattered since, despite my best omen-watching efforts, I had aggro from half the pull anyways. Turns out, as he told us, he hasn't visited his trainer in 15 levels because he cannot afford training. :| Someone else initiated a votekick which passed before I could even vote and I ended up tanking the rest of the instance.

The other two were on my level 65 Holy/Prot paladin. (Paladins are so fun. :D) I'm trying to learn Holy "from the ground up" so I healed the first. It was Mana Tombs. For those who don't remember the first boss in Mana Tombs is a shadow elemental that will "shift into the void" and all damage you deal is reflected back at you. Most of the party got low but stopped, but the DK in our group kept wailing on him so I didn't heal him. I was playing triage with all the other people who were low but not completely stupid about the reflection and couldn't be botehred to heal through his stupidity and let him die. I said nothing and rezzed him promptly.

For the next three pulls he proceeded to tell me I was a horrible healer for not healing him through it and it doesn't matter that he was doing the fight wrong and killed himself, it was my fault he died. I responded it wasn't my job to heal through stupidity and he put me on ignore, which is just fine by me. The instance continues with no real incident until we reached the second boss. Unrelated to the previous boss fiasco, the tank starts complaining that the ret paladin has Righteous Fury up. The tank and I both request the ret paladin remove Righteous Fury and he never does. The tank rounds up a huge room of mobs and, of course, the ret paladin pulls threat on most of them almost immediately and, but not for a LoH from himself, would have died. He then starts complaining about how I won't heal him. I say that, as I said before, I don't heal through stupid and I get votekicked. I'm not complaining I got vote-kicked, I could have just carried their fail quietly if I wanted, but instead I spoke up and got kicked. Meh. It's just a game, I'll survive. :P

I decide I don't want to deal with healing people who don't know how to play so I swap over to tank and queue again. Mana Tombs again. Group's going okay, we're moving through at a nice pace but the mage keeps pulling crap before I even have a chance. (There were no mana or AFK breaks, it's not like we were moving slowly.) This tends to cause problems with all the casters in the instance since I can't round them up easily and it gets very aggravating. I request he stop and he says "I didn't pull I got an instant proc and had to use it." -_-

I request once more he please stop pulling for me and he continues to do so and so we votekick him after the second boss. He then rolls a character on my realm to mock me for kicking him? /shrug I usually just find that amusing in a "u mad bro?" sense.

Is it any wonder that random pugs are sometimes (possibly often) a pain in the neck and get such a bad reputation when no one can play nice with the other kids in the room? If someone asks you to do something and there's no reason you can't, why shouldn't you? If you screw up why is it someone else's fault?

Perhaps if people treated everyone (not just tanks, they just seem to get teh brunt of it since so much of the "dungeon flow" rests on their shoulders) with respect the community wouldn't be the way it is today and we'd have an awful lot more successful pugs.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Video: Beginners Guide to Neutral AH Transferring

This week I once again had the pleasure of helping my friend Flux of Power Word Gold out by being a guest for a segment of next week's podcast.  Be sure you listen, Power Word Gold podcasts are something I always enjoy.

During the podcast we discussed how almost everyone talks about transferring items via the neutral Auction House, but there's really not a lot of "How to: 101" guides out there for new gold makers.  Flux, Jokine, and I all gave our best help and tips during the podcast (which I believe is released on Tuesday) but I felt like I hadn't done a good job in explaining the steps.  It prompted me to make this video, which I hope you all will enjoy, along with this relevant post: Minimizing Risk when Flipping via the Neutral AH

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lesson: Don't be a Tool

I was able to pick up a Theck's Emberseal on Horde for 18k. I decided that I would flip it  to Alliance and try to sell it and, worst case scenario, my DK or warrior could use it. (Not that great of a piece so Faid will replace it soon if I give it to her.)

I started getting undercut a lot so have decided to sell it exclusively through Trade, where I am asking for 25k.  Here's some /2 from Argent Dawn when I was attempting to sell the ring:

yeah, he mad.

Anyways, things went on, still no ring sales.  I decided to restock glyphs since I'm running low on a few and hopped on my shaman (in ghost wolf form, so this following conversation makes sense!)   I went AFK to grab a popsicle and come back to an open trade window with 5 Hypnotic Dust, 5 Greater Celestial Essence, and 2 Maelstrom Crystals in the window.  After a few seconds the person accepts the Trade, giving me the materials.

So now he's on ignore and I've got some free Enchanting mats! I'm usually the type to say "lol" and help someone correct a mistake. I haven't made very many, but having made a few small slip-ups when posting auctions (20 Volatile Air for the price of 1, for example) I know how much you kick yourself for that.  But the opportunity to hopefully teach this guy a lesson about being a dick to complete strangers was too good to pass up.

I have friends in his guild, I'll probably send it to them and have them put it in the guild bank because God knows I don't need to rip people off to get enchanting materials, but yeah, too great of an opportunity.

Please, folks, from a trying-to-reform Trade Troll, remember this: Nothing good will come out of being a dick to someone.  There is no positive thing created when you harass random strangers.  The internet breeds a sense of anonymity that tends to make it so there's also no downside; nothing bad comes out of being rude to complete strangers who weren't even addressing you.  But sometimes, at the end of the day, your dickishness will come back to bite you.  Be nice, folks, and make sure you're trading with the right person before you press accept!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I've spent the past two days or so thinking about myself and gold making.  A lot of people have said "How's it feel to be at cap?" and so I've been trying to pinpoint exactly how it feels, as well as decide where to go from here.

Looking Back
I didn't have a firm goal, other than desiring to hit the cap (214k) back when I started making gold last fall.  I just wanted enough to not have to worry about my expenses in the upcoming expansion.  Quickly I found I really enjoyed gold making, as well as blogging about my efforts.  It revitalized my dwindling interest in WoW and I continued to enjoy gold making well into Cataclysm.

Though I always wanted to hit the cap, gold making for me has never really been about the end result, it was about the "journey," as cheesy as it may sound.  It was about the interesting subculture found in the gold-making community and the fact there's a completely different side of the game that many people don't see and I loved being a part of it.

The Here and Now
Many have asked me how I feel now that I've hit the cap.  Several gold bloggers who I've always enjoyed reading stated they felt reaching the gold cap was a bit anticlimactic.  There are no achievements.  You can't really go around exuberantly telling your friends because it comes off as bragging to most players.  You can probably buy everything you've ever wanted in game with less than 500k (Spectral Tigers not included, of course!)

There's no fireworks, it's true.  What pleased me about hitting the cap wasn't the arrival at a destination, so much as what I found once I got there.  Every purchase I've made over the past few months, be it 1k or 100k, has caused me to cringe within a few moments of the purchase.  How many days did that set me back from my million? Did I really need it? Can I get a refund? OH GOD I'LL NEVER BE CAPPED.

Now that I've reached my goal all of that is gone.  I've banked my million and all excess is being sent to Faid to carry around in her bags.  I love browsing the 378s on the AH and thinking "You know, if I wanted to, I could buy that and I'd still have a million gold in the bank."  Granted, I didn't get a million gold by buying epics at ridiculous prices and so I likely won't be buying any, but I could, and that's what feels so great about being capped.

Looking Forward
The biggest thing on my mind lately has been what my post-cap goals will be.  I could go for two million, or some other arbitrary number.  I could try to gold cap on both factions, that would be interesting.  I could start doing weird gimmicks where I make 50k with just X, then 50k with just Y, etc.

I've thought a lot about what I want to do and honestly I still haven't decided. (You all are welcome to suggest something!)  My strongest leaning right now is to effectively go for two million, but my basic goal is 1.5 million on Alliance (Gold capped + Spending money) and 500k on Horde, just so that I still technically have 2 million. 

I'm still not sure if I want to do that, however, because that would take away this newfound "buyer's freedom."  

Suddenly, with another goal in mind, I'd be seeing every purchase of a vanity item as a set back, not a pleasure. I am still going to make gold because, for me, making gold was never about having X gold, it was about the process of  getting to that point. Gold making is now a hobby, a way I play the game, and I'm not going to stop just because I've reached an arbitrary number.

I'm just not sure what I want my next challenge to be or how I'll tackle it!

Unrelated Note:  I originally did my Obsidium Shuffle video pre-4.1.  I want to have an up-to-date video on the Shuffle so I don't lead new goldmakers astray, and so here's a revisited Obsidium Shuffle video. =]