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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can't we all just get along?

Something occurred to me when I was driving the other day.  Someone clearly wasn't paying attention to what they were doing or had no depth perception and cut me off, then pretty much stopped dead on the shoulder of the road to allow me to pass, but of course all they did was make me stop because if he was stupid enough to cut me off he was stupid enough to do it again when I tried to get past.

So I honked at him; not a polite "go ahead" honk, more of a "WTF are you doing dumbass?" honk. As I completed my drive I started thinking to myself "What on earth did that honk accomplish?  He knew he fucked up long before I honked at him, and it's not like I feel any better.  What was the point of that?" (This is coming back to WoW eventually, I promise!)

So I thought more about it; I have a number of traits I am not fond of, one of which being that, in some arenas of my life, I know that I am a jerk.  I'm that kid on the playground that was insecure and took it out on the smaller ones. I am a Trade troll, I am a smart ass, and I am downright mean to people very often.  I fully admit I feel confident behind a computer screen but would cower in fear before I spoke to someone in person the way I do to strangers on the internet.

But what does that accomplish?  Nothing.  It makes me look like a douche to a bunch of people.  Sometime people will laugh and take my side, I think this is why I've kept up with this kind of attitude since I was a young teen.  I eventually, through picking on the "right people," amass a group of "friends" who help me pick on people.  It makes me feel powerful, when in real life I'm actually very very submissive and not apt to want to bother anyone.

I am, when it comes right down to it, a mean person and a complete asshole, especially on the internet. (Many in the blogging community don't see it, but anyone from Argent Dawn has probably seen me mouthing off in Trade more often than not.)  

After thinking long and hard about this after the driving incident, about how my first reaction is often to be an ass to someone who I don't even know, for no reason other than to make myself feel better, I decided I wanted to try to turn over a new leaf. I want to try to be a more friendly person, and basically follow the "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all" rule.

Tonight while I was getting bent over in a rated battleground (PvP frustrates me immensely and was definitely a supreme test of my new outlook) I was getting more and more frustrated.  Someone whispered me about the Winged Lion Mounts and how they were so cool.  I informed the person that I really thought they looked neat too, but I couldn't afford one.

Now, I don't honestly recall how I met this person.  I know they came along to my ICC 25s and I made sure they were in for our Light of Dawn kill.  One night, I recall, we were chatting away and he mentioned the Insane grind. I have so much rare ink backed up that I just gave him tons of free lowbie decks and inks.  It was very uncharacteristic of me, but sometimes I'll just have these random streaks of generosity.

As I was saying, this person whispered me and we chatted briefly about the Winged Lions and within a few moments I had an e-mail.  This kind guy had gifted me a Winged Lion as a show of of appreciation for the Light of Dawn kill!  I'm immensely grateful, and if you are reading this I want to thank you again, I love the mount so much!

I tied this back into what I'd been thinking of: What's ever come of my being a dick to people I don't even know?  Visible results are the fact that, though some people think I'm just the most awesome thing ever on my server, I think most of the server probably thinks I'm a douchebag.  And I don't blame them for that.

But for this guy I was nothing but nice. I was always kind to him when he came to my raids, I gave him things I had no use for, etc.  We became friends, I like to think, and here I am today with a friend and a Winged Lion.

I've decided I like this.  I would rather have friends than a reputation as a douche, wouldn't you?  Even if I don't end up with store mounts and pets. ;]  I've decided I love the good feeling I get knowing there's someone out there I helped, and who appreciated what I did for them, and I hope I can create a lot more of those people and a lot fewer who think I'm a complete bitch.

That said, I then naturally turned this thought process to another big part of my WoW life, blogging.   There's a lot of negative energy in the gold blogosphere lately.  I've had some of it myself.  For example, I do wish people would be more courteous when posting topics someone had already posted on. (Google topics before you post them, check for other posts, share some link love, done!)  I wish people wouldn't discredit others based on arbitrary things like the amount of gold they have, etc. etc.

But I'm not going to nitpick points and shun people for getting into Twitter fights or join in with the drama in any way. I just wanted to issue an invitation to all bloggers to join me in trying to adopt a new philosophy: If what you're putting out there doesn't create good, don't put it out there.  It's easy to get pissed off, defensive, or even not like someone else.  But where does creating a huge fuss or starting a fight get you? Nowhere, other than right where you started but a bit more pissed off, possibly with a worse reputation.

It's hard for me, I've already slipped up a few times, but I think in the end I'll feel better about who I am and how I treat others, and I hope to keep this up for the rest of my life.

On Gold Making: I have so many backed up videos it makes me cringe.  I can't upload new videos until sleep lines up for my boyfriend and I, since our connection bogs down terribly if we try to upload during anything else.  Unfortunately our sleep hasn't lined up.  But when it does you are in for a tidal wave of videos the likes of which you have never seen. =O

Also, I participated in The Consortium's gold making competition and came out in first place!  Please check out all of the entries, they were great fun to read and I really enjoyed participating in the competition.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

4.2 and the Left Behind

I greatly enjoy playing my alts, which we may as well refer to as "glorified profession mules."  Some of them I haven't enjoyed as much, usually pure DPS, and that leaves me with characters like Mirrored.

Mirrored has 525 in both Enchanting and Tailoring. She is currently level 77 and likely will remain in that range for quite some time; I'm just not digging Mages lately. (Maybe if she were a goblin.  /pout)

In 4.1 when all Twilight Highlands recipes were moved to other trainers I was able to gain access to all the best Tailoring patterns, which was nice.  She's my "secondary" tailor so it didn't open a floodgate of new opportunities, but it was still convenient to be able to actually use all the cloth I could make. 

Now, however, she's facing being the gimped profession mule once more; with the new patterns being sold by Firelands vendors after strings of Cataclysm quest chains it's unlikely she will see any new phat epix.  So what to do?  I could always drop Tailoring for Alchemy, something I've been considering doing for a while anyways.  But is there another use?

Of course there is!  Tailors will be using their Dreamcloth to make all sorts of new epics and I am pretty sure the supply of threads will dry up quickly as everyone trades in their current pants for shiny new ones. While Mirrored won't be able to make any new epics, she is able to make the enhancements for them!  So I am going to be saving up her Dreamcloth in anticipation of lots of upcoming thread business that I don't think my competitors are likely expecting.

Can other professions/lowbies benefit?

Eh, not in the same way.  "Left behind" Blacksmiths will still be able to make Belt Buckles, Leatherworkers can make leg patches, and so on but the materials to make these aren't soulbound and so could just as easily go to something else. The materials are much more plentiful and not walled behind a seven day cooldown.

I just wanted to remind everyone to not let a profession be forgotten just because it can't access the ultimate patterns; many still come packed with a lot of gold making potential able to see profit far into 4.2 and beyond.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Professions: Which to stack?

I received a comment on one of my videos and attempted to answer it via a Youtube comment but my explanation quickly grew too large for the comment box.  Well, let's get this sorted out right here right now!
Hi Faid, I am subscribed to ur channel and absolutely love watching ur vids. I am on a wow break because of school, but I am coming soon to the game and I have a question which I think u most qualified to answer. What profession(s), other than gathering and regardless of race/class/PvE/PvP, is most beneficial to have on multiple characters for profit? Also, it would be great if u refer me to 1 of ur videos that shows, explains or supports ur answer. Thanks in advance. -ralfzmina 
So the question is basically: If you're going to have multiples of the same profession, what profession is the best to do this with?

Well, there are several different options which will have varying degrees of importance for you and your gold making set up.  Here's the basic rundown of every profession, and how it may benefit from having multiples.

Most people will recommend Alchemists. I would be remiss if I did not mention that there was a great WoW Insider article by Euripides about Alchemists and their CDs, first off. I may repeat some of what he says, but I just want to cover all bases here, while giving credit where credit is due for a great post on the same subject.

  • Cooldowns - Alchemy has some of the strongest gold-making cooldowns.  They had epic gems in Wrath and many believe they will get Cataclysm epic gems in the future as well.  They currently are the only source in the game for Truegold on a one-day cooldown, and can also turn Life into any other volatile using their cooldown.  This creates a powerful gold making opportunity for any alchemist, and having multiple alchemists allows you to use more cooldowns per day for the same thing or multiple types of cooldowns. Pretty simple stuff.
  • Specializations - Most will tell you that the best bet for gold-making with Alchemy is transmute spec, and I don't disagree.  However, keep in mind that if you have multiple alchemists you can have multiple specializations.  You can get top dollar in potions, flasks, and proc off your daily CD on one of your alchemists! (The other alchemists still get their transmute cooldown, they just won't proc.)  I personally have two transmute alchemists and one elixir specialist to make my own raiding elixirs.

This profession, like many other crafting professions, used to have a specialization a la Armorsmith and the like. These specializations are now gone from the game and at the time of this posting there will be no direct gold-making benefit to having multiple Blacksmiths.

Like Blacksmithing, Enchanting lacks cooldowns and specializations and so there is no obviously beneficial factor to having multiple enchanters. However, Enchanting does pull ahead of Blacksmithing since, as you're leveling the character or running dungeons on it, assuming it is not just a profession mule, you can DE more items that would otherwise have been vendored, which could allow you to come ahead in profit. I know many players will level every character they have with Enchanting as one profession then drop it later, all so the quest rewards don't go to waste.

Engineering is an interesting situation.  Engineering was one of the few professions that did not have its specializations removed.  For a while in Cataclysm your specialization didn't matter from a gold making perspective, any engineer, after going through the proper channels, could make both of the new pets. That's been "fixed" however and you now must have either Gnomish or Goblin to craft their specialized pets.

There is likely some benefit to having an Engineer of each type if you are heavy into the pet market, however, this is a small factor for most gold-makers and I would not recommend multiple engineers from a gold-making perspective. 

Herbalism, to my knowledge, has never had any cooldown or specialization associated with it.  This can benefit in the same way Enchanting can, in that if you play the character a lot this would allow you to gather while you're on it which you otherwise would not be able to do, but beyond that it has no amazing gold-making factors associated with multiple herbalists.

This profession is another that can definitely benefit from multiple characters having it.
  • Cooldowns - The Jewelcrafting cooldown is in the form of Icy and Fiery Prisms and Brilliant Glass.  Icy Prism no longer has a cooldown associated with it.  Fiery Prism takes the now lesser-valued green quality Cataclysm gems and can turn them into rare quality gems, JC gems, and perhaps one day even epic gems.  This can be a very nice CD to use multiple times if that is your preference.
  • Dailies/Tokens - JC is interesting in that earning the cuts is a rather long, drawn out process.  For both Wrath epics and Cata blues you must do dailies and after a few days you get enough tokens to buy one cut; this greatly limits the amount of cuts any one person is able to get right off the bat.  However, if you have multiple Jewelcrafters you can buy more patterns more quickly, allowing you to meet demand when it's at it's peak.  When you've bought all the patterns you can also start turning your multiple tokens per day into Chimera's Eyes/Dragon's Eyes, giving you more income on the AH!

Like Blacksmithing, this profession once had specializations associated with it that are now removed form the game.  Lacking any daily, cooldown, or specialization I will say I don't see any strong benefit to having multiple Leatherworkers.

Mining has had an interesting history.  As far as I know it's the only gathering profession that once had a powerful gold-making cooldown associated with it in the form of Titansteel. However, the cooldown has been removed and it lacks specializations and quests as well; thus it is similar to Herbalism in that it will allow you to gather on more characters, but has no direct gold-making benefit.

Like the other crafting professions, Tailoring had a specialization in the bygone days that is not around anymore.  However, unlike the others, this profession still has a cooldown associated with it.  Each tailor can make a Dreamcloth per type of volatile once per week, so five Dreamcloth per week plus whatever they can gather in Chaos Orb form.

So if you want more Dreamcloth you can always get more tailors; the problem is that Dreamcloth is currently soulbound and cannot be traded around on your Tailors.  Thus, if you have two tailors, you can make 10 Dreamcloth a week, but you won't be churning items out any sooner. However, when you can make that item, you can instead make one for each tailor, so you won't make items faster but you can deal in larger quantities.

Like all the other gathering professions, skinning does not have any associated cooldown or specialization, and will only benefit you in that you can gather on more characters.

Inscription's benefits are very similar to JC, but without the longevity.  In Jewelcrafting, once you've covered all the gem patterns, you can start moving extra JC tokens into Chimera's Eyes to sell.  With Inscription, you can possibly learn all of the glyphs faster, but once you've learned them all you'll see no benefit to multiple Scribes.
  • Training - Scribes learn new glyphs mostly through research.  If you have multiple scribes you can do this research more per day. However, since you don't choose your pattern like JCs do, you have a chance of learning the same Glyph and effectively seeing no benefit. Also, as stated above, once your scribes know all the glyphs, there is no benefit to multiple scribes.

So what to pick?
With all of this in mind I usually will toss Alchemy into free profession slots.  My runners up for what I would choose if I couldn't choose alchemy would likely be Enchanting or Jewelcrafting.  However, keep in mind your own gold making situation.  Do you only have limited play time?  Then Alchemy's probably your best bet as you can see great results from just a few minutes of toon-hopping and transmuting while if you have lots of time you may get more benefit out of multiple Jewelcrafters and playing the cut gem market.

Deepdive Helmet: Sell your patterns quickly!

Just a quick post to share something I learned; when Cataclysm was coming a lot of people stocked up on Schematic: Deepdive Helmet, as the NPC that sold it was going to be gone. I know some people have been able to sell these for thousands of gold since then.

Well, if you are among those who stocked up on this be sure to liquidate your stock as quickly as possible.  I was on my little goblin and remembered I needed to go learn my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, only to find I could learn something else as well from the Engineering trainer, and indeed any Engineering trainer in the game.   Click for the larger image!

I know these have still sold for quite high on my server since not many people knew this was readded to trainers. I did some poking around and found that this pattern has been on the trainers since at least early May.  Try to get rid of any schematics for these you have before more people learn the same!

I have a few videos recorded but Youtube is being a pain and not letting me upload them. They are coming, sit tight!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Gold Making This Week

:D  Minecraft! I'm on a Minecraft binge this week and by the way my mine is amazing.  I haven't spent much time making gold in WoW but here's what I have to say about that: I've still made gold!

Knowing I wasn't going to be on the AH all day I switched all my glyph postings from 12 hours to 48 hours; posted three of each, then logged off and forgot about the AH toon for two days. And I logged back in the next day to 7k! 

This is interesting to me because usually I'm the person who will log on first thing in the day; cancel anything I've been undercut on and repost everything, then constantly scan and repost throughout the day.  I thought that this was why I was making the gold I was, but even with next-to-no attention given to the AH I still made 7000g from what was actually a very small amount of glyphs.

It's caused me to drastically rethink the way I want to approach my posting and cancelling.  Constantly tending to the AH doesn't detract from my playtime very much since I have two accounts; but it's still a bit annoying to do all day.  Perhaps I will be a bit more passive with my posting in the future and see how that all works out.

Even with the Minecraft binge I was able to upload the next WoW Gold Rush video a few days ago; be sure to subscribe to my Youtube for up-to-date video releases. =D

Friday, May 13, 2011

Faidian Slip #16 + Timed Bear Run

Hi Folks; Faidian Slips aren't dead, they're just not weekly anymore. I'd rather make sure they come out when I actually have something to say. So here's the stuff I had to say!

Also, for those interested, I do actually play the game sometimes, and here's a ZA bear run.  I'm quite the clicker in it, I'm still getting accustomed to the Razer Naga keybindings, but I'm improving more and more. :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WoW Gold Rush - In and Around Dalaran

First off, be sure to check out the Power Word Gold podcast this week; a great podcast every week regardless of whether or not there's a Faid guest spot. But guess what, this week there is a Faid guest spot, so check it out!

Meanwhile, the second episode of Faid's WoW Gold Rush is out today, showcasing a few of the many ways you can make gold when you find yourself in and around Dalaran, please be sure to check it out, like and subscribe.

FAQs: Faid Asked Questions!

Clearing up some Faid-related and blog-related stuff, gold making stuff inc. in an hour or two! I have received some questions over time to both my e-mail and via youtube messages. Most of these are people laying out their profession setup and asking for tips.  I love that you folks come to me, but as you may have noticed, most of you have not received responses.

I love talking about gold but opening up e-mails with 12 paragraphs that basically boil down to "What do I do to make gold?" can be a rather daunting way to start the day.  I want to put forth some frequently asked questions I get here, and then help you address any further concerns.

F.A.Qs.  -  Faid Asked Questions!

Q: Is it Faid or Faids?
A: It's Faid. The blog was named during one of the "ret paladins are OP" phases of Arenas and all I ever heard was "nerf Paladins."  Now, I don't seriously PvP in any form but I always joked that I didn't need to be nerfed because I was a paladin, I needed to be nerfed because I was Faid, and any Faid is OP, therefor you should nerf Faids.  Thus the name of the blog.  My character name, however, is Faid. It's DIAF backwards, if that helps you remember.

Q: What addon do you use for your _________?
A: This post and accompanying video lay out most of the addons I use.  I have switched from using ZeroAuctions to using TSM for all my mass posting purposes, and also use it to craft Glyphs. I use a few other addons and if you have any questions post them as a Youtube comment to the video they are seen in and I'll get back to you about them.

Q: Where do you get that mount/title in that video?
A: I cycle mounts as I get bored, my mount list is here with pictures so you can identify what you saw and the source.  I almost always wear Herald of the Titans as a title because it is one of the least seen, and also one of the only ones you can't be carried to with gear so I'm kinda proud of it!

Q: Why are you a Blood Elf at the beginning of all your new videos?
A: How is the Orb of the Sin'dorei. Why is because I'm a Blood Elf at heart.  The original Faid was a Blood Elf Mage and I hold a not-so-secret dream that one day LotI will mass faction transfer. I'll trade Alliance for Blood Elves and Goblins any day! But until all my friends switch, I'm an Alliance player and I'm not ashamed of that!

Q: What's the best profession for making gold? What's the worst?
A: This will be largely dependent on your play style, your ability to pair the single profession with other professions, and your server's markets. However, in my position I find the biggest money maker to be Inscription (followed closely by Jewelcrafting) and the worst to be Leatherworking.   However, all professions have the ability to be profitable if you use them properly.

Q: I have more questions. (Granted, this is not a question, this is a statement.)
A: I enjoyed getting correspondence from readers, but as stated earlier, I find long-winded descriptions of a person's gold-making setup interesting but tiring to read then write up a huge response.  However, I do like talking gold and answering questions. If only there were a middleground; some place where you can ask targeted questions and myself and other gold makers can answer them without writing term papers . . . Oh wait! 

Keep an eye out at Just My Two Copper.  On Fridays Mageshadow posts information to join in the weekly Q&A Teamspeak Meeting.  I make it to this meeting as often as I can, and even if I am not there there are many other talented gold makers, many with blogs of their own, that are ready and able to answer all of your specific questions.  Visit us there and we'll be happy to answer!

Q: Can I contact you directly with gold-making questions?
I will not stop you from sending me Youtube comments, posting questions, etc. and I will try to answer them when I have time; but understand that I may not get to them.  I love hearing from everyone who enjoys reading my blog but I'm afraid that more often than not you may feel ignored when I don't respond to your direct messages.  Please note it's nothing against you or your gold-making situation, I'm just not one for much direct e-mail correspondence.  If you want to speak with me please check out the JMTC Friday meetings.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Truegold still in 4.2!

According to some of you kind readers who replied to my previous post, apparently Truegold is used to make epic Blacksmith weapons that were not listed among the patterns on MMO Champ!  Reports say they are using 8 Truegold according to data mining.

I'm not very used to researching PTR information but this filter here is what I used, and a bit down the page you can see the new weapons as blue-quality patterns that craft epic quality weapons. So Truegold will still maintain some value. But I guess my thoughts are "I may have been wrong but I was still right."

You see, there will still definitely be a demand for Truegold, so it's definitely not a bad idea I feel, with this information brought to my attention. However, I feel that Volatile Fire is still a better thing to aim for if you've got to choose one or the other.

There are a lot of factors impacting this.  For example, there's only one source for Truegold and it's on a daily CD, so this creates a choke point in supply and can keep prices high, while Fire could theoretically be farmed by anyone ad nauseum.  So from a supply standpoint Truegold will be your best bet; on your smaller servers this is probably what I'd do.

But on servers like mine where there are tons of gold-savvy players and alchemists spitting out free transmutes every night at 12:05 I anticipate the supply really won't dry up.  But when you need 40 Fire per crafted epic and players like myself are probably going to be in the market for about 15 pieces, that's a huge demand just from myself.  Now picture that spread across my high population server and I think I've found what I intend to stock up on.

So my tip about these is to engage your brain, think about your server's markets for these items and what your server will probably go through at the onset of 4.2 and act accordingly.  Bottom line is both should see profit, servers will only effect which one sees more.

(And thanks for the comments about these weapons, folks, I'm glad for any new information you guys can bring to me, I'm pretty bad at PTR research!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4.2 Patterns - Truegold not among the materials!

There's been some who have wondered if stocking up on Truegold for 4.2 may be a good idea.  A lot have assumed that the crafted epics will involve Truegold.  Well, the 4.2 loot lists and crafted recipes have been released and, as of this posting, Truegold is not mentioned anywhere. Blacksmithing seems to be making use of Hardened Elementium Bars instead of Truegold.

Pretty much everything seems to require Volatile Fire, other than Tailoring recipes which do involve Dreamcloth but no direct requirement for Fire.  So it looks like, in my eyes, the things to stock up on for 4.2 are Volatile Fire and Dreamcloth, not Truegold.  It may also be useful to stock up on Volatile Earth to make all the Hardened Elementium, but without a doubt Fire will be the most in-demand Volatile.

Of course, this is always subject to change but I for one will not be putting too much money into Truegold with great expectations for 4.2 profits.

Edit 9/6/2011: Noticed for some reason this has jumped to my most viewed blog post of all time. o.O  Anyways, just wanted to add this in; a bit after posting this I posted a correction that is very relevant: Truegold Still in 4.2!  (Of course, 4.2's release has passed and we all know this by now, I just wanted to include this since, apparently, people still view this particular entry a lot.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Faid's WoW Gold Rush - New video series!

Today is the launch of my new video series for WoW gold making, Faid's WoW Gold Rush.  I wanted to make videos more relevant to . . . people, considering often my videos were just me giving you updates on what I'm doing without any real tactics or tricks.

The point of Faid's WoW Gold Rush is to introduce ideas to make gold with small amounts of time; most of the tips won't make you extraordinarily rich, but if you can't spend hours watching the glyph market or prospecting these will be ideas to still make some gold, and if you combine enough of the ideas you'll probably have a fairly unique gold-making regimen!

Please let me know what you think of the first video in the series, like and subscribe if you like it! My main observation is that I need to turn down the volume of Johnny a bit, it's louder than intended! =D