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Saturday, April 30, 2011

4.1 Aftermath and Horde Glyph Shenanigans

I hope everyone had a great 4.1, I know I did!  I had saved about 200 of each uncut rare gem assuming the demand would spike with all the new ZA/ZG gear.  But, just like glyphmas before, I found I had underestimated the demand and not stocked up nearly enough.  I went through my stock within about five hours and was back to shuffling and mass transmuting the greens because the value was just so high on these rare gems.

So far I've come down to about 90k profit from this patch and gems are still going strong. Glyph sales saw a small spike but my competitors kept the price about average, while the huge demand of gems allowed those prices to skyrocket, so I certainly put most of my effort into gems.

Good Things I Did
  • Saved rare gems to sell for new upgrades.
  • Stocked my glyphs the night before so I didn't have to waste my time after the patch.
  • "Dealt with" all my green quality gems in one way or another pre-patch.
  • Stocked up on vendor pets for the pet achievement.
Bad Things I Did
  • I spent the first hour or so just trying to find Poseidus, but to no luck. I wish I'd spent more of that time working the AH.
  • Didn't stock enchants, I just didn't have enough time.
Things I Wish I'd Done
  • Stocked more gems!
  • Cooked a bunch of random Cata food and bought vendor food and water for the new Eat/Drink achievements. I know I've bought quite a bit of this off the AH!
  • Saved my Justice Points to buy sexy, sexy tank heirlooms.

All in all I call 4.1 a great success! I hope yours was just as successful if not moreso.

So what's all this about Horde Glyph Shenanigans?
A low level character whispered me yesterday saying that if I were to put up a Glyph of Arcane Shot or some random glyph up on the Neutral AH they would buy it for 200g.  I was happy to help them out. But this got me thinking: Why?  WTF is going on Hordeside that causes this guy to come to Alliance just to get a basic glyph?

So I checked the Horde AH.

W.  T. F?!  These glyphs on Alliance are constantly around 30-60g.  There is not a single Horde glyph up for under 100g.  It's just ridiculous.  I know that the old glyph supplier Hordeside was active on the JMTC forums but admittedly I haven't seen him since Cata, I'm seriously wondering if he's wandered off and left this huge hole in the Glyph market.

Now, I could just make a lot of glyphs and transfer them across the neutral AH. I may do this.  But I'm not going to lie, this was the perfect excuse I've been looking for to level a shockadin. =D Enter Andawe.

He's prot now, but I hope to make a viable shockadin just for funsies. He needed professions so of course I gave him Inscription; my hope is to have a viable Glyph business on both sides of the server.  I also gave him JC, I'm not sure if that'll stick around, I'll have to take a look at the faction's markets a bit more first.

So that's been my efforts this week, when not learning the new ZA/ZG mechanics.  How has your 4.1 gone?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being known isn't being bad.

So I just glanced over The Gold Queen's post over at her blog and it's basically a great list of ways to remain "unseen" when posting your auctions. There's some great benefits in remaining "unknown." I bet a lot of us have competitors on our friends lists and track them to easily keep them undercut and such things.

But being known isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I use an AH alt but I make no secret of who it is; I've listed Liquidate's name many times here and if anyone on my server asks who my main is I will tell them.  This can definitely have some drawbacks, but I don't really mind all that much.  You see, there are benefits to being known as well.

It's the closest you can get to "branding" in WoW.
Before the Apple cult was formed one of Apple's biggest marketing ventures was that they would offer discounts to schools. I believe they still do this. This is why almost all schools have Macs in their computer labs instead of PCs.  The concept behind this was that if kids grew up and learned to use computers while using a Mac that child would then go on to buy a Mac when they had grown up and were shopping for a PC. It was familiar to them and they had the name Mac in their brain associated with computers. (Granted, our Macs broke down about 90% of the time so it just made me not ever want my own!)

You can copy this a bit by having a character known for selling a certain item. It doesn't have to be your main, as long as it's a constant character selling the same item.  If I know that Cardmaster sells Mysterious Fortune Cards at 10g a piece and all that's up on the AH are for 12g a piece I will probably wait for Cardmaster to log on and ask if I can buy his stuff directly.

This has happened to me a lot with rare items, craftables, etc.  People have seen Liquidate posting +4 Stats to Chest scrolls and if they all sell out they will come to me because they know I can do the enchant. (I, of course, charge them the same profit I'd make off a scroll on the AH!)  I've had people whisper me requesting glyphs, fortune cards, and crafted PvP pieces before.  Had that item been constantly posted on different throwaway toons I would never have received that business.

By posting on the same character you will, in some players' minds, cause them to associate you with that item and this can pay off in your favor.

I've been making bank on the cut gem market the past few days, I intend to make a post about this in the near future.  But from this comes a story. I've been controlling the Inferno Ruby prices since the patch hit and have been able to keep the prices stable and high.

I offer cuts free to my guild members but often they're not patient enough to wait for me to cut it, which is cool.  I was on Vent with a guild member last night who warned me that I'd been undercut by a ridiculous amount.  While I went off on a huge spiel about how that person was stupid since demand was so high they were just harming their own profits while not hurting mine at all apparently my guild member purchased a gem. Did he buy the undercutters? Nope, he bought mine. He paid more for the exact same item because it was mine and he wanted to benefit me and not some random undercutter.

If your AH posting alt is not associated with your main this may not crop up much, but if you have a reputation on your server, either as your bank alt or as your main, you can capitalize on that in the AH if you post on known characters.

So which  is better? Transparency or Anonymity?
Both of them have their pros and cons.  You will probably see more of a benefit of anonymity, especially in markets like glyphs and cut gems. But one glance at The Gold Queen's list in the post I posted above and all I can say is . . . that's a lot of work.  Even with addons that auto mail or a shared guild bank that's a lot of toon swapping, character slots taken up, white lists and black lists . . . just a lot of work!  I think this is a beneficial practice if you go through all the motions.

I just wanted to post this and say to those who, like me, aren't going to go through all these motions to remain secretive: There's benefits for us lazy people too!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pre 4.1 Action!

Oh yes, I went there.  I just bought up about 400 stacks of Elementium and Obsidium to mass prospect and cut today.  I know I have the time to process it so I'm taking advantage of all the people panic dumping their last sets of ore and making some quick turn around. I intend to hold onto all the rare gems for the inevitable demand spike when people start gemming up their ZG/ZA gear.

Other Patch Preparations:

  • Camping alts next to all of Poseidus' spawn locations.
  • Stocking up on pets to sell cross faction for the new pet achievement.
  • Making tons of Chocolate Cookies for Right as Rain.
  • Stocking up on enchant scrolls, belt buckles, spell threads, and leg patches for new ZG/ZA gear.

I'm going to be doing more today and I'll update this as time goes on, but for now, I have ore to prospect.

Oh, by the way, the most exciting thing about 4.1? 

Mail sent to characters on the same account now arrives instantaneously, as it does for the same World of Warcraft account.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Slipping up on Faidian Slips

"Faid, where have you been!?"  I know this is the question that's been in your mind all day every day this week.  No, I did not get sucked back into Archaeology and Portal 2 didn't start stealing my attention until today.

I've been working on my entry for the competition over at The Consortium forums. Of course, I won't reveal yet what I've been doing for my entry but let's just say it's captured my interest more than I'd anticipated. I'd intended to spend a little bit trying, see how it goes.  But the things I've stumbled upon since starting my endeavours have expanded the way I think about making gold in a pretty big way. I'll post more on that once the competition entries are made public.

I also, at long last, finished my Shadowmourne and got the nice chest of goodies with it. I'm a bad goblin and kept or gave away most of the items; though I still have a Muradin's Favor sitting in the bank collecting dust.

Other interesting happenings this week include my buying a Mottled Drake for 65k.  I'm very pleased with the purchase, it's easily the best looking mount that uses the Drake model, at least in my opinion.

You'll notice there was no Faidian Slip this week.  I've kind of found myself with a similar mindset that I think Alto had when he wrote this post a while back.  The more I put out "regular" Faidian Slips the more I find myself scrambling for something to talk about; most of my cooler advice tends to make it to a blog post and most of the less-cool advice isn't really worth making a video for, and so I feel very . . . lame, for lack of a better word.  I feel that Faidian Slips lately have more been made with a "Oh crap, I have to make a video" mindset rather than a "I have this great advice to share so I'll make a video!" concept and that's not what I want them to be, I want every one of them to be worth the time spent watching and I want people to know they will see or hear something useful when they hit that Play button.

My work on the competition entry has given me a great idea about how to use videos to supplement the blog and I intend to make videos a regular part of Nerf Faids, but in the future they will be different and, hopefully, more relevant and useful to a wide player-base.  And so, unless something amazing comes out that demands a Faidian Slip, I don't intend to make many more of those, but Faid will not disappear from the gold-making video scene by any stretch of the imagination. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potion of Treasure Finding: The Experiment

Recently I have embarked upon a two phase endeavor.  Gather round kids, let me tell you the story of Potion of Treasure Finding.

Phase 1: The Beginning
Lockbox is my fifth 85.  I want her to be a viable alt raider which leaves me with a need to have Therazane shoulder enchants. The problem? After four characters I'm sick of Deepholm and all the Therazane dailies. While drudging through once more on Lockbox I stumbled upon something.  During the first few quests when you're reaching the "Therazane bits" you get to kill mobs here:

Most people (the smart ones, anyways) blow through the quest and move on; but the Insane in the Membrane loving grinder in me thought "what if."  The mobs here, you see, give 5 rep per kill more for human or with the guild perk Mr. Popularity.  On my guilded Night Elf I would get 5-6 rep alternating and with Dragul Giantbutcher giving a bit extra per kill.

I decided to see if I could grind reputation high enough that when I finished the quests to unlock the dailies I would be immediately exalted, eliminating the need for dailies.  I knew it wasn't efficient, but it was a personal challenge to myself, one that is still ongoing.

I thought I would combine this with another thing I'd been wanting to test recently: Potion of Treasure Finding.  I made a few of these and commenced grinding for several hours.  And then several more hours.

The following statistics are with a 100% up time on the potion.  The greys looted are a bit of a lie since it wasn't until halfway through the grind I realized MobInfo2 wasn't tracking greys and I fixed it afterwards.

I assume not everyone is familiar with reading MobInfo2.  We'll leave everything else aside and look at just Tiny Treasure Chests.  For these four mob types that were farmed, I killed and looted 593.  I obtained 19 treasure chests. Talk about terribad. What is that, a 3.2% drop rate? I'm not sure, I'm bad at math.

So my findings were coming down to Potions of Treasure Finding being a complete waste.  Keep in mind that to kill these 593 mobs took me at least 4 hours.  Granted, I was on a level 82-84 warrior (Yes, I did this so long that I leveled twice) so my kills per hour were lower than they could be, but it was certainly not a valuable use of my time.  I gave up on Potions of Treasure Finding.

About a week later I was sitting in TeamSpeak waiting for the JMTC Q&A Meeting to start and was talking to . . . someone. I'm so sorry, but I can't remember if I was talking with Flux or Alto, but one of these great bloggers got in a discussion with me about these Tiny Treasure Chests.  We talked briefly and he brought up the thought that there may be a level modifier on this; that the closer a mob is to your level or the higher level the mob is the more you may see the bonus chest.

Now, I knew it wasn't relative to your level; I'd noticed the same drop rate when I began at 82 as I had when I dinged 84.  But I was grinding on the same level of mob the whole time. The plan was hatched.

Phase 2: Tol Barad or Bust!
So I set out to Tol Barad, guaranteed spot to find some quickly spawning level 85 mobs. I went to everyone's favorite TB farming spot where Restless Infantry and Restless Soldiers at sub-20% health are plentiful!

I did this on my Death Knight so that I could reap the benefits of being a tailor and cloth scavenging, so when viewing the MobInfo2 data please note that the cloth drop results will not be typical for non-Tailors.  

The basic info here is that I killed 391 mobs and received 22 Tiny Treasure Chests, giving a roughly 5.6% drop rate of the tiny treasure chests, a small but noticeable amount more per kill than in Deepholm.  Having seen this I am confident in saying I believe that the level of the mob killed impacts the drop rate of the Tiny Treasure Chests.

If that's not all, allow me to share a bit more information with you. As I stated, gathering the information from roughly 600 mob kills took me several hours and several potions.  In Tol Barad I killed roughly 400 mobs and received more Treasure Chests all in . . . one hour.  That's right, more treasure chests for fewer potions and time.  Not to mention the better drops of greens, cloth (Even non-tailors should see more cloth per mob in Tol Barad than in Deepholm) and a higher chance of dropping phat lewtz like BoE epics and the new enchanting and JC meta designs.

The Takeaway

  • You will get better results per kill if you are using your potions in higher level areas like Tol Barad.  Keep in mind that the higher level though may change your kills per hour and killing 100 lower level mobs per hour will probably still give you better results than killing 10 higher level!
  • The Restless Front in Tol Barad should be your maximum kills per hour area.
  • Therazane sucks.

I'm hemorrhaging gold and I don't care.

Look at her there, all smug, dual-wielding Soul Blades with a Hurricane Trinket and a Fury of Angerforge, Valor Boots and crafted 359s for both specs . . . such a spoiled brat.

But I love her just the same.  I have many alts, many of which are at 85.  Klix, my Death Knight, has always been my favorite alt and she's treated like such.  Without the raid drops that the paladin can rely on I have resorted to gearing up via the AH.  Gearing up for what? Sitting in SW more than likely. Don't judge me!

God, Faid, quit bragging about throwing away gold.  Well, why am I bringing this up?  To remind everyone that gold really only has one use: Spending.  You can spend it to make more, which is a great idea.  The more you have the more you can spend so the more you make so the more you have so the more you can spend!  But there may come a time when you look upon your vast riches and think "Why?"

Though I still want to hit my million gold mark, this "What's the point?" mentality struck me recently. Truth be told the thing that excites me about hitting one million is the blog post I'll make about it; I'd like to hit the one million to achieve a goal and to prove to myself and to the readers of this blog that I can make gold like the big kids.

But what's the purpose, beyond "just hitting that point?"  I've decided that the purpose, to me, is to be able to buy what I want when I want and I've certainly displayed that with Klix. I haven't really budged past 550k but I have "maintained," I've been able to buy all this needless crap for my alts to look shiny and still have come out a bit ahead, if only by a tiny bit.

Having gold is great, but isn't enjoying that gold just as great?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Faid's One-Stop Chopper Shop

This is something I've always played with but had never felt like doing until now. Making premade Choppers to sell kind of follows along the same lines for me as stockpiling: Investing a relatively large chunk of gold into one thing and you sure as hell better hope it sells.

Now, however, with Bartering available I have decided to take the plunge.  I'm using all of my stockpiled saronite to transmute Titanium Bars.  I had anticipated Eternals going up in price so I stockpiled many Shadow and Earth and a few Fire.  I quickly ran out of Fire, but have been able to buy cheap Frozen Orbs (~9g) which you can turn in to Frozo the Renowned in Dalaran for Eternal Fires.

With Bartering I pay 11,250g for the vendor parts of the Chopper.  I always put a premade one up on the AH for around 17000g and offer in my bark to sell cheaper than "my competitors" on the AH.  If people ask I sell them for 16k and have sold four this way, resulting in what I peg as about a 4.5k profit per bike. (1,000g is a bit high for Arctic Fur and Titansteel, but I like to be conservative with estimating my profits.)

When someone requests that I make it with their mats I offer to Have Group, Will Travel them to K3 (I can get there much more swiftly than they can thanks to my Wormhole Generator which puts me at Ulduar or my Kirin Tor Ring.  I seem to get a lot of "Wow thanks that was fast!" responses, which may be why I've never been tipped under 1,000g per bike.  I do not tell them how much I need for vendor mats (They usually have done their own research to come to 12.5k) but if they ask I tell them "It's 12.5k but I have Bartering" and link Bartering.  Inevitably they've always given me 12.5k and allowed me to keep the excess in addition to a tip, which is some great extra gold for the craft.

What's to become of this?
As we've moved further and further from Wrath of the Lich King the materials for these have become scarcer on my server; particularly the Eternal Fires, as they're not often gathered by people leveling mining.  They're up to roughly 60g a piece on my server and will probably continue to climb.  Smart gold makers I think can capitalize on this by knowing roundabout ways to gather mats (transmuting Saronite into Titanium, trading Frozen Orbs for eternals, trading Heavy Borean Leather for Arctic Fur, etc.) and keep their production cost low, allowing them to always be able to beat their competition's price.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Call to Epic Gems?

Call to Arms is meant to lower wait times by offering additional rewards for queuing as the currently least represented role. To be eligible for the additional rewards you must solo queue for a random level-85 Heroic in the role that is currently being Called to Arms, and complete the dungeon by killing the final boss. Every time you hit these requirements (there is no daily limit) you'll receive a goodie bag that will contain some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/elixir (determined by spec), a good chance of receiving a non-combat pet (including cross faction pets), and a very rare chance at receiving a mount . . . (Source)
So, this is interesting. I for one am fuming.  Yes, I benefit largely from this, but at what cost? My boyfriend can't benefit from this at all on his hunter and my guildies are going to be shafted since it comes down to helping guildies or farming these mounts?  So I'll be single queuing until I get them. Not to mention I feel that it is overcompensating players who play hybrid classes while completely shafting pure DPS specs when, personally, I found that "faster queue times" was usually incentive enough. I don't know, I feel like it's just going to bring about a lot of sour grapes.

But what is of interest for us gold-makers out of this?

". . . a goodie bag that will contain some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/elixir (determined by spec) . . ."

Gold, meh.  Flasks were already in the unprofittable range for most.  But what interests me is the chance at a rare gem.  You see, if this is meant to be an incentive to queue for randoms they'll need to keep the rewards on par with what people need.  Therefor, it stands to reason that when epic gems are introduced they will replace rare gems in these bags.

Certainly this will not be the only source for epic gems, but I believe this will put them into the economy at a faster rate than may have previously been expected.  I know that, if I don't already have all the mounts I need, I may find myself chain running in hopes of mounts and epic gems myself!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Realm First Guild Level 25

Legacy of the Illuminati!

I've got so much to write about and make videos for.  The general grind was really interesting, as well as a test of just how great Bountiful Bags is, great ways to use Bartering, etc.  For now it is time to rest!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Twitter followers saw my update that there would not be a Faidian Slip today because I'm working on a super-secret in-game project.Well, the sheet has been lifted from that super-secret project.

Legacy of the Illuminati is currently making a push for Realm First Level 25.  I'm very confident but am focusing all my effort to help secure this awesome Feat for us.  I can't disclose our progress as I know many server members read my blog and I don't want to tip the competition, but once the matter is over I expect to make a big post about it, as well as about the so far super-profitable Bountiful Bags perk and such!

Stay tuned and wish LotI luck!