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Monday, February 28, 2011

Obsidium Shuffle for Beginners

Just a quick video that basically shows how I spent my weekend in-game!  Most people probably know how this goes but, as I explain, some people I know may need a bit more convincing.  So here's a video to make up for the lack of Faidian Slip yesterday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diversity is my Specialty

The Fairly OddParents
I first came into the real community of gold making last fall.  Someone in a community I read had just reached the gold-cap and I wanted to be just like them.  They did it entirely through glyphs back when they were booming in early Wrath and I set forth to do the same.  I did the exact same thing. Glyphs glyphs glyphs 24/7. It's all I sold.  I was on my toon every 20 minutes cancelling and reposting.

It worked!  Shortly I'd gone from the "most gold I'd ever owned" at roughly 11k to 50k! I was a high roller now!  But something was wrong.  As time went on my competition became more fierce. I would have to friend half the server just to see when people logged off. I know they did the same, because as soon as I'd log off they would then log back on.  It was a brutal market for razor-thin profits demanding countless hours of my play time.  But it's all I knew and so I kept with it.

Eventually Glyphmas came. I made more than I'd made the entire time in those two or so days.  I decided it would be my last hurrah in the glyph market and I stopped crafting glyphs.  Though I'd learned about other markets I'd never really explored them. It was time.

I won't go into the entire evolution of the process, but every week I would try a different market. Some of them became boons to my gold making ventures and I stuck with; others were a complete loss.  Today I have a pretty decent holding in the following markets:

  • Cut Rare Cata Gems
  • Uncut Rare Cata Gems
  • Cata Jewelry (Alicite/Hessonite/Jasper/Nightstone)
  • Uncut JC Daily Gems
  • Tailoring PvP Sets
  • Tailoring Dreamcloth Epics
  • Blacksmithing Ornate/Bloodied PvP Sets
  • Ebonsteel Belt Buckles
  • Titansteel Bars
  • Wrath Eternal Elements
  • Inscription Relics
  • Cataclysm Darkmoon Cards
  • Engineering Pets (Cataclysm-centric)
  • Cataclysm Enchanting Mats
  • Cataclysm Enchanting Scrolls
  • Heirloom Enchants (Crusader and Mighty Int specifically)
  • Mongoose Scrolls
  • Netherweave Bags
  • Vendor Faction-specific recipes and pets

As you can see, it's expanded quite a bit from "glyphs."  I'm making about four times what I was on glyphs; though I attribute that more to my increased investment ability as well as more experience in playing the AH.

But why is diversity important?
This is why diversity is important:

This is the post history of the main player in my server's glyph market.  He has literally a thousand auctions up at any time and is online all day everyday undercutting anyone who steps into his territory.  (For the record, I've reported him since this is pretty much impossible for any one person to do, but no luck yet.)

There's no way that someone who has a job, school, or even the human requirement of sleep could compete with this. If you had been a glyph seller only, as I once was, this guy just ran in and shut you down completely.  There's no competing with this and you are now out in the cold with a bunch of stock you can't move and no where to turn to bolster your bank account.

If you only sell Bloodied Pyrium gear and suddenly Blizzard changes it so gear with resilience no longer effect average item level for the purposes of queuing for heroics your sales are going to plummet and you have no market to back up your tanked blacksmithing business.

Highly competitve and capable players can tank a market. Blizzard, through bugs, intentional changes, or buffed spawn rates, can tank a market.  If you specialize too heavily in one area you are putting yourself at risk for great devastation.

We've all heard you should not put all your eggs in one basket because Ghostcrawler's going to kick you (because you're a paladin, as all the pros are) and you'll drop your basket and all your eggs are going to break, right?

The game can change in an instant; diversification is your protection against it.  Know markets, consider markets your speciality if you would like, but don't dedicate all of your assets to one market and find yourself out in the cold after the next hotfix.

This post was written with Just My Two Copper's Blogging Carnival in mind, please be sure to check out JMTC and all the other great carnival topics!


Faidian Slip coming later today if Youtube permits.  /pray to Youtube gods.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stop. Please just stop!

I have never seen so much low-priced ore.  Over the past two days I have processed about 300 stacks of Obsidium and Elementium Ore, all found on the AH for under its value.  Today I woke up and found about 250 more stacks up and am settling in for a long afternoon of Netflix and prospecting.

But have you ever felt like you have too much inventory to possibly move? The above image is only about 1/4 of what I've acquired this weekend, and as you can see, there's still prospecting to be done as well as a full mailbox of ore.

A few people do a few different things and call it the Obsidium Shuffle, so here's an outline of what I actually do myself:

Blue quality gems - Cut and AH
Carnelians - Carnelian Spikes => DE
Hessonite - Hessonite Bands => AH Blues/DE Greens
Alicite - Alicite Pendants => AH Blues/DE Greens
Jasper - Jasper Rings => AH Blues/DE Greens
Zephyrite -  Cut and Vendor
Nightstone - Nightstone Chokers => AH Blues/DE Greens

I keep a small stockpile of Jasper/Zephyrite/Nightstone for daily days to use for my own purposes and to possibly sell, but with so many people doing it the prices don't often rise on JC daily days.

I use the Celestial Essences to make an assortment of profitable scrolls and sell excess dust on the AH but it's very difficult to avoid flooding the dust market.

However, with the stock I currently have I feel I'd get more stock than I could move in the realm of jewelry.  I'm thinking I'll likely continue as I have been but also DE the blue jewelry; this will let me create more scrolls that require shards while also allowing me to move my materials without flooding the market of blue jewelry out.]

JMTC's carnival topic for March is about specialization or diversification; I intend to make a post about it this weekend.  Right now I've just got enough on my hands trying to find diverse ways of unloading all these gems!

I'll likely transmute certain ones, such as Carnelians, since the Inferno Rubies move very quickly while possibly cutting and vendoring alicite. I'll need to crunch some numbers, but I think that may work out in my favor.  I have so much dust, I have too many Alicite Pendants to sell, and the amount of time it would take to DE all of those necklaces turns me off to the idea of continuing as I have in the past.

Do you guys all have any interesting or unique ways that you unload gems or enchanting mats?

Edited to Add: I'm getting a lot of great input, thanks guys! Unfortunately meta gems would require me to proc pretty much every one to be profitable on my realm, but I'm glad that's working for y'all!  *rolls around in a pile of unsold gems*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maelstrom Crystal prices to drop in 4.1

Today Blizzard has announced 4.1 will soon be on the test realms and along with it new versions of ZG and ZA.

Both ZA and ZG will be heroic 5-mans above the current 5 mans in difficulty but supposedly easier than raids; requiring an average item level of 346 to queue. They will see revamped versions of the mounts associated with them, while the previous versions of the mounts will remain exclusive to the old instances.

Here's the important bit to us:

"To provide a new tier above the current Cataclysm dungeons, players can expect to find epic-quality item level 353 loot."

I anticipate this to be the first "easily" farmed source of Maelstrom Crystals. I recommend moving your stock before this patch hits live.

(The average item level requirement may also create a surge in demand for BoE crafted epics!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Exercise in Self Control

Delicious long-weekend goodness.  Alto gave a great run-down of why any weekend, and particularly long weekends, are an interesting time in the market, particularly for buying materials.

On some servers material prices tend to rise since so many more people are around that are using them. On others, including mine, the mats prices drop because everyone puts on their farming face and gets busy.  I've always known this but didn't really take advantage of it. It was enough for me to buy when prices were under a certain threshold and immediately turn around and sell. (Not flipping; crafting items then selling.)

Now, though, I'm trying to refine my ways.  While browsing other people's blog rolls this weekend I came across Power Word: Gold, a blog I was previously unaware of.  I really liked the first post I read which basically summed up my attitude towards buying items.  I'm always ridiculously cautious about single large purchases, or buying bulk of crafting materials.  I just worry a market will bottom out and I'll be stuck with a bad deal.  As soon as I buy, say, 20k in volatiles and ore I'm frantic to get it sold and turn a profit, just to prove to myself it wasn't a bad deal.

Well, today I did just happen to buy 20k in volatiles and elementium/pyrite ore.  I prospected all the elementium since I had plenty of bars stocked up on Faid while I smelted the pyrite to make belt buckles.  My first move was to check the AH for cut gem prices since I ended up with a great deal of blue quality gems.

Unfortunately cut gems were selling for about 60% of their value a few days ago; as were most of the crafted PvP sets that I sell.  There's just too many people in the markets this weekend I think.  So, rather than flipping now for a thin profit, I'm going to try something I've always known was best but never did. I'm going to sit on my materials and sell them later in the week when the prices rise.

I'm staring at the chunk missing out of my gold stores, but telling myself, as I rock back and forth in fear, that the gold will come back in a few days.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faidian Slip #11 + Skinnin for a Livin

So, I got ye olde Youtube working this week.  Hopefully it continues. The videos will probably be shorter than they have been, though, since I think it was the length that was causing me issues.  So I'm going to start accompanying every Faidian Slip with a substantial, likely semi-related blog post.  Here's this weeks!

The Fine Art of Tearing the Hide from a Recently-Living Being
After the advice y'all were kind enough to give me in my previous post, I've started slowly making some profession changes.  I decided that that if I were ever to have a farming character it would be my druid.  So, though it hurt me to do, I dropped alchemy and leveled skinning.

I haven't regret it one bit.  Skinning is the ultimate farming profession. On my server one piece of Savage is going for about 6g and I can herb non-stop and get about 10 stacks in 15-20 minutes in Tol Barad. I love it!  I'd had a skinner before but never when it was so easy to get high dollar items.  I got H Grim Batol as my random today and came out with about 1200g worth of skinning loot!

So what to do with all my skins? The priest is getting LWing, ah yeah, leatherworking priest.  I swear she's like the bastard alt I put all the weird professions on. I think all the other priests probably just point and laugh at her.

I'm going to level leatherworking tomorrow and then I'm going to share all my findings, so keep an eye out for a post tomorrow all about my adventures. =D

Sorry this post went up a bit late, we got our first Al'akir kill tonight, including getting Four Play! Grats LotI!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Problematic Professions

Meet Lockbox.  Lockbox is my level 61 warrior, who I really enjoy playing.  Her leveling has been gimped a bit because I'm leveling it exclusively alongside my boyfriend's priest, so she can't even reach maximum profession level yet.  But she has a profession conundrum nonetheless.

You see, I have a real profession mess on my hands.  Let me outline it for you.

This is how it is:

  • Paladin (85) - 525 Engineering/525 Blacksmithing
  • Priest (85) -  525 Alchemy (Transmute)/525 Blacksmithing
  • Death Knight (85) - 525 JC/525 Tailoring
  • Druid (83) - 525 Herbalism/525 Alchemy (Elixir)
  • Mage (75) - 525 Enchanting/525 Tailoring?
  • Shaman (82) - 525 Inscription/525 Mining
  • Warrior (61) - 330 Mining/ ???
  • Hunter (31) - 205 Skinning/169 Leatherworking

The pink skills are all ones that I don't care to have on that particular character. Some, like Blacksmiths, I don't need duplicates of.  Others I want, just not on the character they are currently on. 

The problem is this is how I'd like it to be, when all is said and done and my characters are all able to reach the maximum level of their professions:
  • Paladin - Engineering/Blacksmithing
  • Priest - Alchemy (Transmute)/Tailoring
  • Death Kinght - Jewelcrafting/Alchemy (Transmute)
  • Druid - Herbalism/Alchemy (Elixir)
  • Mage - Enchanting/Alchemy (Transmute)
  • Shaman - Inscription/Alchemy (Transmute)
  • Warrior - Mining/Alchemy (Potion)
  • Hunter - Leatherworking/Skinning

So basically I'd drop a bunch of alt professions and relevel them on other characters. I don't even want to know how time and gold consuming this will end up being in the end.  I will probably do this massive profession shuffle mid-March when I can dedicate some off-hours during Spring Break to it.  My main reasoning behind this is to maintain all the professions I want while maximizing the amount of alchemists I can have.

Tell me, do you feel this is a good idea?  I must admit, I'm a bit wary of this investment; everyone's anticipating alchemists to have epic gem transmutes, but if there's one thing I've learned since diving into gold making it's that it's not over till it's over and don't believe it till you see it.

Have any of you ever done this kind of profession overhaul? Did you think it was worth it in the end?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Creating Your Market

Have you ever had an item that you knew was worth something but you just couldn't move?  While others were cutting and vendoring old gems with their capped Justice Points these past several weeks I decided I was going to go a different route.  I ended up with about 45 Primordial Saronite at the end of it all.

My intent was to make a very long term investment.  Even without any extra rewards people like myself still go back several expansions later and make Sulfuras, Thunderfury, etc.  I know the same will be true of Shadowmourne and the interest in that will be even higher for as long as the "vanity items" like the mount and tabard remain available.  My intent was to hold onto any Saronite I had available to me for possibly over a year until everyone had forgotten about JPs and Saronite. Then I'd sell them for 100-300g a piece; not tons of gold but still, more than I could make vendoring. Plus I just like the idea of having old materials on hand. (Go ahead, ask me about my Sunmotes.)

I had gone into this knowing this was a long-term investment, but was curious about how I might one day unload these; I doubt some bosses like LK and possibly Putricide or Valithria would ever be solo'd, so the future demand for these items would be largely dependent on if people continued to run ICC 25.

Enter the plan.  I've put together a weekly ICC 25 HM/Meta achievement run on my server which surprisingly had a full 25 this past Saturday and we'll be going again on Saturday. Now, the intent wasn't actually to create a Saronite market, I actually just want to finish my Shadowmourne and my meta achievement, possibly get a Light of Dawn kill, and spend more time in ICC. (You read right: I want to spend more time in ICC. I liked it!)

This has had an interesting side-effect though. I have artifically created a market by creating a demand that wasn't there before.  Before pretty much no one would go looking for Saronite.  Suddenly, though, every week we run there will be someone who needs 25 Saronite, assuming we make a Shadow's Edge every week.  I've actually decided not to sell my Saronite but to instead donate it to completing Shadow's Edges for those that run with me; I'd like to give more to the raid.  But it got me thinking.  

No one was sitting at home last October thinking "God, if only there were something in game, some sort of mysterious card; perhaps one with a fortune on it upon which I could blow all of my gold."  What actually happened was someone saw the item and wanted to cash in, knowing there would be a market if only people knew about it.  That person created the knowledge of the product by barking and advertising and a demand for the item; thus they created the Mysterious Fortune Card market.

Just because an item isn't selling does not mean it is worthless.  Certain items may have been "forgotten" but still desired, such as Rituals of the New Moon. Not many will probably go seeking this out, but if you inform people there's a book that turns you into a wolf and people become interested you've created a small demand for your product and a market begins to emerge.

If you have an item that's not selling but you think there may be interest in it you must expose your target audience to the market.  Create a demand for Primordial Saronite by facilitating people building Shadow's Edge; drum up interest in shapeshifting items by advertising in Trade, get people laughing at your Potion of Illusion or focusing lenses by using them during peak hours in popular hangout spots like Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Do you all have any items you have to drum up interest for in order to sell?


If anyone's interested in getting involved with the ICC 25 run check it out here.

Youtube has been causing me serious issues today; there likely won't be a Faidian Slip this week.  If Youtube continues being a real pain I'll look into making some sort of Podcast, though I've never made one before. (Feel free to share any information/resources you have!)  Until Faidian Slips are back up and running I will instead be trying to put out a more-insightful-than-usual post on Sundays in its place. =]


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faidian Slips Need Your Help!

Well, I've butchered the video to the point it's barely even visible and the file size is ridiculously small; put it on its own dedicated internet connection for upload, and still it's estimating a ridiculous amount of time for youtube uploads.

I would like to look at making Faidian Slip more of a podcast style; the audio was really the more important part anyways. The problem is that I have no real experience with it; does anyone have any services they recommend for uploading and hosting segments of audio?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Profit Spikes - Much less painful than real spikes.

I'd like to update my blogroll.  If you have a blog you'd like me to include please lemme know; there are a lot I read but not all are on my blogroll, I may just need a reminder, and I'd love to discover some blogs I don't already read!

I'd been kicking around 240k-250k for about two weeks now. I made some large purchases and then just could not get my self back up. I'd get to 248 or so then suddenly feel the overwhelming need to buy some BoE or something.  Today I just did a deposit to my guild bank though and noticed I was at 287k.  Over the past 4 days I've made 47k.  Quickly I set out to decide how, considering I didn't make any "big" sales. Well, not really.  Read on!

Another Day,  Another Dollar
I've still kept on keepin on with my previous tactics; I've sold a few Bloodied/Ornate Pyrium and Emberfire/Fireweave pieces.  I only sell the hats, robes, and other pieces you probably wouldn't skill up on so the prices stay high.  (On a related note, I search the  AH for the ones you do skill up on and buy them when they're under 40g; it's quite common for people to unload stock after leveling and it's cheap Heavenly Shards for me.)

I didn't take my own advice about stocking up on gems for 4.0.6 and was feeling pretty bummed. :(  Uncut gem costs doubled; cut either doubled or tripled for a few days after the patch hit.  And here I was with no stock to move! But upon shuffling I got about 10-30 of each blue quality gem (Has anyone revisited Obsidium => Blue gem rates since 4.0.6? It could be my imagination but it felt higher) and was able to cut and sell those for a few thousand.

I also shuffled about 400 stacks of ore.  I put up the Yogscast on my other monitor and spammed away at my macro.  I did my usual selling of the blue quality jewelry/DEing the greens, the usual shuffle stuff.

The Anomaly
I imagine the culprit to this sudden gold spike, since I actually didn't cash in very much on the "patch markets" in the way of selling Volatile Life or anything, is just a bit of diversity in my practices.  I used to sell my enchanting mats that I got from the shuffle. After all, we've all heard the enchanting market, other than Maelstrom enchants, is in the toilet, right?

Wrong! At least on my server.  The "commonly used" skilling enchants are worthless, of course. The ones that take just a bit of dust or the ones that are the only way to get from 510 to 525, for example.  But there are several enchants that, for some reason, are a bit more valuable, usually because of mats or when  you learn them.

This will vary by server, so you'd want to look at how your server is set up, but all of these enchants have sold very quickly for over double the mats value:

Enchant Bracer - Dodge
Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats
Enchant Cloak - Critical Strike
Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect
Enchant Cloak - Protection
Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Strength
Enchant Weapon - Avalanche
Enchant Weapon - Mending

When I have shards I also pop up a Mighty Agility or Heartsong as well.   A few notes about certain ones:  Dodge is likely popular since it's one of the best tanking enchants but no one really seems to make it since it requires Volatile Air.  Mighty Stats gives me the biggest bang for my buck, requiring only two Lesser essences and selling for 150-300g. It's what almost every class uses but a lot of people "forget" about it after they level since it has such a small mats cost and is so far down on their list, surely it's not that good!

Branching into enchanting in this way has seriously boosted my profits for not a lot of work or time put in. I will never sell raw mats again, I swear it!  Except, you know, till the markets shift. =P

As a second part of the anomaly, let's talk about Uldum and Whiptail.  I'm not super prone to farming except for when something seriously screams opportunity, such as this. But I didn't jump on the AH and sell them, like all the others did.  (I considered buying others out at the all-time-low prices, but haven't gotten around to it.)  I sent them to my scribe.  I haven't really used a lot of Inscription in Cata, other than a quick poke at the Mysterious Fortune Card business.

But with all that Whiptail and Life I figured I'd see just what all the fuss was about with this new Darkmoon Card of Destruction. I'd heard a lot of bloggers talk about how much they make everytime a fair comes to town.  I'm not going to make it a main business venture of mine, but I figured the mats were just wasting away in my bank anyways.

So I made five cards with the materials I had from a few hours of farming in Uldum.  I got a Two of Stones, Six of Stones, Two of Winds, Six of Waves, Two of Embers.  This event just happened to fall on the last day of the fair so I figured if I posted them up quickly I could probably get top dollar from people scrambling to finish their decks.  Unfortunately I wasn't too well-versed in the market to set prices at adequate.  Luckily most of the cards I could just undercut my competition by a tiny bit and know I was in the clear.

The only one that I couldn't do that with was the Six of Waves.  I'd seen a lot of people over the past few weeks clamoring for this card in trade; I'm not sure if it's statistically rarer but it seems my server had a shortage.  All told I ended up selling them for these prices:

Two of Stones - 999g
Six of Stones - 999g
Two of Winds - 4120g
Six of Waves - 7400g
Two of Embers - 1133g

Not bad for the first 15 minutes or so in the Darkmoon market.  I'm considering, if Whiptail bottoms out, I may invest in making cards; but it's not going to be my main venture.

I also decided to sell tailoring Epics. I crafted one Dreamless Belt which sold for a little under 4k. I still haven't sold the Breeches of Mended Nightmares I made; but my plan is that if they don't sell by the time my mage hits 85 I'll have a nice pair of pants waiting for her.

So that's basically what I think it boils down to.  Doing the same I always did, but using the resources I've always had on hand to diversify and hit up previously untapped markets.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Extreme Shufflin!

I'd done a bit of Obsidium Shuffling off and on in Cata. 20 stacks of ore here, 30 there.  But last night the legend I'd heard tell of from other bloggers happened. Tons of Obsidium Ore under 54g/stack.  All told I bought about 400 stacks of Obsidium and shuffled for about 7 hours.

The sheer volume I was working in meant that no character could hold all the raw gems, but the image to the right, for inquiring minds, is what 157 stacks of Obsidium looks like in gem form! I invested roughly 14k into the ore and have so far made 10k from selling some of the blue jewelry and enchants, with about 30k more in inventory to move from the practice.

I always liked the idea of shuffling since, due to the nature of it, you have so many options. Though some are considered "the" way to go with them, if that market's crap, you can move on. Sure, Carnelian Spikes offer Greater essences; but if you're swimming in that, pair the gems with the now much more common Heartblossom and you've got Inferno Rubies! 

I didn't really do this in bulk before so I had never really grasped how much time this took.  Having done all of this, though, it's a ridiculous time investment.  While it pays off in the end, it's not really a great tactic if you don't have tons of time to commit.  

I really enjoy the shuffle a lot though; I love seeing the synergy between multiple professions working to turn something rather inexpensive into many times more gold. =D 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Your Feet Wet at the AH

Last month Cold's inaugural blogging carnival topic was about farming. I pouted around since I don't really farm as a regular gold making tactic and chose to sit that one out. This month, however, I feel I can at least ramble on and maybe make some sense!

What 3 Pieces Of Advice Would You Give A Little Goblin? (3 Top Tips For New Auctioneers?)

Because this is apparently aimed at Auctioneers and not just "gold-makers" (though many of us will often use the terms interchangeably) I'm going to try to focus on tips that deal with the auction house specifically.

Many players reach max level, clear raid content, achieve awesome PvP ratings, and do all of this oblivious to the real power of the Auction House. Many people will say the most powerful tool in a gold maker's arsenal is a transmute specced alchemist. Some will say it's knowing certain addons like Auctioneer inside and out. Others will say it's consistent and dedicated farming. But at the end of the day the single most important tool you have is the AH.

It can be frightening at first, and possibly overwhelming. Sure you can buy and sell now, but against the big dogs of your server you may feel overwhelmed with how many addons they use, how they always seem to undercut you. How can that guy sell something that cost you 50g to make for 25g? There's a lot to learn and a lot to practice with, but here's three of the biggest tips I can give you:

What 3 Pieces Of Advice Would You Give A Little Goblin? (3 Top Tips For New Auctioneers?)

Know how to use addons. Know how to function without them.

There are some amazing addons for using the AH. There are behemoths with many features like Auctioneer or Trade SkillMaster or there are less extreme ones like Auctionator. All of them have great uses and you can research each of them yourselves and find out which ones work best for you.
My advice here is to know how to function without them. If TSM breaks, like it's predecessor Quick Auctions 3 did on possibly the biggest day in the history of auctions, will you be able to make a profit or will you be stuck in the mud?

Do you know how to configure that addon you're using? I can't count the number of auctions I've bought up at <1% of their value because someone's addon malfunctioned and posted that Truegold for 7g instead of 700g. If you're not comfortable letting an addon post for you or buy for you don't. Things can go terribly wrong. Learn to buy and sell without addons, then use addons for ease. Don't rely on them completely. 

Don't be hasty. 

It's tempting to want to jump right in when you've found a good deal but take a step back if you're not knowledgable in the market. Personal anecdote time. It was BC, I was a level 68 Blood Elf mage. I was so excited because I'd just installed Auctioneer and was going to take on the world. I'd done two auction house scans and noticed that this particular market looked great! It was Fel Iron Bars and according to Auctioneer there were only 4 stacks up, all of them at 60% of normal price! I bought them all at 400g a stack! Yay, I'm going to make so much! Well, turns out of course, that they aren't worth nearly that much and Auctioneer, with such a small amount of data to go off of, was comparing an inflated price against an even more inflated price, making my deal look great when in fact it was just terrible. 

Learn about what you're buying. Watch the markets you're interested in for a while to notice trends, average prices, etc. And never ever ever buy something just because your addon tells you it's a good deal. Your brain > Addon brain!

Don't tie up all your assets in one market.

Many brand new auctioneers probably only have professions to hit one or two markets, or at least they may feel that way. Knowing one market inside and out is great, but if suddenly something happens to that market that makes it less lucrative you can be out in the cold with a bunch of inventory you can't move.

Diversify! Are you a miner/blacksmith? Don't just make Bloodied Pyrium! Sell belt buckles, enchanting rods, and open lockboxes with your keys. If your server prices are great for it buy Elementium and Volatile Earth, smelt it, and sell Hardened Elementium Bars at a markup. Just because you only have 2 professions doesn't mean you can only sell two things!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transmute: Less bang for your buck?

I've done the transmute Living Elements transmute three times since 4.0.6. A tried selling one Truegold, god there's so many people doing it it's useless.  What I found was I procced all three times! WOOOOO!  But, wait.  What's this three volatiles?

So far I have a 100% proc rate after 4.0.6 but when I do proc I only get 3 of the procced Element.  It could be I'm both insanely lucky and frustratingly bugged, or it could also be that they've changed the way this transmute and transmutation spec works together: that you'll always get extra, but that extra won't be very much.

Have you guys noticed a change in your transmutes?  If so, and the above is intended, will you continue to be transmute spec? Will you do Living Elements or something else?

If it's intentional I think I'll keep it up; it may not be double the volatiles, but a bit extra every day will help a lot, considering I go through about 100 of most volatiles per day. =]

Edited to Add: Folks over at the JMTC forums have a theory which I think sounds about right; that each of the 15ish volatiles you get are rolling the 15% chance to proc separately, so it's still possible to get no procs if none of the 15 get that 15% proc, but odds are you'll get a few.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4.0.6: Herbalism, I lurv u.

Above is a video example of the buffed herb spawn time in Uldum right now.  Get out there and get gatherin!

(This may severely effect the cost of all that life people stocked up. Who knows?)

Breaking Herbalism News!

Apparently on multiple servers right now the spawn rate of Whiptail and Heartblossom is seriously ramped up. If you're a farmer take your herbalist to Deepholm or Uldum right NOW!  I haven't personally confirmed Deepholm, I'm too busy herbing tons of Whiptail. =]

Screw 4.0.6

This will circle around to gold making and be relevant, but first, the relevant whining:

They lured us in, they made us all happy and excited. Prot paladins are getting Rebuke! Prot paladins are getting buffed threat through upped Crusader Strike! Prot Paladins are putting out Censure with pretty much looking at a mob!  Yay!

Ehehehehfuck you prot paladins, we completely screwed over the way your class is played.  For those of you who haven't heard the  Q_Qing of us all across the servers, here's the stealth nerf, which applies to ret as well: When Crusader Strike or HotR misses or is blocked, dodged, or parried we do not gain Holy Power but the CD on that ability is still consumed.

They have completely gimped protection paladins; SoR (With three stacks of HP) was our main threat move.  Now, in order to get off that three stack SoR, you could feasibly have to go through your "other" rotation several times.  One person reported sitting on a targeting dummy for 43 seconds before getting his three stacks.  It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't also consume the CD, you could just jam the button till something shiny happened (In other words, act like Faid playing any class other than paladin.) but the fact that it also consumed the CD is just ridiculous.

I'll be hiding on my alts till Blizzard recognizes the error of their ways.

That said, as I opened with the promise of, there is some gold making opportunity here.  To be viable now a paladin, who used to avoid hit/expertise in favor of mitigation, must get their 8% hit and 26 Expertise, possibly even higher, I'll have to see some theorycraft. Sell tank-style gems with hit and expertise on them, such as Stamina/Hit, Stamina/Expertise, or of course Hit/Expertise!  Also, pairing mastery with them wouldn't be a bad idea either.

I myself will be gemming mostly stamina and reforging for my combat ratings but, yeah.  I'm really really upset about this change, it's ridiculous.

Patch 4.0.6 has landed!

I'm pretty sure there's gold to be made here but I'm too busy shedding tears of joy over Rebuke!  Not to mention fixing addons.  I love patches; an addon breaks and I have to look up a fix. I go in, change one line of .lua, and feel like a pro hacker.

That said, I wasn't prepared for 4.0.6.  I'm an anti-boyscout, I'm never prepared.  I wanted to have tons of Life bought up but by the time I went to the AH early last week word had spread and they were already at 20g a piece instead of their previous 9g.

I do luckily have a stockpile of gems to cut and sell to all the folks getting new sockets in their epics, so that's a plus I suppose.  Other than that it's mostly business as usual for me.

Except one thing. I logged on and one of my first things to do in my daily routine is my daily transmutes.  With life the way it is, though, I'm considering selling Truegold transmutes, fully utilizing Cold's strategy for doing so.  The reason I think this may be more useful is I think, for a few days, the life will be more valuable than the Volatile I'd get out of Living Elements.  On the side of the Truegold, as well, now that these pieces have sockets in them people may be more apt to one to make them.  The person using their JP gear because it had sockets may think again about getting crafted pieces, and so there may be a pickup in Truegold prices.  (Granted, in order to gain those sockets the pieces lost stats to balance out the item budget and they're still not actually that good, but I doubt everyone sees that.)

Edited to Add:  Austere Shadowspirit Diamond.  All the new DPS cuts have received a lot of lipservice, as well as the "fix" of the Chaotic cut.  But one thing I only heard about yesterday was that my tank cut, Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond, was being nerfed from 5% block value to 1%.  I'll likely be switching to Austere.  Try out selling a few Austeres today!

How do you feel about your preparation now that 4.0.6 has arrived?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Faidian Slip #10!

Ten! That's right!  It totally put 11 in the video but a viewer pointed out 10 was missing in action. So this is ten I'm told. This is why I shouldn't make them at 3 AM.  I hope you enjoy our "guest star" for this Leatherworking-centric Faidian Slip!  Also, here's my Atramedes video, which I really enjoyed making. :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Profession Shuffle!

The Faidian Slip will be coming, but probably not till late tonight/early tomorrow.  

Why? Because I spent all of yesterday and all of today preforming a profession shuffle.  The end result is not my 100% ideal situation, but it's sufficient.  You may remember I was intending to drop mining on Faid.  Well, yesterday my mage hit 75, which meant she had the ability to get to the max level of enchanting. This meant I didn't need enchanting on my shaman and could drop it for mining, which meant I no longer needed mining on Faid and I was finally free to make the switch.

I may talk about the process of what I did/how I offset costs, etc. during the Faidian Slip, but here's the basic idea of what went down:

Mage=>  Leveled Tailoring to 500, Enchanting to 500

Shaman => Race Changed for funsies, go Dwarves!  Dropped Enchanting, Leveled Mining to 525

Paladin => Dropped Mining, Leveled Blacksmithing to 525

All told I'm down about 13,000g, which also included buying epic flying on my Shaman, all the actual training, buying a bunch of patterns (Including an Ingot for Sulfuron and a bunch of Saronite for ICC patterns) just to make me feel like I don't have the bare bones of Blacksmithing on Faid.

There were roughly 50 points of Mining I had to do by actually mining (Can you imagine?! Mining to level mining? What's this world coming to?!) but the rest was all done via the AH.  I've learned some lessons, I know there are things I could have done differently, which I'll go over when the Faidian Slip comes up.

The problem I have with this is I have no real need for two Blacksmiths; my priest is never going to seriously raid so the sockets are wasted on her as well.  So now I want to do something different with her. /facepalm  Ideally I'd like to toss on another Alchemist. The problem is, she' already is an alchemist. I feel the ideal way to do this would have been to put Alchemy on the Shaman and mining on the priest, but hindsight is 20/20, and perhaps one day when I have tons of time I'll make a real shuffling of professions.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Dying Guild Bank

With guild perks and achievements my opinion towards guilds and my alts has changed drastically.  All of my characters, even Faid, were in my own personal bank <Champion> for most of Wrath.  It was just easier to have them all, effectively, have a shared inventory.  Need that Fire to Transmute a Cardinal Ruby? It's cool, go to the bank. Oh, you meant Titansteel? To the bank! No need for toon swapping!

Then Cataclysm came and Faid moved to <Legacy of the Illuminati.>  I love it there! It's really put a crimp in my banking situation though.  For the first few weeks all of my alts remained in Champion, and other than any time Faid needed to smelt something for others, the banking was still pretty smooth.

Then I began crafting, leveling, etc.  Guild perks were too tasty to pass up.  One by one my alts have left Champion and joined LotI.  The last holdout, my JC/Tailor Klix, came over last night.  This has seriously changed the way I bank, craft, and generally deal with my alts and their professions.

Remember Rebellious? Not so cow-like now!  With Verixi handling things just fine on Horde and a need for a toon to hold Champion for me, I rerolled Rebellious as human. Dirty dirty human hunter.

I played around with a few ideas.  My first idea was to have Rebellious be my "AH Toon."  This was largely how I did things in Wrath; all items were purchased by one character and placed into the guild bank. I would go to each toon separately, craft whatever they were to be crafting, put it back in the guild bank, then I'd go back to the buying toon and sell everything.  I thought about doing this same thing, but through the mail.  That wasn't going to cut it, though. I knew it was inevitable that I'd screw it up: mailing things to the wrong toon, forgetting to mail that one thing I needed, etc. etc.  I would just get a headache pretty quick.

So I've decided to do this:  Other than volatiles, most items I have are used by only one character. My tailor is the only one who really needs Embersilk and gems, my Blacksmith the only one who needs bars, etc.  So I've basically dispersed all of  the items from my guild bank into the appropriate character's personal bank.

What's this left me with, though, is a rather barren guild bank.  Back when Champion was nearly full of tradegoods I had made other banks for other uses; All the Things to hold my vendor recipes to sell, Your Self Storage to hold my stockpiles of older stuff I needed to sit on for a while so they could grow in value. But now, I've got so much space among the three banks! (Champion: 6 Tabs, All The Things: 5 Tabs, Your Self Storage: 5 Tabs)

I'm considering moving everything from my stockpile bank to Champion and selling off my stockpile's guild bank.  The other question this brings up is gold. I used to use Champion as a sort of savings account; each toon had a certain amount of gold they had with them at all times, between 100g to 5000g depending on the character.  Any excess was placed into the guild bank; it was nice since it kept me from making silly impulse buys! =D  But now, with each toon unable to access the guild bank, I'm playing with the idea of a "payday."  All the money will still funnel into Champion, but basically every toon will have their own starter cash per week.  I use that to buy their own specific items, craft, and they sell  their own items.  At the end of the week, they send everything but their starter cash back to the bank. One perk of doing it like this would be I can have a very visible sign of what toons/professions make the most gold for me.

How do you handle your banking/crafting setup on multiple alts?