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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm an AH Junkies Junky! + Faidian Slip 9

Above is this weeks' Faidian Slip, below is why you need to listen to Auction House Junkies.

I was a really big fan of Call to Auction and was very bummed about the lack of episodes lately. I was skeptical when I first saw the intent for a new podcast by Cold and Wes. Would it live up to my expectations? Could I possibly enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed Call to Auction?

Yes. Much yes!  Admittedly, I've had my ear talked off about Mysterious Fortune Cards but I don't mind hearing a bit more to listen to these two guys.  The second episode, a few minutes in there's "Hagor the Goblin" talking and I haven't laughed so much from a podcast, ever. Well, maybe from Yogscast. :P

Basically here's my opinion.  Call to Auction was a cast with a bit of information about a lot of stuff. AH Junkies (I hope it's okay for me to abbreviate! :O) may touch on fewer topics, but it's obvious both of these guys are very knowledgable about what they do choose to talk about. It's a great podcast and I hope it continues a long time, it's great to listen to while I'm doing homework or doing my own Obsidium Shuffling!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Help Decide Faid's New Profession!

The time has come to drop Faid's mining.  I've considered doing this for a while; I never farm so even the pairing with engineering for Air is useless since . . . srsly, I never mine. So I'm going to level Mining on an appropriately leveled alt so I can continue to smelt and give Faid something new.

But WHAT?! :O

Here's what I'm considering:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking
  • Enchanting

Basically here's the deal with each and why I'm so indecisive.

Blacksmithing would be nice to have on Faid since then I'd actually have a character that can gather Chaos Orbs with a Chaos Orb profession. (I believe that Orbs will not be BoP forever though and so this is a fleeting perk.) I would really like the extra sockets for raid buffs as well, but on the flipside I already have a Blacksmith, I don't really need another.  Should raid drop patterns appear, Faid would also have first dibs.

Jewelcrafting is very similar to Blacksmithing; I already have one but the jeweler's gems would be nice.  Having two JCs would give me access to more patterns more quickly but at the end of the day I wouldn't get anything extra out of it since, over time, they'd both have the patterns eventually.  Well, I guess maybe extra Dragon's Eyes or whatever the new uncut JC gem is to sell?  Also, should they do something in this expac like Hyjal and have gem cuts be rep based from a raid Faid would have first chance to get them of all my toons.

Alchemy, oh alchemy.  First I need a question answered, if any of y'all know: Does Mixology impact any Cata flasks or elixirs, and if so, how?  The trinket is nice but would be replaced by the second tier of content; double duration of flasks would be hot to save money but is a negligible benefit compared to sockets and JC gems.  The only real reason I'm considering this is because more alchemists will always mean more money. =D

Leatherworking is similar to the other crafting professions: Nice wrist embossment raid buff, first dibs on possible drop patterns and raid rep patterns, etc.  But I don't really care for Leatherworking. As a result, though, I don't have one.  The only real reason I'm tempted to get LW on Faid is because it's the one thing I don't have.  (On the other hand, though, I have access to a LWer with every pattern minus a few Sunwell ones through my boyfriend's character, so I don't really need one.)

Enchanting is my final option.  Same old-same old drop patterns, rep patterns, raid buffs through ring enchants, etc.  The benefit I'd get from having Faid be my enchanter would be that I could actually max it out and get real enchants (My current enchanter will probably be level 80 for a long time, thus none of the end-game enchants) and I'd also be able to run dungeons and DE the stuff without having to have an enchanter sit in the party with me.

So, given all that, anyone have any input on my profession?  Are there any professions you just love or any you despise?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Faid is Butt-Hurt + Faidian Slip 8

Above is this week's Faidian Slip. Below is unrelated Faidthoughts.

Today on JMTC there was a great post by Aliciana about claiming niche markets, I recommend you all check it out if you haven't already.  When I first noticed the post, though, something stood out to me.  The image they used was from Nerf Faids, complete with the border colored #28222 that I add to my images.  I was a bit taken aback, I'd never anticipated seeing JMTC or Ali ripping images, as I respect both of these blogs/bloggers very much.

The image isn't actually mine; it's cited in the original post as being from a site about India.  I had come across it while googling something about making gold.  I posted a comment on the blog post basically saying "You may want to cite sources in the future."

As of this posting there are two responses to my blog comments.
Faid, you gave credit yourself to another web site, just because you put a new boarder on it doesn't make it your photo. Get over yourself, please.
This one I was actually really surprised by.   Plagiarism isn't something to "get over."  Granted, the image and its use is probably covered by Fair Use, but I still find it rather unethical to use it without citing your source. Perhaps it's because I've had academic integrity shoved down my throat every semester or because I've taken too many ethics courses but I feel guilty if I use something without crediting my source.  This isn't about me, I don't need to get over myself.  This is about doing what's right. I don't want a citation to Nerf Faids, I would much prefer a citation to  I'm not upset because zomgI got ripped off.   I'm upset because a blog I greatly admire is doing something unethical in my eyes and I wish it wouldn't.

That said, JMTC has added a citation since (To me, but at least it's a start.) and has also actually let both of my blog comments through, which surprised and pleased me.  They've been very respectable about this in all steps of the way and I hold no grudge against Mageshadow, Markco, or Aliciana. Mistakes are made, promptly corrected, and we move on.  =]

The other comment was something about me being "so butt-hurt  lately" and about how I attempt to convey a message that I'm the greatest at everything.  lolzy, really, but worth a mention. =D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get a life! Or a few!

First off, just wanted to let y'all know. Kaliope has shared with us the "new mats" for flasks. Rather than 12 Herbs/12 Herbs/6 Life it will be 8 Herbs/8 Herbs/8 Life. I was anticipating a larger jump in life. I still think that life will rise in price a bit, but probably not a staggering amount. =]

BUT!  They've also introduced new Alchemist Stones with primary stats on them. My shadow priest and my resto druid scoffed at their mastery stone. But now I'm going to want to make one. So each one will need 50 life.   Expect a big jump in Life demand/prices for a few days, then it will likely even out.

Now let's talk about me? :D A while back I asked "Why worry about having this much gold?" I've basically found the embodiment of why I care about having this much gold. 

This is a Soul Blade, a BoE trash drop in BoT.  We'd had one drop already but it went to a warrior.  Had another dropped it likely would have gone to him as well, then probably the other tankadin, then possibly two to the DK. So I wanted to buy my own.  Then I saw one up on the AH for 39000g buyout and 29000g bid with <30 minutes remaining. I bid, won, and quickly bought a 7k enchant as well.

This was a time I was happy to have all that gold on hand. :D  Had I taken the time to round up the gold, ask to borrow it from others, etc. etc. the auction would have ended with no bidders. D: So yay gold!  I no longer have "the most gold I've ever had," clearly, but I know I can make it back in a few days, so I'm stoked! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

What type of player are you?

WarcraftEcon put out it's Top Cataclysm Gold Making Guides for Weeks 1-2 of the year and apparently I'm on it.  When I saw Nerf Faids I was pretty sure it was going to be my post about timing your AH posts or something that I felt proud of. But of course they feature my skeleton in the closet post from the other week. =P

I want to follow up.  This is the post, for those who have not yet read it.  I've had a few people reply or e-mail me, many bloggers themselves, saying "What are you talking about? I totally raid."  Well, neat! Let's talk about that! =D

I have a vision in my head of most gold bloggers.  I have a friend who does not have a blog, but basically, the only thing he does in-game is find ways to make more and more gold.  He doesn't raid, he doesn't PvP, he plays only enough to get max professions and the like.  And this is how I view most gold-bloggers, as people who put gold making ahead of all of their other pursuits in the game.

I also clearly can be wrong, as I am a gold blogger yet I am a raider.  So clearly the gold making community can be very diverse.  Tell me, what sort of player are you?  Shatter my stereotypical vision of you, community!

I'll start!

Also, I have my authenticator
attached to a hamster keychain!
I am a raider, an altoholic who loves both factions equally, I hate PvP but casually arena for points.  I am a mount collector (124!) and a pet collector (125) and an Achievement Whore with 11,080 useless nerd points.  I am not an omg hardcore raider doing hard modes.  My guild was . . . second or third in ten man content in Wrath.  In Cata we've dialed down the raiding and are still progressing through normal modes, but are ahead of many groups on Argent Dawn. Above all of these activites, I love farming rep, I am both Insane and a Hero of Shattrath and constantly looking for another rep to grind.

In-game my favorite solo activites are fishing (Yes, you read that right) and leveling alts.  My favorite group activites are raiding with my guild and doing anything and everything (Of course we can two-man HM LK . . .  notsomuch.) with my boyfriend.  Oh, and I also make gold and then write about it on the internet.

What about you? What are your main interests in-game? What type of player are you?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Neutral AH Flipping!

Above is the video about how to take all those recipes and pets from the previous Faidian Slips and move them via the Neutral AH. =]   I hope it helps all of you out a bit, sorry I couldn't get an awesome split-screen view of what I'm doing on both; Fraps didn't seem to want to record both monitors. :( I hope you still find it to your liking!

Faidian Slip #7 (Alliance Recipe Runs + 4.0.6 Tips!) and Hate Tells!

So, I have a ridiculous number of Amberjewels.  We're talking over a thousand.  I've squirreled away quite a few for stockpiling, epic gems, possible upcoming engineering stuff, the works.  I cut some and sell them cut, but . . . no one really wants Amberjewels, ya know?  They just aren't moving fast enough to cover the deposits I'm paying just to be undercut into vendor-status prices. Since the migration of Int gems into red there's really no one gemming pure Yellow except possibly prot warriors gemming Mastery or people who are seriously pushing for Resilience.  So I cut some of those, a few dodge, but at the rate I acquire Amberjewels I'd never be rid of them!

So I've taken to selling them uncut just to be rid of them.  I popped about 40 on the AH earlier this morning, not expecting them to sell.  Then I see this guy, Saint with a funny a that I'm too lazy to look up, advertising something along the lines of "I'm cutting Mystic Amberjewel, 40g my mats or free with yours, outside the AH!"  Well, my Amberjewels are up for 30g.  So I immediately follow up in Trade with "Why pay 40g for his Amberjewel? Walk 10 steps and buy one from the AH for cheaper, don't get ripped off!"

Then it started. o.o  Click the image to the right to read it, it's . . . lolzy. :D

Also, in other news, I have finished conquering heroics.  A lot of people have said Headed South was their hardest but we got it for about eight people in all; one time getting it for all five people in the group at once. :D  Our main block was Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator but you can find a video of our successful attempt at it on my Youtube Channel. =D  In gold news I have made about 70k over the past week and am back above what I was pre-Cata, having more gold now that I have had before. It's a good thing!

Friday, January 14, 2011

BS. It ain't BS.

I've mentioned a few times recently that my priest has regained Blacksmithing.  This has definitely been my main focus of gold making recently and has paid off a lot.  But man, do I go through the Elementium. :O  

I just wanted to throw out a few things I'm doing with Blacksmithing, as well as a few things I can't do but wish I could.   I'm making a lot of the lower level enchanting rods; I sell about two of each a day. I seem to get really good luck off the Adamantite Rod; since it's not taught by trainers I imagine a lot of people just skipped right over it if they didn't seek it out specifically.   

The "I've done everything but raiding" slump is settling in for many that are heroic'd-out and they're turning to alts, which means leveling enchanters are cropping up everywhere.

Bloodied/Ornate Pyrium. Hehe, this was obviously coming, so we'll get it out of the way.  I use auctioneer to search for the prefixes and see what items are selling at above mats cost. Since the lower pieces like belts and bracers may be used for leveling it's not uncommon to see them for below mats price and I'd rather not shoot myself in the foot. I craft one of anything over mats price and pop it up on the AH.

With any Obsidium I get I craft Lifeforce Hammers.  There are maces in dungeons but if you're gearing up via the AH this is the highest level crafted weapon available to holy paladins; others can go for daggers but alas, paladins are stuck with this.  I can sell them pretty often and the low iLevel tends to scare other crafters away and I never really have any competition so I sell them for about 1000g.  (I believe there may be a Chaos Orb/Truegold weapon as well, but . . . lol?)

Now for the important bit, the thing I wish I could do.  Browsing the 4.0.6 PTR notes you see this:

A socket has been added to all crafted epic armor pieces that did not already have one.

:O  I myself scoffed at the hilarity of the Hardened Elementium Hauberk being much much worse than the  JP chest due to lack of the two sockets. It's only getting one socket, alas, but it will help its attractiveness to players who are still gearing up for raids.  All Chaos Orb patterns are about to be worth a bit more, I'd look at crafting those if my silly priest weren't still 84 and unable to get orbs.  (Side note: Think about what all these new sockets mean for JCs on that day!) 

There's a lot more to do with Blacksmithing, but that's what I'm focusing on right now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Raider's Perspective

I've been thinking recently about something I feel sets my blog apart from the other gold-making blogs. A few months back Markco challenged other bloggers to write about what makes their site unique and I wrote this post, basically saying that we're all the same.

But are we? The more I write and the more I read others' blogs and listen to other people's podcasts the more I realize that no one else has the same situation I'm in. Of course, everyone's unique in their situation, but I feel that there's no one, other than myself, writing from a progression raider's standpoint. It's easy to make 30k a day when you're not spending gold on flasks. Of course you can spend all your playtime on the AH when you're not pushing raid content for hours. (Granted, I scaled back from my 40ish hours a week raiding in Wrath to more like 16 in Cata. :D)  Gold probably does pile up when you're not paying thousands of gold per week in repair bills.

No, I'm not bitter that I have all these "goldsinks."  I'm quite fond of raiding and I love my guild and raiding with them.  But I look around and don't see any bloggers writing from the perspective of a raider. And, honestly, I'm noticing most of the big-name blogs are getting further and further from the perspective, even, of a player.  There's not a Call to Auction podcast that doesn't go by that I can't point out at least 5 completely wrong statements that, had they spent any time doing what they were suggesting, they'd know were wrong.  Cold's last couple posts are way off base, giving "tips" about critter killing that are actually one of the more obnoxious and drawn out ways to get the critter kills that will also cost you real cash, and saying that soon guilds will have heirloom cloaks when any progressed guild has already had them for days.  Markco doesn't even write his own content anymore.

Not everyone can know everything about every aspect of the game. I can't tell you what, uh . . . resto druids gem for in Arenas. But I'm surprised at the lack of integrity people put into their posts that they proclaim to help others without even researching what they've said first.  (Granted, for Call to Auction I imagine it's tough since with three people and a very loose script there's only so much preparation you can do.  Call to Auction guys, if you're reading this . . . update, I'm so lonely with no podcast to listen to. D:)

Anyways, I guess my point of this "The servers are down, I'll regurgitate random thoughts onto my blog" post is:

What makes my blog unique is that I play this game, I love this game, and I love blogging about playing this game.  I pledge to research my posts to the best of my ability before posting them. I will not monetize my site, not wanting my blog to become a vessel for ads and money instead of content and interaction with others.  I will write this blog because I enjoy it and when I stop enjoying it I will not cash in by filling it with ads and lackluster content and I will not pass the buck to another writer.  What makes my blog unique is that I am a player first, a blogger second.

Disclaimer: My intent with this post is not to "call out" anyone mentioned or not mentioned. Obviously what you do is working for you and this isn't a manifesto I hope to impress upon others.  All of the blogs and podcasts mentioned are ones I do read/listen to often and enjoy. =]

Edit 1/17/2011: I just noticed this post made it onto Warcraft Econ's list for Weeks 1-2.  I just wanted to post again to clarify, because I'm so afraid people will think I'm trying to insult others or say they're not doing it well and I am, yadda yadda yadda. That's not my intent and, hell, they wouldn't have got to where they are today without quality content. It's just some musings of mine, not meant to hurt anyone.

I love raiding, I imagine most of the people who raid do it because they love it. Why am I the only one talking about it? D:  A few people have commented saying "I raid, I just don't talk about it."  Why not?! I get that the point of gold making blogs is to talk about gold making, but because raiding is such a huge part of the game for many players, and is apparently a big part for many bloggers, why aren't we talking about how it effects gold-making more? :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Faidian Slip #6

Here we go! This is part of what will be a series of my next few Faidian Slips. This will be for Horde items, next will be Alliance, third will be "Other" stuff, and then I'll make a video about flipping via the Neutral AH. :)  But it's not just about flipping, so check out the Faidian Slip above! =D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is why I can't have nice things . . . or can I?

Meet Goldsink. I mean, Lexicar, my priest.  I rolled Lexicar for one reason and one reason only: I think Priests have some of the best looking tier sets and I wanted to collect a bunch of them.  =D  But, being interested in making gold, of course I couldn't have a character with no professions. For 90% of Wrath she was Alchemy/Herbalism. Near the end I dropped Herbalism for Blacksmithing and powerleveld Blacksmithing to 450. Painful on the bank, but it eventually paid off.

Now the facepalm: When training Azeroth flying on her I accidentally double tapped and bought 310% flying as well. Q_Q Anticipating my druid not being able to herb in Cataclysm for a while, I bit my lip and dropped Blacksmithing and trained Herbalism 1-525 in one afternoon. Ouch!

Now for the coup de grĂ¢ce.  My herbalist leveled faster than I anticipated. So on Lexicar I dropped Herbalism and leveled Blacksmithing all over again, it cost me about 17,000g.  I chose Lexicar to regain Blacksmithing as my only alt at 84.

I was feeling really bad about the whole process, having recently made a pledge not to spend so much gold on silly things.  Now, though, I've decided it was a good decision. Since leveling Blacksmithing two days ago I've made 33,000g selling the Bloodied Pyrium set so I'm feeling pretty good about it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The What, When, and Why of AH Posting

A staggering but mostly unspoken change that snuck in with Deathwing is a tremendous leap in AH posting fees. Acadia did do a brief post about it last month, basically saying "think about the deposit you need to put in."  But what does this actually mean?  What this means is we have to post smart, the days of posting walls and walls of auctions may be, for many, a thing of the past.

Post Smart? 
The greatest tool in your toolbox for smart posting is the clock.  Certain items will sell much better during certain times of the day and it's a very predictable rhythm of market fluctuation. Knowing these trends and posting at appropriate times will help save you from lost deposits and also allow you to get top-dollar for your auctions.

So you're going to tell me what to post when right?
Read on!  Here's a breakdown of all the stuff I sell that I believe benefits from time-oriented market fluctuation and when I post it.  This isn't everything ever, just the things I happen to sell, but you can take these principles and use your imagination to apply them to the items you sell.

Flasks and Potions - 4 PM - 9 PM server time
  • Pretty obvious, you want to sell before most raids begin to supply the raiders who are about to go in to raids but need to snag some last minute consumables.
Volatile Air - 12 AM server time - Mid-Day
  • I do my daily transmute as soon as the clock rolls around to a new day and post them immediately.  I will often post midpack if there are a lot up low.  Every other alchemist is rushing to use/sell their Truegold transmute and each one of them needs 10 Air.  The demand spikes while it levels out and often doesn't meet the supply later in the day.

Ebonsteel Belt Buckles - Mid-Day through 1 AM
  • With people getting Justice Point belts as well as crafted belts and possible raid drops the demand for buckles is pretty high all through the day.  Night time sales tend to decrease because queue times are longer and not as many heroics are being finished, thus fewer JPs and fewer people buying belts.

Buff Food - 4 PM - 9 PM server time
  • Like flasks you want to be supplying the unprepared raiders right before they head into raids.

Heirloom/Twink Enchants - Off-peak hours, non-raid days
  • Alts and heirlooms seem to see the most play during off-hours when those who would otherwise be playing their mains don't have to raid or work on their main character.  Selling these items on off-peak hours is often the best way to go.
Endgame Enchants - Mid-Day through 1 AM
  • With people getting Justice Point gear as well as crafted gear and possible raid drops the demand stays high all through the day.  Night time sales tend to decrease because queue times are longer and not as many heroics are being finished, thus fewer JPs and fewer people buying gear. (Just like belts!) 
PvP-oriented Enchants - Favor Tuesday - Saturday
  • Using the same hours as PvE enchants and the same principles as cut PvP gems, try to sell to those who are maxing out their Conquest in the first part of the week.

Glyphs - Off-peak hours, non-raid days
  • Most people have learned most all of the glyphs for their main at this point, the hot glyph market is for alts and so this follows the same trend as heirloom enchants, sell during times when people aren't playing their mains.
Off-hands and Relics - Mid-day and evening all week
  • These items are generally bought by those attempting to meet the required iLevel to enter heroics, which will most-often be during the day, often in the early to late afternoon.
Greater Darkmoon Cards - First week of every month
  • Pretty simple; people want their epics and they want them now. Sell individual cards and decks during the Fair.
Lesser Darkmoon Cards - Last three weeks of every month
  • This is a great rep filler for when the Fair isn't available, you'll see sales more often when people don't have the option to turn in the Greater decks.

PvE Gems - 8 PM - 1 AM server time, peak playing hours Tuesday - Friday while you own Tol Barad
  • Be sure to have your gems posted up when people are getting out of raids and are looking for new gems for their new gear.
  • Argaloth is a great loot pinata but most people will have killed him within the first few days. Sell your gems all the time while you control TB, but expect to see sales taper off later in the raid week when everyone's already killed him.
PvP Gems - Peak Hours Tuesday - Thursday(ish), after each Tol Barad
  • Conquest points are pretty simple to cap out on and serious PvPers will probably cap through Arenas within the first few days after a reset. The first few days will be prime for selling PvP cuts.
  • People will still be gaining honor throughout the week and even with the hotfix to the Tol Barad honor it will still be a trigger for some to buy PvP gear. Sell your PvP cuts after each battle and while you own it for those who get PvP pieces off of Argaloth.

Uncut Nightstone, Jasper, Zephyrite - 3 AM - Mid-Day on the corresponding day
  • Most people will have logged on at some point before evening and most will do their JC daily as one of their first tasks in the game.  Save these gems and sell them on the corresponding daily's day.

Crafted Jewelry - Mid-Day all week
  • I see the largest sales of "get the iLevel to enter heroics" gear during the day and JC craftables are no exception.  Because this isn't raid-specific the actual day of the week likely doesn't have a profound effect on sales.

That's basically all I sell. As I level my tailoring and become more knowledgable on the Cataclysm trends for it I will be sure to put up some information about it.

What do you all thing, agree or disagree with the times I've posted? Any other hot sellers during certain times of day?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Down and Dirty Plan of Action

As my last couple posts have suggested, I've been spending a lot of gold lately.  Fearful of finding myself from riches to rags I've decided to buckle down and seriously start looking at making some real gold in Cataclysm. Here's the plan:


  • Use spare Volatile Earth to smelt Hardened Elementium.  I have more Earth than I know what to do with; combining it with cheap Elementium has so far turned roughly 100g per Hardened bar profit.
  • Smelt Titansteel with stockpiled Eternals. People making thousands of gold from questing are coming to me in droves for choppers but no one's really providing Titansteel anymore. Except me, of course!

  • Rather than buying the Volatile Life for my daily Alchemy transmute I just farm Whiptail till I have enough Life.  It takes less than 20 minutes and usually nets me about three stacks of Whiptail which I can sell for 750g total.

  • Complain on the forums every day until they fix this profession. ??? Profit.
  • I changed my specialization temporarily and can now make both the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion and the Personal World Destroyer.  The market's not great for these, everyone else is driving the prices rather low for my tastes.  But I sell a few a week.
  • I'm going premake a chopper or two and attempt to sell them for far beyond mats price; with my stockpile of Saronite and Eternals I am of the belief I hold all the cards in the Titansteel market and intend to take full advantage.

  • I'm going to level it soon (Of course, that will cost more gold, grumble grumble) and in the process will DE all the crap I make that won't sell on the  AH.  Then just make Dreamcloth. Not really sure what I'm going to do with the cloth, as I know very little about tailoring right now, but I'll think of something!
  • lolNetherweave Bags
  • I hate my enchanter and so she is still level 80.  So alas, no higher-end enchants for me.  Luckily Crusader and Might Intellect are still selling at an all-time high. At the end of the day this toon exists to DE crap I make from JC and Tailoring.

  • I haven't maxed Inscription since I don't intend to make it a huge money-maker for me.  The amount of gold or time I'd have to commit to creating the new Darkmoon Cards is far beyond what I'm willing to invest at this moment.  I make some of the Mysterious Fortune Cards but that's about it. Also, old glyphs when I find cheap herbs.


  • A wild Faidian Slip appears! The video is super effective!

  • I have my two Alchemists high enough to Transmute Living Elements.  Truegold is barely profitable on  my server but Air sells like it's made of candy, money, and epic loot.  I do each of their transmutes. Some air goes to my enchanter to sell Hurricane enchants, some to Faid to make pets, then the rest straight to the AH.
  • With all the prospecting I'm doing and only being able to make a Fire Prism once a dayish I use most of my lesser gems on Shadowspirit Diamonds.  I have other JCs lined up who have cuts that are selling for top-dollar and sell the cut metas. (I procced x8 this morning. Mmmmm, procs.)

Blacksmithing, Skinning, and Leatherworking
  • Do not have. =[  Dropped Blacksmithing earlier when it became apparent the toon wouldn't get to 84 anytime this season and would be better use as an Alchemist. If I did have them I'd use Leatherworking to buy cheap Savage Leather scraps off the AH, turn them into Savage Leather or even Heavy, then resell at profit. Blacksmithing would be belt buckles, skinning would be farming. :D

Cooking & Fishing
  • I've been buying cheap cooking meats off the AH, cooking them, and reselling them for usually 2-3 times what I spent for them. Simply put, no one can make everything and many people can't make anything right now.  I'm here to cater to them and cater to my bank at the same time.
  • I spend a bit of time fishing in Shipwreck Debris in Tol Barad for the crates when I'm out there doing my dailies. It's quite profitable.

  • No brainer. Sell tablets!

Non-Profession Stuff
  • My bread and butter for quite some time has been flipping vendor-bought recipes across factions and reselling them. This hasn't changed, and you can see why . . .
I'll likely do a video soon about what route I use to hit up all the vendors and what methods I use to quickly and efficiently move items cross-faction.  Stay tuned!

Pets, vendor recipes, certain crafting patterns, faction-specific quest rewards . . . all of these make great items to flip cross-faction and I'll continue to do quite a bit of it to supplement my profession-oriented income.

So that's that, the bare bones plan I've got to get back to where I was before buying server first, a Vial of the Sands, and a bunch of other ridiculous things I didn't really need but totally completely wanted. 

I hope you found this interesting. As always, my contact info is in the bar to the right, up at the top and I'm happy to hear from you all.  This post was written with Just My Two Copper's January Blogging Carnival in mind, be sure to check it out.