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Friday, December 16, 2011

What's Mine is Not Yours

Scugger left a comment on my previous post that I wanted to address today:
I need an opinion. Since the 4.3 patch dropped I've been aggressively selling gems, belt buckles, leg armor, mining and LW bags and some BS rods. My guildmates hae noticed and I have taken my gold holdings from 50K to about 250K. Now my guildmates are mad at me accusing me of forcing them to buy high priced gems and complaining that they cannot list anything themselves to make gold since I keep undercutting on all the goods I'm selling. What is the best way to handle this? I tried to explain that there were 20-25 other JC's competing and driving prices but the message did not seem to register with my GM.
This seems like a pretty unfortunate situation to find oneself in, and one that might not be too foreign to a few people.

People who win the lottery tend to complain that they have family members coming out of the woodwork looking for money.  Likewise, if people feel their friends or guild members have a lot of gold they may feel entitled to some of it for some reason or another.  It's your choice whether you want to give handouts, I'm going to assume you're someone who does not for the purpose of this post.

Avoiding the Issue in the First Place
The best way to avoid these types of people is just to avoid being a known gold maker.  So, step one is don't write a gold blog. <_<  If you do write a blog or post on a forum like the Consortium use an username that's not affiliated with your character or server so that people don't stumble upon the fact you're a gold maker.

This applies in-game as well.  Roll alts with unrelated names and create your own guild bank so that people won't see their friend selling them a 400g Inferno Ruby. Avoid having people who aren't close friends on your RealID friends list to keep your alts secret.

Playing Nice with Friends and Guildies
If you are public about your gold making, as I am, or if you are "found out" what happens will largely depend on your relationship with these friends.  

To avoid my friends thinking I'm Ebeneezer Scrooge unwilling to help others I offer services for free to friends and guild members. I'll cut gems, do enchants, whatever, for free.  While it may cut out a potential sale it's a small amount in the grand scheme of things and often the good will ends up being reciprocated somehow.

That said, I don't give items away regularly.  If Inferno Rubies are 400g and Mr. DPS didn't stockpile Inferno Rubies that's his problem, not mine.  Think about living with roommates; while you may share a living space, generally speaking, your food is yours and they aren't entitled to it.  If they can't make rent one month they may be able to rely on you for a bit of support but you're not their mother/father and you're not there to pay their way.

Do be kind, courteous, and within reason generous with offering free crafting. If you feel comfortable and confident doing so you may even offer to help them learn to make gold, or direct them to gold making resources. Never feel obligated to give away gold or items to those who are less market-savvy than yourself. If your friends are claiming they are entitled to your wealth or its products they are not your friends.


  1. "If you find yourself considering doing something as a way of apologizing to another person for having more than he does - pause. Pay close attention to your feelings of discomfort and guilt. when you actually want to help someone - out of the goodness of your heat, not because that someone is implying you owe it to him - you don't feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. You feel happy and grateful that you're in a position to help out" ~Arlene Dickinson

  2. I keep full stacks of most yellow, blue, and green cuts in the gbank. I also don't mind the occasional hand out. I haven't really been harressed like that person either tho. I'd consider if the guild I was in was worth it if they acted like that.

  3. You know I never really thought about it like this. I'm the GM of a guild so it's not something I'd have to worry about, but you're putting your personal time and effort into making gold, including researching time as well as crafting time. Don't let others try to take advantage of you just because you're guildmates. If they don't have enough gold to buy an Inferno Ruby they should take the stat hit and gem a Demonseye or Ember Topaz instead, because odds are it's a 378 they'll replace with raid finder down the road anyway. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it!

  4. I've actually found myself in two similar situations, and both were equally frustrating. 

    The first and least complicated/more common was that the GL of my previous guild on a low pop server was constantly undercutting all of my gems at auction for _exactly_half_ of my prices, because he claimed to "not need the gold" and thought it was funny. Of course, I wanted to scream at him to not put up auctions if he really didn't need the gold, spot and all. Looking back, I should have done as Faid says here, and made an anonymous bank alt. 

    Secondly, for quite some time after the release of Firelands raid, my bf and I were relentlessly solo/duo farming the raid trash and making major bank off the BOE's (before Blizzard got all mean and fixed it), even had our blog's guide-to featured on WowInsider and that was exciting, and I wanted to share that excitement with our guildies. Soon afterwards a guildie (who I wasn't really close to) asked me to give them a weapon if it were to drop during our farming. I told him I would sell it to him at a discounted price, but not give it to him for free. He actually raged at me on vent during a raid for this, calling me the typical names that females in WoW are called without basis. Should I have not told my guild about our farming/5 minutes of fame? IMO it was something I was proud of, and there was no reason to keep it a secret to avoid dbags like that guy. 

    Occassionally my guildmates now will joke with me about the current high prices of red gems, but I sweetly remind them that a lot of work goes into mining up that ore (or gold into buying it, whichever may be the case for you) or leveling alchemy/alts to support my JC profession, so it's fair to charge as much as the next guy and profit from it. Just as I reminded dbag-gimme-stuff-free guy that it was my time and "work" going into farming up those BOEs. 

    (But you also can't be solely blamed for the current market price of gems. That's just silly.)

    There's definitely a right and a wrong way to handle the situation. Most likely I would just ignore them, and hope it goes away, as those kinds of things usually do. 

    Sorry for wall of text!

  5. I am open about the gold i have... the raider in my group know it and they also know they will be given cut gems and enchants on the spot for the gear that drops in the raid that I lead... thats about where it stops... I do not gloat at them, and I do not care about a great many things, because really... 20K against 1.3 mill pshhh... I tell them, and make it clear its not to gloat that I have invested 1-3 and 4 or more hours a day for most days for months on end and offer to help them too.. few ask... they joke back and ask for a "loan" they know the answer will always be "uh... no..." and its a standing joke... standards, policy, generosity, openness and the players I hang with... those things in the right balance seem to work well, and being the raid lead... that runs a decent group that they want to be a part of in almost all cases...

    just another approach...

  6. I've taken a few steps since my earlier comment: 1) Took the advice and created a posting alt at the AH,
    2) Began posting Gems on the Alliance side of my server with a level 5 Alt. I transfer stacks of gems from my Horde JC thru Booty Bay. Alliance gem sales have become more profitable than those on the Alliance side,
    3)I scan for sale auctions before I list so as not to undercut guildmates.

    Things have calmed down quite a bit now that gem prices have stabilized since the patch and all is well with my status in the guild.
    thanks for all your help

  7. Gold life and gold alts should always be kept separate from game life and game toons.

    If your guild doesn't know the Gem Posting Alt is really you, then you won't suffer their rebukes on your game toon.

    For me, I regularly place my profession alts in guilds where my posting competition resides. I like to keep an eye on them from afar. If I can find out where they "live" that is.

    While avoiding this type of conflict may be the best way to go, you are now in an uncomfortable situation. My suggestions:

    * Create bank alt asap;
    * Move all posting to that alt;
    * Tell the guild that "Yourguildtoon" is no longer in the marketplace (true since you are using an alt);
    * Offer free cuts/chants etc. for guildies (using their mats);
    * Give it some time.

    Eventually, the storm should pass if your activity diminishes.


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