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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Replica Dungeon Sets Sellable on the AH

Transmogrifiers and gold makers alike should enjoy this little gem.  One of the goals of the Darkmoon Faire was to allow people to get retired models; namely the dungeon sets that used to drop in Stratholme and other endgame vanilla dungeons.

You're able to get the model of both the normal and the upgraded Dungeon sets from Barum and Baruma in the Darkmoon Faire. Barum sells the normal sets, Baruma sells the upgraded versions.  This was great news to people like me who loved a few sets but didn't get around to farming them before they were removed.

The bad news is that they cost a lot of tickets.

Boots - 55
Gloves - 55
Belt - 55
Wrists - 55
Hat - 75
Pants - 75
Chest - 75
Shoulders - 75

So we're looking at 520 tickets for a full set.  Bashiok has reported that the maximum amount of tickets a player can get from any Faire is 145 tickets. As I was told there are tickets in the PvP arena I believe that those who truly apply themselves or are very lucky may be able to get more, but not much more. If you're grinding this on one character it will take four months, and that's assuming this is your first priority and you're not after any of the neat mounts and pets.

What's a better option for impatient collectors? Get them from others!  Each of these pieces is BoE.  A player with enough alts can get an entire set in one month if they get all the tokens on every alt.

What's a better option for impatient collectors with a lot of gold? You. Gold makers can both farm these themselves on mains and alts if they don't care for the items, or even just look for items to flip if they appear on the AH.

A Tip
I would recommend focusing on the more visible pieces if you're buying some to put on the AH.  Ideally you may want to seek out a buyer beforehand instead of betting on a certain set.  If you do buy the pieces to put on the AH consider what is most visible.  Most people will want the chest and shoulders of every set, but many may not see the rarely-visible wrists as an important piece to get.  If the chest is a cloth set with a robe there's virtually no need to get pants.  Keep these principles in mind when trying to figure out what pieces will be in highest demand.

Make lots of gold! Any Argent Dawners selling these pieces let me know! ;)


  1. Great find Faid! *heads to faire to check the looks*

  2. Well dang, i almost did it again. I was about to hit the publish button with this bit of info as well as the epic PVP gems when i saw this post up on the RSS feed and went all FUUUU :)

    Don't want to end up looking like a rip off artist for the second time after the gems for justice post i did :)

  3. @Vile: I think that there's room for lots of people to talk about the same topic. My tactic is if I know someone else wrote about something mention their article. So like if your article had come out first I might say "For another blogger's views on the same subject check out Vile's post on the sellable replica sets as well!" and link the article. :D But that's just my way.

  4. Ooh. This should be interesting!


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