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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lackadaisical: All Lackeys Welcome

First off, congratulations to Skorpsy on winning my Amensia give-away! I hope you aren't too frightened and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


I was twiddling my thumbs, rather bored with the game for a while.  Well, not bored with the game, just too dazzled by the Steam Holiday Sale to pay too much attention to WoW.  I have more gold than I could ever really need but wanted to keep trying new ways to make gold, so what was something I'd never tried?

Other people.  /shudder.  I veer drastically from super friendly to complete bitch on a nearly hourly basis so I tend to play solo when it comes to gold-making.  But unfortunately one thing Legacy of the Illuminati is short on is guild drama. I try to pick fights with Eluniar but he won't have any of it. =[

So where am  I to get my fill of WoW soap opera drama?  And try a new tactic to make gold? And meet up with new people for laughs and good times?

<Lackadaisical> of course!  I decided I wanted to try the Great Guild Experiment. Many people have already done this I believe. Start up a random guild, invite anyone with a pulse to grind out levels, sit back and wait for gold to come in.

Now, I'm not technically doing this to make gold. In fact, I've put a bit of gold into it already (bribing lowbies to stay in by offering guild repairs, not that they cost a lot and providing Netherweave Bags in a limited quantity) and don't really see it as a money making powerhouse, more of just a little experiment.

So I named it Lackadaisical.  Apart from being able to call my members my lackeys I felt that the definition fully encompassed how I feel about my guild experiement. 


Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy

I made a new alt for it because, while I'm not super secretive about who my main is, I didn't want everyone to whisper me with every little noob question every 30 seconds while I was in raid.  I downloaded Super Guild Invite and away I went!

Once I got Super Guild Invite running (the 4.3 update had temporarily busted it but it's been fixed now) I was getting 10-20 members everytime I logged on and ran it. Granted, around half, sometimes more, would leave the guild within a day but I didn't mind; my focus is not on retention.  While we may lose ten level fives I can log on and recruit fifteen more, so I should come out of it all okay.

One thing I did, though, is set SGI to blacklist after one invite. I don't mind spam guild invites as long as they're not truly spam who keep inviting you over and over again. So that was my small service to the guildless community there.

Currently we're sitting at 120 members and are about 30% of the way to Level 2. It's slow going since most of the guild members are very low level and none are running guild dungeons together, but it's getting there. Considering I'm putting in virtually no work any progress is fine with me.

I figure best case scenario I get a level 25 guild someday that grinds gold for me via guild challenges and Cash Flow, worst case scenario I go ballistic, get rid of everyone (though it's not my plan) and have a guild bank to store stock for Pandaria.

So that's what I've been up to when not buying all sorts of games I never knew I wanted on Steam.  Oh, and since I'm completely addicted to starting new blogs for new projects, check out One BLU Medic if you're interested in TF2 and/or in-game economies. 


  1. Hey Faid. I was very intrigued by this post and thought I would help out if possible. I created a baby Worgen druid (Slothful) that I will begin leveling once he is in his 'synonymical namesake' guild name of choice!

    Should be good times...especially if you do go mustang and raze the earth beneath us all!

  2. Thank you Faid! Awesome game. :)


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