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Thursday, November 17, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

About five or so days ago I was lucky enough to get a non-epic Spectral Tiger off the AH for the shockingly low rate of 70,000g.  I know I got an excellent deal and I didn't regret it one bit.  So excited to have this!  Why am I so excited? Well, beyond it being just a really awesome mount and somewhat of a status symbol it also marks my "done-ness."

While there are certainly other large purchases I can make; an epic Spectral or other TCG items and the like, they would all just be for the sake of +1.  Now that I've got a spectral tiger I feel that I've arrived at the point where I've made my largest must-have purchase. Assuming nothing neat comes out in the future, that is!

So now I really do feel able to do whatever I want with my gold; I no longer need that reserve just in case a Spectral pops up.  How did I celebrate? I bought another one!

Another tiger popped up last night for 145k.  Not as well priced as mine but still quite cheap by my standards.  (TUJ says that the US Alliance Mean is around 430k, most people I see selling them are asking 230-280k.)  I figured if I could flip it for a fast profit I would. After a day (I'm impatient) I decided instead to give it to my boyfriend. He actually hasn't logged on yet so I'm excited for when he finds his tiger!

And guess what? There's another tiger on the AH now!  210k for this one, more in the "normal" range in my opinion, price-wise.  I think I'll let that one be for now.

I'm hoping to make back what I spent on the tigers and everything. Right now across both factions I only have about a million gold, I'd like to have 1.5 million on Alliance before Mists of Pandaria comes out.  I have a lot (by Faid's non-stockpiler standards) of stock ready for 4.3 so I'm expecting a big jump in gold on that day, if nothing else.

Oh, also, enough people seemed to wish I hadn't hidden  my most recent WTFaid? Article, so if you scroll down two entries or so you can read it. :)


  1. I am also not a stock piler, but will probably be sitting at around 3 million gold for Pandaria.

    I have horrible luck with the TCG mounts on my server. Since Cata, I have seen one Spectral Tiger for 999,999 gold.

    There is a Big Battle Bear up for 200k that I could have had for 100k, but I did not really want a Bear mount.

    I really want the damn Magic Rooster Egg. That is my favorite mount.

  2. *sigh* I wish one of these would show up on my server. My server's ah NEVER has any mounts (other than the chopper and some flying carpets)

  3. I feel ya, Skorpsy. Same sad story on my server =(

    I'm guessing you're on a EU server as well? I compared the availability on EU and US servers out of curiousity and found out that there has been posted like three of these great looking mounts on EU-servers in the whole of TUJ's history, compared to the hundreds or thousands in US..

  4. Forgot to add:

    Congrats, Faid. The mount looks amazing!

  5. @harleqin. Nah actually I am on a US server. (Ursin) I noticed yesterday it is being listed as Medium pop, (though I am extremely skeptical of the accuracy of that) It's been listed as low pop for yrs, until very recently. *shrug* there are just some items that it has never seen and probably will never see, (unless some freak sees this post and imports something to us...or something)


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