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Friday, November 11, 2011

Scam Alert: WoW Crusher

I've seen a lot of WoW guides kicking around on the internet. I've always wondered what sort of secrets they may contain but could never bring myself to pay money for a WoW guide.  I happened to get access to WoW Crusher, the new system that JMTC keeps trying to shove at its readers.  I wanted to make a review and said video follows.

The TL;DR version?

The "author" of WoWCrusher has copied information from free sources aroudn the internet and pasted it verbatim onto his site and then charged people to be able to read it.  It's an absolute ripoff. Don't buy it!


  1. Marcko's entire blogging career has been one giant money grubbing scam. This really comes as no surprise.

  2. Markco sold JMTC a few months ago for about 50k. He no longer ownes the site. He also sold the name "Markco" to the new owner.Its not the same person. The real Markco seems to be focusing on Diablo 3 now. He appears to have abandoned any interest in WoW. Just FYI

  3. The old Markco and the new one have the same motivation. To scam you out of money for info that is freely available elsewhere. Markco has been doing this same scam for years with his 20k leveling guide. Didn't people learn anything from him trying to scam Gevlon and others years ago?

    It's sad to know that scammed got real money for his site after ripping so many people off. I hope Karma gets him in the end.

  4. I for one highly doubt that the site was truly sold. I think that was just Marcos way to disassociate himself as still being the person behind it. The Internet allows you to not know who is really operating a site.

  5. Good work, glad to see how much of a scam this is.

  6. This would explain the swiftly removed post on JMTC the other day which said everyone had been scammed.

  7. Markos's been scamming for a lot longer than since he supposedly sold the site.

    This new scam is in the same crap as the Tycoon addon scam he ran a few months back and it certainly was the original Marcko that time.

  8. This Peng Joon character just bought a copy of my MFC Mastery gold guide this morning.

    Let's see if there is a new MFC chapter added to WoW Crusher soon.

    I wonder how someone can not pay his staff for years, then suddenly sell a site for 50k that was made possible by the volunteering of others? I bet Whitewolf and the other moderators didn't get a penny of that 50k.

    Now Markco is building a house from the blood, sweat, and tears of all the suckers he had working under him for free to be a part of the "community" scam notion he operated under.

    Then he sold that "community" right down the river for 50k. He really was in it to help people and not make money though.

    Yeah right!

    I called him on his lies and bullshit well back at the beginning of the year. Too bad it took everyone this long to see the truth.

    PS: Thanks to the idiots posting fake comments with my name. Those have already converted to a few MFC guide sales including the one by Peng Joon.

  9. The community is still strong alive, it just moved to the consortium :D

  10. The Markco we know has tried to disassociate himself from JMTC and WoW Crusher, but I don't believe a single word he says about anything. Classic internet snake oil salesman.

  11. Interestingly, it seems like WoW Crusher is actually closely related to PvP Bible. At least, they both use the same support website:

  12. Awesome vid and thanks for exposing the "new marko" for what he is.
    Alot of the material you showed as lifted is from another tdub sanders site. He has a very huge mailing list and if you have a product and want it out there you have to consider selling your soul to get it out there.

  13. Its a shame really when people only care about real money, my first visit to a gold blog was JMTC and I really enjoy it almost 2 years ago, its a shame how Marcko turn out in the end.
    But live and learn.
    And Faid you make excellent movies, kkep up the good work.

  14. Thank you for publicizing this information. Hopefully anyone who does a search for WoW Crusher finds this, and hopefully Markco gets sued for copyright infringement.

    I find it odd that Markco also runs a blog about how to make money blogging, yet engages in this dirty practice. I wonder if he recommends every new blogger make their fortunes by stealing other peoples' work? Funny, here I was thinking that the best way to make money was through hard work and honesty.

  15. Wow Crusher ONLY exists because you all, the community, are SUCKERS. Don't be mad at whomever created it. Its an insult on you all because there is a market for it.

    If you people wouldnt blindly follow what these "gold bloggers" tell you this wouldnever be an issue.

    Markco is long gone, not sure wy people get pissy at hime for it. I dont give a damn one way or the other about JMTC but if ANY of you had the chance to sell your work for anywhere CLOSE to 50K and you say you wouldt do it your full of shit.

    Sorry to insult peopl but its really the honest truth.

    Ok, let the "Adam defends Markco hatred begin."

  16. Thanks for the warning. Never thought the guide would be full of copypaste o.o Glad I didn't buy it.

  17. Obviously a shoddy product, stolen from other people hard work. Its pathetic that Markco's name is on this. What a snake. I can't believe JMTC would support this. What even worse is the hypocracy of other bloggers who speak up about it and then hide affiliate links for it on their blog in an attempt to make money of their readers. How dare Markco do something so snakey.....

    Ahem--notice the affiliate name and where this link came from. Sorry pal, you can't have it both ways..

  18. Dear Faid, it appears that M---co is using this infamous method to improve his ranking. To avoid unwittingly assisting him, I suggest that you minimize mentions of his name, his website, and his products in your blog.


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