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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recapping of the Re-Capping

For those who don't recall and/or never really cared to remember it was on patch day for 4.2 that I first capped 1 million gold.  I went a bit beyond that, then spent down again. After several TCG mount purchases, some BoEs, etc. I found myself coming into 4.3 at about 780k.  Naturally I hoped to make a repeat performance of the last patch and bring myself up to 1 million gold again.

Mission accomplished!  I was blown away that I was able to sell over 200k worth of stock in about 8 hours, but I'm very excited about it all! While I knew I would come out on top in the end I was, once again, blown away by how quickly things sell on patch day.  So let's go over preparation!

I've stated many times I'm not one to stockpile.  I think stockpiling is a great idea, I just felt it was never for me.  However, with my new-found freedom I wanted to try something new and I thought creating a stockpile, however small, might be a fun new experience.

I'd not been stocking over time.  I keep a significant amount of mats on hand "just because," a tab of assorted Cata Ore, a tab of assorted herbs and volatiles, a tab of mostly Hypnotic Dust, and some cloth. That's about it.

Kicking it Into Overdrive
Before creating my stockpile I had about 820k.  I started stocking up three days ago. (Yes, three days.) I bought up any Cataclysm Ore under 49g/stack.  I bought the materials to make 60 Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. I bought literally every Maelstrom Crystal on both the Horde and Alliance AHs for about 80-100g per crystal. I powereleveled my Leatherworking the last few points to make leg armors and bought out all the Savage Leather and Blackened Dragonscales on both factions and crafted 20 of all three epic armor kits.

I didn't have any Maelstrom Crystal enchants on my enchanter. I didn't mind; I've always made bank with Mighty Stats to Chest and other cheap enchants.  However, some people saw my screenshots of my stockpile from my previous post and asked about them.  I figured that hell, if I was looking for something new, might as well go all out.  I got every Maelstrom Crystal enchant in the game, snagging the bracer formulas from Horde for about half price from the usual Alliance rate for the recipes.  I crafted as many of the Maelstrom enchants as I could but was woefully understocked on Maelstroms (What do you expect, stocking for less than three days?) so I couldn't get a full stock of enchants.

I made a bunch of Flintlocke's Woodchuckers and cut all of my uncut gems into a relatively equal assortment of cuts I anticipated selling.

Why pre-cut, you ask?  Usually I will just sit on my JC and cut and restock as I sell during patch days. However, I knew I'd be distracted in one way or another (I assumed Skyrim, turns out it was the new five mans that took my attention) and wanted to have a mostly hands-off, stress-free patch day.  

So this is, roughly, what I had headed into the patch, plus a few things that I'd not yet crafted:

Up at the Crack of Noon
I slept in pretty late but luckily no servers were up before I woke up.  I downloaded the patch and quickly logged into the Consortium IRC to find many people already there chatting away.  I love the IRC there, particularly on patch days. The excitement is obvious and also we can all share information quickly and it can really help get some breaking news out.

Finally the servers began to come up.  But wait, what's this?  After what seemed like an eternity I was left staring at an inactive realm.  Argent Dawn was literally the last server to come up today, and a good half hour or so behind many.  However, finally it came up and the day began.

I did my usual routine for logging on on patch day: Log on, select character, panic.   Though I'd read patch notes and such I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to look at. Where was the transmogrifier? I want to go unlock void storage! Oooh, new five mans. There's a new glyph to research! Better get over to the enchanter to shatter maelstroms and finish making scrolls. Hey, look, new scroll graphic!

So I did the easiest thing I could think of, I posted my auctions on Liquidate and just kept doing whatever struck me at the moment.  So I did transmog for the first 20 minutes, then organized my bags after putting a lot of stuff in Void Storage.  I made some more enchant scrolls, researched and posted the new glyph, and then found myself in the five mans with some guild members.  More on that in a future post, this post is about gold making!

Highlights and Observations
Everything was selling!  I'd never sold Maelstrom enchants so I didn't know where to put the prices but settled on around 1500g/enchant, depending on what type of enchant.  I also bought out all the 200g Belt Buckles and reset the prices to 450g for a while until undercutting quickly drove them back down.

Amusingly my top grossing enchant was still +15 Stats to Chest.  I was selling them at about 600g/scroll; keep in mind it's only two Lesser Celestials to make those!  I love that enchant!

My other highlight was when a competitor seemed to have a bit of a mess-up when changing some settings in an addon and began posting many items for incorrect prices. I snagged two of each bracer enchant, two of each epic leg armor, and an Ebonsteel Belt Buckle, all for 5g a piece. I was quite pleased.

I ended up prospecting all of my remaining ore and transmuting them into Shadowspirit Diamonds.  While Infernos were also flying off the shelves I was floored at how quickly I was selling Burning SSDs.  After seeing how quickly my cheaper enchants were selling I also quickly made up some cheap leg armors and cheap spellthreads.

So that's basically my patch thus far.  I'm headed to bed now; I posted massive amounts of stock at my fallback price just in case some sales come while I'm asleep, but I look forward to many more sales tomorrow; I hope everyone's patch day was profitable!


  1. Congrats on 1M (again)! You are a machine.

  2. Grats on cap again!

    After logging in this morning i'm still only up 110k :S

  3. Very nice, Faid! Glad you hit the cap once more.


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