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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nerf Faids Manifesto

Hello, readers!

I started this blog back in October 2010. I can't believe it's been over a year! Over time my readership has slowly grown. The past few days I've been seeing as high as 500 unique hits a day, which is pretty astounding considering I really only started this blog as a public log of my journey to the gold cap!

As my readership has grown and my blogging style has evolved I feel that many new readers may not know the purpose for which Nerf Faids was created.  I want to lay out a brief history and mission statement here so people understand where I'm coming from and can hopefully abandon some off-base expectations.

The Beginning
Nerf Faids began as a public journal.  While I hoped my writing may help others it was mostly a place for me to collect my thoughts and keep a log on my journey to the gold cap.  I did not create Nerf Faids to teach others to make gold, it was only a soap box and place to share my own experiences and thoughts.

The Purpose
I believe as time has gone on that readers and others in the blog community have grown to see Nerf Faids as a place for good gold making information, and I imagine that I'm largely at fault for that.  As people began asking my advice my posts became more targeted for the situations of others, more about tips and less about my journey.  Once I'd reached the gold cap it was rare that I was using a new strategy and so I started writing more from a theory point of view, even starting to make tips in video guide format and the like.  I like people to like what I put out and the videos and tips seemed to get great feedback, so I kept putting them out.

Understand, though, that Nerf Faids to me has always, at its heart, been my soap box.  I'm glad that so many people have enjoyed reading it and that many people have found my tips useful. However, remember that the tips are meant to be incidental; a little extra on the side if you will.  Nerf Faids is, to me, my place to voice my thoughts and opinions.

My Promise to You
Nothing.  I promise my readership nothing.  I will write what I wish to write when I wish to write it.  I will try to write well and with responsibility.  I will not write a post because I feel obligated by the community.  In the past I have felt pressure to write or delete posts on account of the community. I deleted one earlier today, in fact.  Not again.  From here on out my only promise is one I make to myself: That I'll be true to what I want to write about, not what I think makes my audience happy.

I do not monetize; I have never received a dime from any of my blogging or Youtube efforts.  I do not accept donations because I do not write for the purpose of pleasing others; I write because I like to write and I make it public in case someone should happen to want to read it.

What I Expect of You
If you don't like reading my blog don't read it. No one's forcing you to stay.  I will not pander to the whims of a fickle audience and morph my writing to please any entitled body. Likewise I don't expect you to pretend to like my writing and continue coming if you don't like it. Don't like what I'm writing? Vote with your traffic and don't click links to Nerf Faids.

With that, I hope that those enjoy my writing will stay and enjoy it in the future. I hope that those who do not enjoy my writing will recognize this and perhaps find blogs that are more suited to their tastes.  Regardless, I hope this allows everyone to understand my stance. I do not write this blog to be a pillar of light in the gold-making community or to carry upon my shoulders the gold makers of the future. I write this blog for me.


  1. Write for you not others, this is the only truth, about blogging no more no less, in the end you will be satisfied.
    Do not lets others to put you down.
    I am no expert or even a good blogger, but like you, I stay true to what I am and to what I think.


  2. This sounds like a follow up post to some bullshit childish "gold blogging" community drama.

    Ever since I left, happily, from blogging about World Of Warcraft I have found one thing to be true. ALL GOLD BLOGGERS ARE FULL OF SHIT. Honestly after speaking to you I don't consider you a gold blogger because. Was always aware of your intentions. Everyone else lives in a state of delusion and Narcissism that is astounding. Do any of yo think you are ACTUALLY buildng a fanbase and providing ground breaking content fo your "readers". C'mon snap into reality, what you writing about is what people who are smart don't need a blog to understand.

    World of Warcraft isn't some entity that is hiding secret get rich quick schemes and you bloggers are discovering azeroths secrets to riches. Your just doing what people are already doing without having to read a blog to grasp.

    Stop stroking your friggn egos and play the game.

  3. WOW Adam, that is your opinion, and I respect that, but why all the hate?
    You had a blog about gold making in wow didn't you?

    Was it so bad the experience?

    I do not agree whit you in the part of the "full shit" thing, because I sympathize whit some "gold bloggers" and some seams nice people, and I enjoy reading some blogs, but yes there are some Egomaniacs in the blog sphere and RL money is a goal to some.

  4. I have always written for myself, or I probably would not still be writing today.

    It is a blog, not a newspaper article. Enjoy it. Oh, and btw my verification word was

  5. Faid; Belated Happy Birthday

    Adam, be civil; I notice from your profile that you appear to claim another blog involved in the controversy.

  6. I was disappointed when you deleted your earlier post.

    I'll never know how it ended! I read the small part that showed on the TUJ page, then when I clicked the more it kept saying deleted. It was like starting the first page of a book, only to leave it sitting on the subway never to read more.

    Anyways, I like your blog, it's good reading. Keep doing things your way. :P

  7. Gotta have personality in blogging. I enjoy posts that aren't all about gold sometimes.

    I missed out on the deleted post ttoo. Should bring it back :p

  8. I have been completely civil. I havent said one thing that isnt 100% true.

    I left "wow gold blogging" because the entire thing is a sham. I went from 0 to 2,300 viewers/day in a month and was making money from adsene and affiliate links and then it dawned on me....I was scamming people for information tey can get for free anywhere else. I wasnt doing anyting original and neither are ANY of the gold blogs now. Its a racket from the ground up.

    All of them lik to write their horible articles and feel like they are contributing to a cause when they arent. They arewriting about something that anyone payin attention already knows.

    None of you need these blos, youre smart people. If you think ANY of these bloggers blog "because they enjoy it." Just look at how many affiliate links and adsense banners they have. Want me to call out the disingenuous bloggers? Ok Everyone but Faid. EVERYONE else has tried to sell CRAP either a crappy guide or mini gide or affiliate link to some product, chances are, they dont own thmselves.

    None of these bloggers are "celebrity" gold makers. They arent any better at it than you! They just devote all their time to it. You dont need any of these scam artists to help you get wow gold. USE YOUR BRAIN!

    Also, im NOT a part of JMTC. I dont even know what the latest controversy these whiney bloggers are talkin about this tme. Honesty i dont care, they all suck horribly.

    Pardon my spelling im on my phone.

  9. @Alberthus99999

    Don't you know by now that Adam is nothing more than a troll on twitter and blog commenting troll?

    Don't feed the trolls and maybe they will go back to hiding under a bridge.

    Fuqq 'em Faid. Right about whatever you want. It's your blog.

  10. Yup, clearly ive only com here to troll. Gimmie a friggin break Cold. You have NO reason to be mad at me. Cause I asked for a bannr on JMTC for A2A? What a crime! All we did was ASK. Why would I NOT be gratefull to Markco for that?

    Literally the only thing ive everdone to you is be backed by JMTC. Grow the hell up, ive done jack shit to you.

  11. Thanks for the head up Cold, Adam I don't have anything against you or anything similar, I was just trying to understand your point of view.
    But I understand now.
    I am just surprise by your reaction, but I don not know your story so.
    But peace out there Adam.

  12. Hey Faid, I read the deleted post in full, and it was interesting to see your thought process behind it all, and also to see the kind of questions your blog attracts.

    However, I don't get why you deleted that post (leaving up the post it refered to). Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to explain why you deleted a post that explained your stance on another post only to replace it with an explanation of your stance on your blog.

    What I'm trying to say is... while the internet is a fickle place and you couldn't possibly please everyone even if you tried... there's a bunch of us that really enjoy your writing, and would have also stood by your post had you left it up. To us (oh no, I've gone all plural like Flux), your manifesto is self evident, and we'd like to offer you our support (even if you don't expect it).

  13. @Adam

    Yeah right. I was friendly with you until I found ouch how much a lying, backstabbing, 2 faced POS you are.

    If we are all so full of shit, then why are you even here troll boy?

  14. "You have NO reason to be mad at me. Cause I asked for a bannr on JMTC for A2A? What a crime! All we did was ASK. Why would I NOT be gratefull to Markco for that?"

    That has nothing to do with why I don't like two-faced people like you.

    In Logic what you are doing is called "The Straw Man Fallacy" where you create some shit out of thin air, then create your defense against that fake arguement (the straw man you built on your own to knock down.) When in reality, your little story has nothing to do with a logical or sound arguement because you made that shit up yourself.

    Go back to the troll bridge you crawled out from under. Gold blogging is much quieter without your big mouth running off talking shit and making stories up.

    Have a good day sir.

  15. And now for something completely different (Monty Python). I enjoy your work Faid, thank you for your work (and your voice ;)).

  16. Damnit Critical too wants to know how to mysterious post ends. How dare you cliffhang us loyal Faid Readers.

  17. @Alberthus99999
    I dont come here to Troll at all, Cold just doesn't have anything intelligent to say when someone makes a valid claim so he screams Troll...ALL THE TIME.

    I posted on Faids article because I have been a voice on these crappy scams and pseudo guides since day one. This GoldCrusher thing was just another full of shit "Gold blogger" trying to make a buck and I gave my two cents on the subject.

    Did I really go out of my way to start anything with Cold in any of this? No I didn't and just like always it is everyone else who gets attacked. This bullcrap he is starting now is the very reason why I, as well as many others, have developed a complete distain for gold bloggers and their constant barrage of bullcrap.

    Like always I didn't start this crap.

  18. @Cold Dude cut the shit already seriously. You are one of the WORST ones as far as fronting a blog for gains. You've got your entire blog RIDDLED with friggin affiliate links. You are above and beyond anyone else the poster child for my claim of bloggers being full of shit.

    You cannot talk about anyone being full of themselves or being a troll. You come here and talk about this WowCrusher being a scame yet you have affiliates for:

    Warcraft Rockstar
    Gold Secrets Revealed
    Zygor Guides
    Wow Pets Guide
    Teenagers Gold Guide
    Dugi Guides
    Black Friday Deals

    And your hocking an affiliate link for SWTOR, your constant barrage of affilliate links for amazon products you "Support" on twitter.

    Gimmie a god damn break you have no right to talk or call me a troll just for calling out your bullshit. Maybe you dont accuse anyone else of trying to get rich off their readers when you are far, far, FAR worse than anyone else in the enire community.

    Excellent Article FAID!

  19. @Adam
    Blogs are places where this information that is available for free can be found without having to search hundreds of forum posts. The same could be said for eguides etc.
    People pay for the convenience.
    My little bog is just that, it has some farming info on it but it was just a place to put my thoughts and experiences. But I don't make any money from it and wouldn't choose to do so.

    Also without those gold blogs, erm where is this free information coming from?

  20. @ faid I agree with many of your sentiments and the best thing you can do is write for yourself, don't let the nay sayers get you down and do what you like and have a passion for.

    @ adam people are entitled to blog and write about what they want, if they so choose to have affiliate link on those pages so be it. No one is forcing you to either read or click on these links.

    Aren't you rather embaressed that you stand here commenting on peoples blogs bagging them for writing and having links, when the blogs you wrote where full of them and you where connected to JMTC who is the biggest affiliate pimp going.

    If you have no love for " the gold community " or WOW that is your own opinion and your rite to have one, but all your doing is making yourself look a fool.

    The door is down there on the left if you don't like what your reading, leave. instead of leaving comments laced with vile and tripe trying to stir trouble.

    Please close it once your gone.

  21. Faid, congrats on a year. Thanks for your honest opinions and useful information.

    @ adam: a couple of comments just to illustrate why you seem to be part of the problem rather than the solution:

    1) Your post is replete with opinions (all gold bloggers are full of shit, what you writing ((sic)) is what people who are smart don't need a blog to understand, everyone has tried to sell crap, etc.). Then you claim that you "haven't written one thing that isn't 100% true". An opinion, by definition, is neither true nor false.

    2) I blogged for a while and enjoyed it. I never monetized my site. I posted many tips designed to help players who DON'T know gold making basics. Monetizing a site doesn't make it evil or make the information therein useless, however. Faid and others, including me, just don't see the point in making money for what we do (did). You monetized your site though.

    3) You bemoan the drama and then further the polemic by engaging in....drama.

    4) Just because someone is smart doesn't mean they innately KNOW how to most effectively make gold in the game. There are useful tips that help get players off to a good start. I can attest to having helped a great many players go from no gold to hundreds of thousands. I'm sure Faid and others have similar stories. Many of these examples are on my blog in the form of specific instructions and examples.

    Your feigned surprise at having elicited the responses above when you write such inflammatory statements as you did. Please don't use blog comments to further your opinions. Start your blog back up and write what you want. Piggy-backing Faid's readership to get your opinions read is a flawed strategy.

    As always Faid, write what you want when you want. Many of us will read and just be happy that you are always honest with us.

  22. @wragstoriches

    I dont have an issue with an affiliate link. I have an issue with taking the popular side of something and yet having the affiliate link because it pays you. In the industry we call those people schills. Also its incredibly disingenuous to support a product you've never personally tried.

    THAT is where my claim of bloggers being "full of shit" comes from. No genuine person supports a product or service they've never tried personally unless they only care about the monetary side of the promotion. There is NO other conclusion from that scenario.

    So if that makes me a troll, or part of the problem by making that claim--so be it. I'm not any worse than anyone else.

  23. @Kammler Lol im not suprised at all. This is how EVERY popular subject gets covered. There is someone whoe does the hard work--in this case FAID.

    Then bloggers try to ride on their successful work by writing their own "HEY LOOK AT ME I CARE TOO, IM AGAINST THIS SCAM." type article.

    FAID write a REVIEW. YOU ALL wrote posts saying "faid destroys scammer.", "faid crushes wow crusher!" You rode HER headline because it served your interests and in that sense they are all full of shit.

  24. Also my apologies my my horrible typing on my phone and my apparent inability to maintain a structure of past and present tense in th same thought.

  25. @ adam: w/e man. Use of the superlative just makes you seem a bit desperate. "You all", "everyone", etc. is just not true. Some did, some didn't. Casting a wide net may work for some things (i.e., fishing) but when you (individually) attempt to disparage an entire class of people (bloggers) it just doesn't work.

    Pick the ones with whom you disagree and call them out--on their sites--and just let this be.

    As always Faid, thanks for the platform.

  26. @ Adam

    If you don't like me, then who are you on my twitter feed or reading my site? And you're not a troll?

    You are the worst troll in the community. Go back to your bridge.

    Another Evil Amazon Affiliate

  27. Faid, I love what you do, and hope you keep doing it.


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