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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Catering to Holiday Shoppers

Most players will celebrate some form of gift-giving holiday within the next month. Those that don't probably will still recognize that most of their peers in game do and may give gifts even if they don't celebrate the holiday themselves, as it is the spirit of the season!

With WoW many people have strong friendships or more within the game and it can be difficult to get a friend an out-of-game gift, so in-game gifts become the next best thing. If we can identify what people usually give as gifts we can probably cater to some holiday shoppers over the next month.

Here are some things on my lists of common in-game gifts; feel free to add yours in the comments!

These big ticket items are usually more common to give to a best friend or spouse who also plays the game with you.  I received a Mekgineer's Chopper from my boyfriend back before I started making gold.  Since then my boyfriend has received from me a Vial of the Sands and a Spectral Tiger; I'd say his investment was a good one. ;P

Mounts probably won't fly off the shelves however expect to see a small but noticeable increase in demand for Vial of the Sands and Mekgineer's Choppers/Mechanohogs.

It seems pets are the normal go-to gift in this game.  Now that the Armory shows pets learned you can even avoid that annoying "I don't know if they already know it but I can't ask them without them figuring out what I'm getting them!" problem.  

The great thing about pets is that you can usually find one for any budget.  If you're on the low end of income you can maybe get a cross-faction vendor pet.  If you're looking to spend a bit more you can get that friend of yours an Argent Tournament pet.

This month I highly recommend stocking up on cross-faction vendor pets and Dalaran vendor pets as well as trying to flip some cross-faction Argent Tournament pets.  Any other pet will likely see an increase in demand as well, but these are some of the most easily obtained pets from a gold making standpoint and, being cross faction, they're less likely to be "already known" by the recipient so they're a great choice for gift buyers.

These seem to be less popular than pets or mounts, likely because upgrades are fleeting while mounts and pets stay with you forever.   However I know I've bought BoEs for friends in the past if I knew they really wanted that one particular piece.  I wouldn't buy anything for the purpose of flipping but if you've been trying to move that one item that just hasn't budged this may be a good time to try to liquidate it.

I'm sure there are more tips y'all know for providing gift shoppers, let's hear em!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving. T-5 hours for deliciousness at my house!


  1. I personally don't give WoW gifts over Christmas, not anyone I know well enough ingame to bother lol

  2. Nice article, it gives me an idea to push prices of pets up during the christmas season :)


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