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Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Your Regular Glyph Post

No, not more 30GGC.  Currently on that front I'm just keepin' on keepin' on and posting a few times a day at a 1c undercut with a 18g threshold.

Anyways, I'm still watching the Blizzcon livestream and there's tons of new information. Tons! I got my annual pass and I'm actually really psyched for the new expansion; I don't know how I feel about Pandaren or Monks but I like the revamp of the talent system a lot.

Here's the gold thought though:  With the massive change to how a player builds their character and how that character is played I imagine we may see some new glyph demand. For example, one of the end talents Paladins can choose makes Hammer of Wrath have no cooldown.  Well, this actually makes the Glyph of Hammer of Wrath possibly useful while before I don't believe any PvE paladins used it.

I think we may see a shift of in-demand glyphs, and of course we'll want to be getting ready to learn Monk glyphs.


  1. I think you might be mistaken about Hammer of Wrath. If you read carefully, Sanctified Wrath improves the Avenging Wrath cooldown. If you choose this talent, Judgement under protection and Holy Shock under Holy will loose their cooldown during those 20 or so seconds, while HoW will simply become available (since it isn't usually available when the mob is over 25% health).

    This is the same effect we have now with Sanctified Wrath. The difference are the protection and holy effects, so it shouldn't affect the HoW glyph. It could affect the Judgement and Holy Shock glyphs, though. That is, if that talent actually remains as is come release.

  2. @Nikola: True! I just went back and looked at it and you're certainly right. I'm not sure if I just didn't read it thoroughly (I'm a skimmer, to be sure!) or I was too busy consoling my hunter boyfriend over the loss of melee weapons but yep, you're right!

    However, the point still stands even if my example was poor: The abilities people use and the way they use them may change quite a bit and glyph makers will want to be on the lookout. :)


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