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Friday, September 2, 2011

A real gold-making challenge.

Don't worry, this isn't going to be a Rift gold making blog or anything!  I just wanted to make one post which I think will be interesting for those who truly wish to truly test their gold-making mastery.

Often gold makers, particularly gold bloggers, seem to want to test themselves, often by starting fresh on a new server or by limiting themselves to one strategy, such as "How much gold can I make only using tailoring for a month?"

I've enjoyed challenging myself in those sorts of ways and I know several others have as well.  But how challenging is it, really, when you are packed full of knowledge about the game and gold-making?   Your average new player will loot an item and not really know WTF to do with it? Are these stats useful for twinks? Will this DE into something valuable? Can you even DE this thing?

While we may handicap our resources by starting anew in WoW we are always carrying with us the most powerful tool we have: Knowledge of the game.  For those who are new who may not have this there are so many amazing resources like wowhead, gold blogs, etc.

Readers of Faid Plays and my followers on Twitter may already know I've been looking into Rift.  I'm going to post a full, non-economy oriented post about my thoughts on Rift to date at Faid Plays.  But chances are if you come here you have an interest in gold-making, particularly for WoW.

I've been playing Rift for about four days now.  There are a lot of similarities, which is to be expected, and so the concepts of gold-making are similar while the territory is very unfamiliar.  Each character can have three professions instead of two but the professions are pretty basic. Here's a little chart of profession synergy from the Rift wiki:

Generally speaking, though there are some differences:
  • Foraging = Herbalism + Wood Gathering/Processing
  • Butchery = Skinning + Gathering of other "animal parts" like teeth and bones
  • Mining = Mining
  • Apothecary = Alchemy
  • Outfitter = Tailor + Leather Armor
  • Armorsmithing = Blacksmithing + Chain Mail
  • Weaponsmithing = Melee + Ranged Weapons
  • Artificing = Jewelcrafting + Caster weapons
  • Runecrafting = Enchanting

This is basically all the knowledge I have about professions so far.  I went with the tried and true starting professions of Butchery/Foraging/Mining to sell raw goods.  I've enjoyed the starting area enough to roll some alts and have added a Runecrafter (DE and sell raw DE mats) and an outfitter to eventually make and sell bags.

I am wholly uneducated about the Rift world and making gold(platinum) but am slowly learning.  This is truly the first challenge I've had to my gold-making skills in a very long time.  If there are addons to help with posting and cancelling auctions I've not found them; it's laborious and reminds me a lot of my time before QuickAuctions 3. There's a Rift Wiki but no Rifthead (that I've found anyways) and more often than not I look at an item and don't know half of what it could be used for.

This is a true challenge of my gold-making abilities and one I would love to see others engage in, if they have the time and ability to.  Unfortunately I know Rift doesn't interest many, and for many two game subscriptions is out of the question, but damn, this is a fun experience to be a complete noob again!


  1. Love the post! This happened to us a while back when Aion first came out. It was a challenge, which was a nice change from making gold in WoW. It was also a breath of fresh air. My challenge to wow gold capped players? To jump into a new MMO and see if you can master the economy and become just as successful as you are in WoW.

    Stokpile does write a lot of stuff about Rift if you were interested. I think last time I heard he had made 1000 plat.

  2. Yup - good read Faid, as usual :) I was going to say Stokpile has moved over to Rift stuff on his blog in his own inimitable style - I can't run Rift on my PC but I still read his stuff! lol


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