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Monday, September 5, 2011

Observing the Competition

Almost immediately after hitting the million I stopped producing new stock with the intent to take a breather.  So, blog dates tell me I've been out of the competitive glyph business for about two months!

I have no actual stats on the average price of glyphs on my server but I can tell you they've raised in my absence. Last night I spent a few hours refreshing my stock and what would have been worth about 15000g in the past I posted up for around 31000g, so clearly the glyph prices have raised dramatically in the absence of competition.

Most of the names are the same. Some were thorns in my side, some were toiling away for my amusement as far as I could tell.  There's one new name, though, that intrigues me.  I've been poking them with sticks, aka observing their posting habits and such, to see just what kind of auctioneer they are. 

They play a level 85 priest named Veisse.  There's a chance I know an alt/main of theirs, but this character is new to me. However, given  their activity, I believe they are new to glyphs, if not new to the AH game.  Here are my observations:

  • They do their banking and auctioning in Darnassus.  This strikes me as a "noob" move; the deserted town may allow some privacy but the long trek from the bank to the AH, even on a mount, is a waste.  For privacy you're much better off in Shattrath.
  • They don't have all the glyphs yet.  They only sell a fraction of glyphs and not necessarily the most profitable ones, showing they don't have all the glyphs or have a poor way of deciding what glyphs to craft/sell.  This implies they're new and just starting out with glyphs.
  • They don't have a dedicated account for their posting toon or have several toons on one account handling different markets. They are constantly logging in if I undercut them, then logging back out.  They have something they need to do on a different toon they play on that account, be it a main they're actually playing on or a different posting character.  This makes their posting activity incredibly transparent and, while unavoidable for most, is an unfortunate mistake.
  • They do seem to be using an addon such as TSM; as they do seem to undercut quickly and efficiently. This combined with a glyph-posting toon outfitted with Inscription bags are the only thing that makes me think this person may be serious about making gold with glyphs. 

Perhaps they will learn, perhaps they will be driven out.  Either way's fine with me.  I enjoy observing my competition and trying to figure out what kind of player they are by their actions but at the end of the day it doesn't change my attitude too much, I'm too fickle to care too much about what others are doing.  I just love observing new players enter the glyph market, I always kind of wonder if they know what they've gotten themselves into.

Secondary Note: So I haven't done a Gold Rush in a while!  What profession would y'all like to see next?


  1. Having a dedicated account for AH stuff would be such a luxury. However, as much as I enjoy making gold in-game, there's no way in the world I'd be willing to pay more RL money to make it easier or to make more.

  2. I'd like to see tailoring for the next gold rush personally.


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