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Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Longer Gold Capped! :O

Look at it there, bein all smug and gold-sink-ish. 210k currently invested in it. But that's not where our story starts!  No, our story starts a few weeks ago.

During my "meh, I may quit WoW" period I decided that I wanted to spend a lot of my gold.  I donated about 160k to my guild bank for repairs and such for the raiders, and set out looking for a Swift Spectral Tiger.  Because I wasn't willing to work cross-server my options were very limited.  Eventually I got in touch with a player on my server.

He was going to buy the loot card for himself in early October. However, he only wanted the non-epic version as he already had the epic. He wanted to know if I would commit to buying his epic version so he had a buyer lined up.  We came to a deal of 400k for the epic version when he bought the loot card.

Now, I have instant buyer's remorse in this game.  I don't like making big purchases, especially if they put me below a previously achieved milestone in gold making.  Though I would never back out of a deal I made I was definitely feeling some remorse over the deal as my interest in WoW rekindled and the idea of spending about 1/3 of my gold hit me.  Do I need this much gold on hand?  No, but I like to have it.

Two days ago something odd happened. TCG mounts on my server are pretty rare, so I was really shocked to see two Amani Dragonhawks and two Blazing Hippogryphs appear on the AH simultaneously.  I hate both these mounts, so I skipped over them, but I saw that both hippogryphs were bought, one dragonhawk was bought and the other was bought and reposted for twice the amount.

Then tonight I check the AH for mounts once more and find two Reins of the Spectral Tiger and two Mottled Drakes on the AH. It's raining TCG mounts up in this hizzle.  One tiger and one drake were bought nearly instantly.  The other two sat there while I stared at them, trying to make up my mind.

I contacted the guy I had a deal with for the tiger, a deal which was set to go down in about two weeks.  I told him that the non-epic version he wanted was on the AH and if he wanted to buy it to save some IRL cash I wouldn't mind if he backed out of the deal. (A way to relieve my buyer's remorse while not letting the seller down? Yes please!)

He didn't have enough gold at the time, though, having just bought a Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger to flip and a few other things  And so a new deal was struck. I bought the non-epic version off the AH and put it onto my bank.  I will hold onto it until Halloween.  He has that time to make 230k (20k more than I spent, a "low" return but he's always been a really genuinely nice guy so I'm fine with it) and buy it from me.  After that I will either try to sell it or will learn it myself.

So this will more than likely be a long, drawn out, 20k profit.  However, since this also removes my need to invest 400k I'm no longer really interested in investing I consider it a win.

Now here's the other situation: I wanted to make some more gold. 20k is great, but I want some gold now!  The Mottled Drake was on the AH for 69k.  I figured that I would finally bite the bullet and take a risk.  I bought the Mottled (I wasn't tempted to learn it, as I bought this mount for myself quite some time ago) and decided 100k would be a good asking price, but I'd go to 90k for a fast sell. Sure enough in less than two minutes I'd sold it for 90k.   Quick 21k profit? Yes please!

So that's my first adventure with mount flipping; so far it's gone pretty well.  It's not something I intend to do often, as the investment is mroe than I like to put into a speculative venture, but I'm feeling good about this so far.  21k in 2 minutes from one, and likely a 20k profit/helping out a friend from the other.


  1. MoxNix over at The Gold Mint recently noted something strange about TCG mounts on their server AH.

  2. I just hit gold cap, then spent 600k on Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger, which I've wanted since BC and have only once seen on my realm's AH. I totally get where you're coming from!

    That being said, I only had a little buyer's remorse after the purchase - I love my new wheels lol. I made my million gold once, I can do it again if I choose to.

    ~ Sera


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