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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Return of Liquidate

I've taken a week or so break from raiding, about three week break from the AH. It felt pretty good and I actually was intending to quit WoW officially.  Today, though, I logged in for raid after my official raid-vacation ended and . . . I enjoyed myself a lot.  I liked raiding even though we were working a boring fight (going back to finish up some T11 Heroics we didn't finish.)

From the day I started playing on Argent Dawn there was a player on the server that personified the WoW goblin in my eyes.  He was the guy selling Small Eggs during Winterveil for 100g per egg.  Unrelated to my arrival, he seemed to disappear right around the time I started my gold-making.  I was actually kind of sad to never be able to work the AH at the same time as he did.

I logged on today after my raid break to see that, after over a year of not seeing him, he was back and back to the gold-making game.  I'm not sure where he went and I've not yet identified what markets he's currently working but I think it's got me interested in gold-making again.

I'm back, and ready for more. =D


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