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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

I was never really one to try to control markets, play games with pricing, or worry much about what other people were doing in my markets. I put my head down and pushed forward to my goal little by little. Now that I've met it I am suddenly feeling free to use my gold in whatever way I wish.

After a day or so of being a minor nuisance for my competition something became clear to me.  I've engaged in very very shortlived annoyance missions with competition before but, as I am so fickle, they are pretty much worthless since they learn how quickly I fold.  I am not a market manipulator, I am not a "strong competitor."

So it was time to put up or shut up and I decided for once I would get more satisfaction from being able to control a market and keep it down, helping others, than being able to reap profits I don't really need.  Since yesterday afternoon I've crafted 10 of every glyph (with plenty of materials for more) and have set my TSM to keep prices at 30g per glyph or less.  While I think that 70-125g is an ideal glyph price I've decided that, as I can make a good profit at 30g/glyph this is a good rate.

The surprising bit is my profit is still higher than it ever was before.  I usually had 7-10k gross days with about a 35k net per week.  My first day back, before the glyph shenanigans, I had a 27k day (wtf? I'll take it!) and since switching over to my 30g glyph set I've already grossed 12k.

I'm not sure if people are more willing to buy glyphs when they're 30g instead of 70+, and thus I'm getting more sales, or if the demand has increased in my absence, but I'm loving this.  I'm to the point that I honestly don't intend to go back to "expensive" glyphs. I've written int he past about how apalled I was about the high price of glyphs hordeside and how I wanted to bring those prices down to Alliance-ish 125g/glyph prices.  That didn't work out so well since I didn't want to dedicate time to Horde as it wasn't my main faction.

I feel like this is a better way to help other players indirectly.  I am making enough profit to stay afloat and honestly enough to make it worth my time without having to gut the other players on my server and I like that. I have plenty of gold, I don't need to gouge the shit out of strangers.  I think that I would really like to see if I can keep the prices for glyphs on Argent Dawn US-Alliance sub 30g indefinitely.


  1. Its an amazing phenomenon no? Who would have thunk, sell at a lower reasonable price (thats still profitable) might result in more sales and overall more profit. Its so outside the box its crazy!

    Maybe with a reputable blogger like yourself posting about it, readers wont so easily write off this sort of strategy without trying it first.

    All glyphs + low price is a very powerful combo people. It drives out all but the most serious glyphers.

    This is a bit outdated but might be useful in your quest for world domination (for glyphs anyway):

    If it is please please let me know. According to Foo and Bree its not a viable strategy on Cael. But who knows. Maybe they're just lazy to make 6,880 glyphs (or in Foo's case since he sells both sides, almost 14,000 glyphs).

    /sigh imagine the profits from selling that many glyphs. Yup you're right, it would be in the billions. Now thats how Critical likes to roll. Think big people. Richard Branson hair big.

  2. First point.. high prices drive people to spend more time in trade to get a crafter or wait few days for their friend to log on and craft... ehhh... time is money on both sides...

    Second point... LOWES home improvemnt ONE BLOCK from HOME DEPOT??? CVS on the same street corner as Walgreens??? In my head this is bad... too much competition... However I was informed that right next to each other sales go up for both??? I guess its the mall shopping idea, shopper shopping usually end up buying... and destination shoppers w/ options find prices they like??? Take your local area "Auto Mall" audi, benz, chevy, ford, porsche, cadilac, mercury, lincoln, GMC, toyota, Hyundai, Honda???? all right next to each other...

    Hmmmm, now I struggle to actually make the point of the second part... but it seems to apply... competion drives sales? Shoppers will buy if the price is right? They feel the price is right based on what they see in the market from shopping...

    Time is money?? and yeah... we are a fickle species..

  3. Why? I still don't get why you'd choose to do this. Ignoring for the moment that by pure luck it (temporarily) turned out to be more profitable, all I can think of is that what you're really doing is playing an extreme variant of the deep-undercut to drive out your competition at which point the potential glyphs ceiling can become even higher than before.

  4. @HolyWarrior: I've talked a fair bit about the plan, how it came about, and what I expect of it in posts made after this one, check em out. :)


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