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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Transmogrification Means for Us

At last the players have received something they've been clamoring to have for a very long time: The ability to make your gear look like a different piece of gear for cosmetic purposes.  In 4.3 transmogrification will allow you to change your armor and weapon's appearances to look like something else, with limitations.

One of the biggest limitations is that you'll need to actually own the item you're attempting to appear to be wearing.  (This is the only thing keeping half the server from wearing Warglaives, I assure you!)  Though everyone has their own tastes there are certain items that many will agree are fan favorites, such as legendary weapons or tier outfits, particularly sets like Judgement and Bloodfang. (I was looking for a shield to match my Judgement earlier today.)

Now a lot of players collect and save old gear but there are far more that never got it, or got it and threw it away.  With the ability to transmogrify I predict we'll see an influx of people farming old content for gear they want. 

What I anticipate happening is going to be an odd upheaval for old trash drops, particularly Sulfuron Ingots and Elementium Ingots.  More people will likely be farming MC for Bindings and Eyes of Sulfuras or tier gear, likewise with BWL for tier sets.  On the other hand, we'll also see a spike in demand for people who acquired their bindings or their Eye and now need the trash drops to form it.

It could honestly go either way so I wouldn't recommend making huge investments just yet, but I'd say keep an eye on these markets as well as those for other items. (Watch for BC epic gems to cut and vendor for profit when all the DKs, Rogues, and Warriors start farming Warglaives, for example.)

Edited to Add: Fox Van Allen on Twitter sent me a follow up blue post stating that legendaries will not be able to be used in Transmogrification (which is ridiculous since they clearly have the classic Sulfuras right in one of their Transmogrification screenshots.)

This changes things in the sense that now there will be people farming tier gear but not legendaries so it makes prediction a bit easier.  Without a huge increase in demand for legendaries but more people likely farming the content for tier items you'll probably see a rise in supply for Ingots and the like with a mild increase in demand from people who just happen to pick up the required items en route.


  1. The royal crest of lordaeron matches best with judgement, dawnforged defender also matches up well.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was very excited until the note that one must own the item which one uses as the model for the transmogrification.

    I guess that's ok for those who saved the gear or have want to farm it but I'm not all that thrilled about farming old content for an item I want to use as a model.

    Many will, I just don't think I will.

    I would have been much happier if the transmogrification would have been a crafter skill--Leatherworker can learn to TM leather items, BS for plate, etc. ((I supposed each for Mail)). The gold making possibilities had me excited.

  4. I think Transmogrification will be cool, allowing you to change your armor and weapon’s appearance specially when bored when seeing someone dress same as you. Also this will be a new ways on How to get gold in WoW, if you can market materials needed.


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