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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on what I'm up to lately. I've grown very bored with WoW. I go through these ups and downs with the game so I'm sure I'll be back eventually but for now WoW holds absolutely no interest for me.  I still log on for raids but that's about it and the only reason I do that is because I made a commitment to the other players in my raid, not because I'm dying to raid.

I've been spending a lot more time outside walking around town and such during the day and at night I've been playing other video games. Contrary to what I assume is popular belief I'm not a huge fan of RPGs.  My favored genre above all else is Survival/Horror.  Sunday was my birthday and I bought Dead Space 2 and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I couldn't recommend either of them highly enough.  Dead Space was just as good as the previous if not better and Amnesia was just phenomenal.

(This is coming back to WoW in a moment, just humor me as a belated birthday gift.) Amensia is unlike any game I've ever played.  It reminded me of a cross between Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and the "Room" browser-based puzzle games with an atmosphere as scary as Fatal Frame.  If you like Survival Horror please give it a shot.

Anyways, I beat both Dead Space 2 and Amnesia already and tonight I sat down to probably go back to WoW. I logged onto my bank toon and my scribe to restock glyphs and . . . I just sat there. I stared at the screen and couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to do in-game.

I've always been goal-driven.  In games the goal is to beat the game or to get 100% completion or to get all the endings. In WoW there is no "I'm done" moment; it's an endless grind to get you ready for the next endless grind and right now I'm  just not feelin it.  Maybe it's because I reached my 1 million goal and so now I'm looking for another one and just not seeing anything appealing. Not sure.

So I've decided to take a step back.  Faidian Slips, for those who may not remember, were originally on a weekly schedule of . . . Tuesdays I think.  But as I tried to conform to that schedule I would often find myself with nothign I cared to talk about and the videos would end up being dull blather that I doubt many found interesting.

I don't want my blog to end up like that as well.  If my heart's not in it I don't want to put out lackluster posts just for the sake of posting.  If I can't post quality I'd rather not post at all, ya know?

I'm not going to announce an official break and I can pretty much guarantee you I'm not quitting the blog scene, but I do think you'll probably see posts from me less often though I hope that when they do appear you'll find them interesting, helpful, and/or thought provoking.  Regardless of what happens thanks for being a terrific readership. =]

Unrelated side-note: If anyone wants to be BFFs on Steam (As most of the games I'm playing lately have me on Steam) just post your info and I'll add ya. 


  1. While I respect you for doing it, I don't think you should raid if you don't enjoy it. You need to think more about yourself and not others. Surely your guild understands if you want to have a little break. :) And if not, then there's better guilds out there!

    Everyone needs it now and then.

  2. @Kuja: I'd never leave my guild, I love all of them. =D My issue isn't with raiding, it's only 12 hours a week and it's a nice activity to do together with my boyfriend.

    I'm just not spending 5 hours each day in WoW on top of raiding is all. :P

  3. I've only seen a few of your videos and just now read your blog and already it's got me wanting to go back into wow. And also take a look at Amnesia!

    On the other note steam is the devil! I spent far too much money on games just because they were in the sale :(

  4. Happy belated Birthday!

    You and the caffeine, smokes and ah fees, are my favourite blogs atm, but sometimes it's nice to take a break from stuff, play other games or do other things.

    For me the more gold milestones I hit in wow the more I lose interest for a bit after each. That's usually when I take a break, watch tv and forget to log on for a week or two, then when I do return I am more motivated and enjoy it more. (I also have more new competitors that have closed in on my markets in my absence. i think this helps motivate me more tho)

  5. Faid - I'd be interested in reading posts from you that were just about the games you're playing - even if it doesn't include WoW. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Faid, I hear ya. Thats why I left Runescape. (Laugh if you want) because I was rich, I had all the skills I wanted, I had all the items I wanted, and there was no real challenge in the game for me, so I came to WoW. I've had times still, in WoW, where I log in and say what am I going to do. I, like you, are goal driven. If you can't find a goal, then stop. I found that leaving for a while when I still had interest in a game was better then total burn out. I hope you find something fun to play until you start enjoying WOW greatly again! (Maybe roll a warrior, hint hint. :P)

  7. I second the feeling of growing bored with WoW lately.

    It feels like I am logging in just to check my mail, toss a few items up on the AH, then back to slaving away on the new dailies for alts.

    Rinse and Repeat...Boring

  8. When I "hit the wall" recently I just abandoned the whole AH scene and rolled a L1 Mage on a new server. Starting with nothing and playing the Horde quests from scratch was just a kick in the ass.

    Threw up a DK for farming--'cause I needs me precious, right? Just enough time spent on the DK to get my Mage new bags and such.

    After I hit 85 with my Mage I went back to my main. I was refreshed--for playing the game, not the AH.

    Now I'm just doing enough to tread water in the AH--earning back what I spend on my playing toons.

    The only other time I really took a break I just logged off for three weeks. Never clicked the icon once. When I returned I was refreshed.

    Good luck as you find your way through this muddled time. I love your blog and will peruse the archives if you aren't putting up new content.


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