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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WTFaid?: Up-Tight Tanking!

Welcome to another installment of WTFaid?, a semi-regular column in which I discuss things that might not directly impact gold making, but that I want to talk about nonetheless. If you're looking for gold-specific tips, check out my archive and blog roll! If you're looking to get some insight into the mind of Faid, God help you. Also, read on!

I'm an up-tight tank and I doubt I'm the only one, which likely leads to longer queue times.

TL;DR: If more people cared about how they played and treated others in low level dungeons maybe tanks wouldn't be so frustrated and cynical by 85.

I enjoy tanking, I currently have three level 85 tanks and am leveling three more for fun. It's just my favorite way to play, and I doubt I'm zomgamazing but I think I'm better than your average RDF tank in how I play.

But I imagine some people don't like my attitude. I don't nitpick strangers who aren't doing everything perfect, and in general I won't even speak unless spoken to. Usually I think of randoms like prison: I want to do my time quietly and without incident and get out. Luckily I can usually run heroics with my guild and don't have to deal with level-capped randoms.

The problem I'm running into are on leveling my alt tanks. Tonight I've tried to do three randoms.

The first was normal Blackrock Caverns on my Arms/Prot warrior. I queued as Arms for a change of pace and it went decent for the first couple pulls. Without any explanation the tank left and was replaced rather quickly with a paladin. The paladin proceeded to pull Corla along with two trash packs. Luckily normals are ajoke and we didn't wipe. The paladin's threat was awful but, as we were doing okay, I didn't nitpick. (See? I'm not an elitist jerk, I just don't like stupid people and if people are being bad but not stupid, meh, we'll survive.)

As we got further in though the paladin started dying on every pull, not that it mattered since, despite my best omen-watching efforts, I had aggro from half the pull anyways. Turns out, as he told us, he hasn't visited his trainer in 15 levels because he cannot afford training. :| Someone else initiated a votekick which passed before I could even vote and I ended up tanking the rest of the instance.

The other two were on my level 65 Holy/Prot paladin. (Paladins are so fun. :D) I'm trying to learn Holy "from the ground up" so I healed the first. It was Mana Tombs. For those who don't remember the first boss in Mana Tombs is a shadow elemental that will "shift into the void" and all damage you deal is reflected back at you. Most of the party got low but stopped, but the DK in our group kept wailing on him so I didn't heal him. I was playing triage with all the other people who were low but not completely stupid about the reflection and couldn't be botehred to heal through his stupidity and let him die. I said nothing and rezzed him promptly.

For the next three pulls he proceeded to tell me I was a horrible healer for not healing him through it and it doesn't matter that he was doing the fight wrong and killed himself, it was my fault he died. I responded it wasn't my job to heal through stupidity and he put me on ignore, which is just fine by me. The instance continues with no real incident until we reached the second boss. Unrelated to the previous boss fiasco, the tank starts complaining that the ret paladin has Righteous Fury up. The tank and I both request the ret paladin remove Righteous Fury and he never does. The tank rounds up a huge room of mobs and, of course, the ret paladin pulls threat on most of them almost immediately and, but not for a LoH from himself, would have died. He then starts complaining about how I won't heal him. I say that, as I said before, I don't heal through stupid and I get votekicked. I'm not complaining I got vote-kicked, I could have just carried their fail quietly if I wanted, but instead I spoke up and got kicked. Meh. It's just a game, I'll survive. :P

I decide I don't want to deal with healing people who don't know how to play so I swap over to tank and queue again. Mana Tombs again. Group's going okay, we're moving through at a nice pace but the mage keeps pulling crap before I even have a chance. (There were no mana or AFK breaks, it's not like we were moving slowly.) This tends to cause problems with all the casters in the instance since I can't round them up easily and it gets very aggravating. I request he stop and he says "I didn't pull I got an instant proc and had to use it." -_-

I request once more he please stop pulling for me and he continues to do so and so we votekick him after the second boss. He then rolls a character on my realm to mock me for kicking him? /shrug I usually just find that amusing in a "u mad bro?" sense.

Is it any wonder that random pugs are sometimes (possibly often) a pain in the neck and get such a bad reputation when no one can play nice with the other kids in the room? If someone asks you to do something and there's no reason you can't, why shouldn't you? If you screw up why is it someone else's fault?

Perhaps if people treated everyone (not just tanks, they just seem to get teh brunt of it since so much of the "dungeon flow" rests on their shoulders) with respect the community wouldn't be the way it is today and we'd have an awful lot more successful pugs.


  1. I too had a bad night. I queued for healing on my 82 druid, and the wait was over 20 minutes. I ended up forgetting I was queued, and switched characters to help someone with a daily or quest. I then went back and queued again, and got into VP in around 8 minutes.

    I get in, and the party is half dead, so I'm like "uh oh", brez the pally tank, and then triage heal and we get thru the trash. I realized half way I was still in balance, so I switched and for once I got no flak for that. I usually get a why aren't you prepared or some other sillyness.

    The pally tank goes and I noticed two things, first my activity was hella high, and two I was going oom practically every pull. I don't think Ive drank that much since St Patty's day in like 2000, but I digress.

    I too am not an elitist, and I also don't play wow in a competitive manner, I don't care if you do your job badly, but I do want to get thru the dungeon in a semi timely fashion. Eventually, the tank gets vote kicked, and we get a new pally tank who was much much better, not quite perfect, but good enough in my book. So now instead of everyone going down and feeling like I'm BG healing, its decent.

    But then we get to the packs at the end of the instance, and the tank called for CC, which the mage was more than willing to do. Except the arms warrior kept attacking the CC target. So after the second time, I votekicked him and the group agreed. I can't remember the last time I actually initiated a vote kick on a non DC player. We then got another DPS and finished the instance pretty easily.

    Of course I could probably have let the out of control DPS die, but I really hate seeing dead players on my healbot. I mean to the point where I think it bugs me a ton more than it bugs them. So my own method of operation is if anyone dies, I should be OOM, blown my pot cooldown, etc, or it should be a one shot that I can't control.

    I contrast that with the 12 groups I had over the weekend, which actually were quite good, and quite enjoyable, sure we made mistakes, but no one bitched, and everyone seemed to learn.

  2. Ahh. I can completely relate. I know that tanks have a reputation as being prima donnas (and I'm sure some are...), but some people just don't like being given a simple request.

    Don't pull for the tank? Simple!
    Turn off your pally aura? Simple!

    Tanks catch a lot of flak and are often told to "grow up" and "deal with it." If I'm expected to babysit for the entire instance, I'd rather go elsewhere.

    Tanking is by far my favorite part of the game. Dealing with 12 year olds with attitude is not, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the post, and just know that there are a lot of us out there that completely agree with you and sympathize.

    -Sprinks (Spinebreaker)

  3. Like you, I tend to keep my mouth shut and just pull... or w/e roll I am in on...

    However I do not cater to stupid...

    DPS seem HELL BENT on SABOTAGING any every and all efforts tanks may make...


    Wait... no that is in a raid... in LFD DPS is all about recount/Skada meters...

    Fun moments, when I know I am a good tank and get kicked... lolz...

    The worst are the good players... like the ones that can beat me on dps... and take care of themselves for the most part... target random mob (not my target) pull agro... surprised.. no... blow CDs to burn it, and run away... if i am nice and taunt, it rarely gets back to me to hit it again, since they are still burning it... GAHHH...

    It is what it is...

    A moment of great fun... Blood furnace... dum dum pulled and then ran back to me.. so i ran away.. pulled more mobs.. and i kept running away... pulled another group and i KEPT running from him as he tried to get close to have me pick them up... RAWR... I tanked like to that decided to be friendly with the healer, and let them chase me all over as I stayed out of range for my swipe to hit the mobs on them... the healer would not res them, they quit group. and i would not que for a 5th... easier to just four man it than chance getting another idiot..

  4. People in pugs are such asshole. It is the main reason that my wife refuses to do Heroics. She does enough DPS for regular Heroics and doesnt have the greatest gear. People for some reason expect you to automatically do over 10k.

    I did an instance the other day with a guild group. One of the DPS did 3k DPS. It was abyssmal, but we cleared the instance with absolutely no problems. We didnt kick the dps. People who do more that double that get kicked for being "bad".

    It is one of the reasons why I rarely tank instances anymore. I am tired of douchbaggery.


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