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Monday, July 25, 2011

WTFaid?: How to make 10k gold in under 10 minutes.

Welcome to another installment of WTFaid?, a semi-regular column in which I discuss things that might not directly impact gold making, but that I want to talk about nonetheless. If you're looking for gold-specific tips, check out my archive and blog roll! If you're looking to get some insight into the mind of Faid, God help you. Also, read on!

GPH.  The MPG of the gold-making world.  How efficient is this strategy at making gold if you did it for one hour? Usually when you see the GPH stat it's something incredibly high (by that expansion's standards) to entice you to watch/read/listen.

I've decided to take a look at some.  I'm only going to look at Cataclysm specific videos and I want you guys to notice a trend here.  None of these strategies are universal and likely very few, if any, will work for most players.  I'll be sure to point out why.

Unfortunately most videos I ran into were ones with someone trying to sell you something and no tips even involved, but I'm going to pluck all those useless videos out and only go over the ones that contained actual tips, tricks, strategies, farming areas, etc. that are currently available/possible in WoW.  I am only choosing videos that claim you can make Xg in Y hours. If the tip requires a certain class, profession, etc. I'm assuming that I have the requirements as well, including Bountiful Bags and the like.

Video 1 - This video is about making 2,000g an hour farming Air in Uldum. 
   Why this isn't universal: 
  • This tip requires many things to be in your favor.  You must be able to quickly kill and loot the elementals; if you're less geared than this player you will likely take longer, impacting your gold per hour.
  • This tip requires a good price for Air on your server.  If your server's air is selling for less than his it will lower your gold per hour.
  • This tip requires a good demand for Air on  your server.  If I farmed this Air for 24 hours straight would I make 48,000g within that 24 hours?  Not likely, because I still have to sell off the air without flooding the market and lowering my profit.  Without a high enough demand you will have negative impact on your GPH.
Video 2 - This video claims to net you 1500g per hour farming Deviate Hatchlings in Wailing Caverns. This is pretty much the worst style of gold/hour video in my opinion.
    Why this isn't universal:
  • First off, the maker of the video lies and your instnace lockouts are shared across your entire account.  You cannot swap characters to get in an instance more often and thus you can only actually farm this for about 20 minutes tops, depending on how long it takes you.  (He also thinks you can have multiple DKs, so clearly he's never actually tested this strategy in the long run.)
  • He believes you will get one every fourth run or so.  With a drop rate of roughly %0.2 that's definitely false.
  • Even if the above facts weren't the case then you would also be limited by the amount of them you can sell.  There are only so many pet collectors per server and so, with all mob drop farms, you have to take into account how much they sell for on each different server and how many people are actually looking to buy one.
Video 3 -  This video claims you can make 3500g/hour with Jewelcrafting.  Apparently he "discovered something" (It's actually just the obsidium shuffle) and basically just prospects cheap ore.  I'll leave aside the fact that it doesn't work due to the change in vendor gems because not everyone updates their videos for new patches and that's not really a fault in my eyes. We'll assume that hadn't happened.
   Why this isn't universal:
  • The problem with claiming you get Xg per hour from something using goods that are farmed or purchased from other players is that chances are no one is getting the same deal. To keep up this 3500g/hour I would need to buy 214.2 stacks of Elementium Ore at 33g/per stack every single hour.  With supplies drying up, prices raising, and competitors buying it's just not sustainable and neither is this gold per hour.
  • As with anything you sell on the AH you also must take into account the changing AH prices per server.  Back when we were vendoring gems that created a great standard to use, but now that that's so low it's not really feasible to base gold per hour off of it and there is no longer an attractive gold per hour from vendoring gems, unfortunately.
Video 4 - This video claims you can make 3500g/hour with farming Stratholme. Now I love farming Stratholme for other reasons like Righteous Orbs so I'm interested in how this is going.  This tip relies on Mageweave Cloth (on the video maker's server selling for 15g/stack,) rare zone drop patterns, and enchanting materials.
  Why this isn't universal:
  • The video maker flat out claims that his server's economy is screwy and that the prices are "jacked up" ridiculously.  There's no way that his prices per item can translate into the same GPH on an average server. 
  • Same trap as all other farming: You'll flood the market if you post too much, the prices will fluctuate by server, and the GPH is not sustainable.
Video 5 - This video claims he made 40,000g/hour as a level 1.  That's not a typo. This guy apparently is going to tell us how to make 40k/hour as a level 1. The video centers around buying and flipping items on the AH using Auctioneer.
   Why this isn't universal:
  • This relies entirely on what deals are to be found on the AH at the time.  For players on low population realms, realms with poor AH economies, or realms with someone already performing this strategy there will be almost no gold to be made here.
  • Also, keep in mind that if this person's claim of 40k/hour is true he is able to make and sustain an income of 960,000g every single day.
Video 6 - This video claims to make 2000g/hour farming Whiptail in Uldum.  It's awesome because they used Dota by Basshunter, which makes me happy everytime I hear it.  Basically there's nothing informative  in this video, it's "watch me farm Whiptail in a really choppy video." (Hey I made one of those!)
   Why this isn't universal:
  •  Blahblahblah flood whiptail market, AH prices vary drastically by server, etc. etc.
Video 7 - This video claims you'll make 1300g+ per hour from skinning in the Molten Front. Of all the videos about farming I've seen so far this is the one I liked the most.  It wasn't over the top with a bajillion gold per hour, and at this point in time the estimate is probably right since everyone and their alts are out doing the dailies. However, it will not always be as such.
   Why this isn't universal:
  • This, like all farming, is based upon AH prices on your server as well as demand and avoiding flooding the market, thus is not sustainable.
  • He kills many spiders, but a practice of most skinners is to scavenge off others' kills.  When people stop doing these dailies so diligently the farming will slow down, negatively impacting gold per hour.

So that's the first page of Youtube videos after searching some combo of "cataclysm gold per hour guides," minus all the "let me sell you my guide" videos.

Gold per hour is a fun and enticing thing to read as a new gold-maker. Holy crap, this guy's going to teach me how to easily  make thousands of gold per hour! But I have an issue with it.

In my eyes gold per hour should, above all else, be constant and sustainable.  Whether you're selling something or not you are marketing something to your viewers/readers, even if it's just your idea and trying to get them to watch your video or read your post.

I challenge my readers to find a gold-making tip that can be performed today on any server in any market for a full week and net the amount of gold claimed by the author/sharer of the tip.

So many gold making tips rely on a market that's only viable on a few servers, a drop that's rare and so you can't possible sustain that much gold per hour over many hours, or some other variable factor.  I appreciate that people say "While doing this I made x."  That's helpful to some. However, so many of these videos claim that anyone can make this same profit on whatever server they happen to play on but at the end of the day it's just eye-candy to entice people to watch it/read it. (After all, the title of this blog grabbed your attention, didn't it?)

I guess my point here is to say that, like the term "gold guru," I find claims of allowing you to make x gold/hour complete jokes. We all know that no one server is the same as any other and no farming experience will be the same, so the fact that people who are, in my eyes, supposed to be helping and teaching are instead just trying to sell people on their product with bullshit gold/hour claims is just saddening and leaves a poor taste in my mouth.


  1. GP/Hour is crap to be quite honest. I could spend 5 minutes turning in a sulfuron ingot for the sulfuron hammer plans and claim that I'm making 80,000g per hour by doing so ( 4,000g per plan, times 20 to get an hour of time spent ).

    Everything around the game is RNG, you can be lucky and earn 2,000g farming x spot for an hour then come back tomorrow and only earn 8,00g because of bad drops. You simply can't determine a good GP/hr unless you collect enough data to determine an average gold per hour for doing an activity. Keyword - Average.

    The only decent example I can think of is doing dailies; there is no rng involved. The gold earned from quest rewards are set and you can "churn" them out quickly to produce a decent gold per hour estimate. Even here, things can and will vary because of skill and how quickly a player can do the quests as it varies from player to player.

    I'll say this, I'll be interested to see what comes out of it - I'll do the challenge myself and let you know what happens ( Inc post soon! )

    Good post, btw, enjoyed it.

  2. Gold Per Hour is about as useless as Gear Score.

  3. I prefer to measure my gold accomplishments and strategies with 'the amount of effort' or 'concentration' required.

    I'm a big fan of multi-tasking, I do it constantly. I can't sit down for 2 hours to watch a movie, regardless of how good it is. I need to be doing something else too.

    This works well for me when it comes to certain menial tasks like milling and prospecting, but even then sometimes I weight the option of milling for inks, or simply buying cheap blackfallow for 4g a pop and trading it down.

  4. Gold per hour means nothing. It's all about gold per week. I've been able to sustain about 70k gold per week for a few months now on a low population realm selling nothing but cut rare gems. I don't mind camping the ah during peak hours though, I just do it while I watch tv or read a book. Definetely not a strategy for every player or server. The real secret to getting rich is to know your suppliers so you can get the best deals, know your buyers so you can keep up with demand and know your competition so you can stay a step ahead.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Whoops, typo!

    GPH is relative. I too use it, but only to attract viewers. Huge numbers look exciting :) Even I check each video/post that has lots of numbers and huge estimates. Surely enough everything is about RNG and realm economy.


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