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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Problem? Horde Glyph Wars Declared

You may remember a while back I was floored at the Horde-side glyph prices.  It's been a while; I've leveled two toons and my scribe is now 450 Inscription, high enough to get anything that really matters.  I've been doing my research with a few days missed here or there and now have 63% of the glyphs in the game. Not a lot, but a fair amount.  Plus I can always make them and send them over from Alliance.  

So today it has begun.  Honestly I probably wouldn't have even touched the Horde glyphs; I find glyphs boring and tedious. Good pay out but I feel you sacrifice a lot of fun to get it.  However, as I mentioned, I leveled two characters on Horde; a warrior and a paladin with a mage and druid waiting in the wings to be leveled.  Every time I needed a glyph for them I'd check the AH first and was constantly seeing 300g+ glyph prices.

On the one hand I could have jumped up and said "Hey, 300g! That's a lot of money I can be making."  But it actually just sort of angered me.  Maybe I coveted that profit margin because I fight tooth and nail for half that margin on Alliance.  Maybe I had a nice streak and felt bad for the Horde players "forced" to pay these prices.  But for some reason the prices that people were charging for glyphs on Horde actually made me angry.

I've heard people talk about those who are out to be like Robin Hood; they think they're being righteous by forcing people to lower prices and helping out the other people on the server. For example, on Cata launch day, yes launch day, one player on my server was selling Elementium/Obsidium by the stack for very low, I forget how much but it was <50g/stack.  I asked him why (while buying out all his stock for my server first rush) and he said he just though people charged too much and wanted to help out.  Good for him, I suppose.

I'm not quite as self-righteous.  I'm not doing this because I want other people on Horde to be offered cheaper goods. I'm doing this because I am actually almost offended by the fact someone tried to gouge me for 300g/glyph and I want to ruin their business while still making a pretty profit myself.  So no, I'm no Robin Hood.  I'm just spiteful and have too much gold to care about cutting my profit margin in half. :3


  1. A while ago I decided that it was unfair what the hardcore campers were charging for glyphs that had little to no competition. So what did I do? I decided to piss them off and crash the market. I made sure that nothing could be sold past 50g. All it takes is one guy to drive it down if you know what you're doing. The problem is that this takes up a lot of time, so I only did this for two weeks. Just an experiment to see if I could do it. My only disappointment is that I didn't get any hate mail, lol.

    It didn't take long for prices to go back to their normal ceiling of 250g once I stopped doing this. But it sure was fun knowing that one guy could have this much power.:)

  2. @Handera: After a day or so I'm recondisering my actions. While I think it would be an interesting venture I'm not sure if it's how I'd like to spend my time. As you pointed out it takes a good amount of time and, while I have plenty, I don't think I want to spend it all camping the Horde AH. Afterall, that's exactly what I hate about glyphs.

    So I'm considering saying "meh" for now and coming back to this experiment when I've grown bored; for now I have a lot of 4.2 stuff and alt leveling that I'd much rather be doing than trying to controll my non-preferred faction's glyph market, ya know?

  3. you don't have to camp it if your objective is simply to lower prices rather than get a lot of sales.

    Just make a 20 stack of all glyphs. Post 4 of each for 48 hours with say 50g fallback, 15g undercut and 20g threshold. Don't cancel and repost just leave them up.

    If your's sell for 20g that should still be a pretty decent profit. If not then those 300g glyphs aren't selling either.

    It's only costing you a few gold a day to keep the wall up. If you sell any glyphs at all they'll easily pay the posting costs.


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