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Sunday, July 10, 2011

No problem at all! Cease-fire called!

Fun fact brought to you by Reddit: The shortest war in history was the Anglo-Zanzibar War which lasted roughly 40 minutes.

I didn't quite beat that record but it was close.  After entering into the glyph market Horde-side yesterday I was instantly flailing about in my chair bemoaning how much I hate the glyph market.  Horde glyphs reminded me a lot of what Alliance glyphs were when I started: It seems to be great profit but you need to fight tooth and nail for it and often you won't make 1/100 of what you expected to.

I'm sure dedicated sellers will make a boat load in this market but, quite frankly, I don't want to be that person.  Gold is great but fun is better and I'm sick as can be of the glyph market, so I'm done. I've got 1.4mil, do I really need to suffer for every few hundred? No! =D

Also factoring into this decision was a competitor.  I /tickle competitors when I'm on my posting toons just because I like to talk to others in gold-making but don't know how to approach folks without seeming like I'm trying to spy on their efforts.   For the first time ever someone actually replied.  (S)he was very polite and didn't seem to mind competition at all, something that fascinated me by how angry people on Alliance get when someone tries to compete with them.

So today I whispered this person and offered them a deal: I don't want to sell glyphs but I don't want to lose out, so would they be interested in buying all my glyphs for 10g/glyph?  Granted, this is a pretty substantial loss on my part, but if it means I can go out and actually play again instead of babysitting glyphs I'll consider it a gain.  They agreed to the deal (Who wouldn't?) and I've CoD'd all my glyphs over.

I had plans to spitefully enter the glyph market and cut Horde profit margins in half.  At the end of the day though that's never been something that's been fun for me.  I appreciate how other people find it entertaining but I'd rather bow out and find another market when competition gets too . . . competitive.  And so I have!

My new effort Horde-side, I think, will be making gold in "less traditional" ways instead of the monotonous shuffle/glyph grind.  (The pic is Andawe with Hand of Freedom up.  Get it? Because he's free c wut i did thar?)


  1. Maybe I'm just a dumb, but I'm not really understanding why you would ask to be bought out at a huge loss. If the idea was to abandon ship on the market, why not try to at least break even in your deal with this other seller?

    Or did you attempt this and that point was just irrelevant to the post?

  2. @Glyph, the Architect: Because I didn't feel like bartering and haggling for a good price. It's sort of like when a store has all of last season's stuff they don't feel like having on their shelves anymore and they offer 200 dollar items for 20 bucks. (Granted with cost to craft/markup on our average IRL crafted good it may still be a profit for them!)

    Also when crafting those glyphs I made about half of them at 8g/glyph, so it's not a terrible price.

    As a general statement though: You're not dumb, and many people may say I was. I didn't care if I broke even or profited, I just wanted to get rid of them with as little hassle as possible and so I did take some loss (though not nearly as much as it sounds like.) It's far from the best gold making decision, I admit, but it was the best Faid-pleasing decision at the time.

  3. I am still actively doing the shuffle, but it is getting tiring. There are a lot of competitors currently and gems prices are still falling. Granted, I still make huge profit, but is it really worth my entire play session? I like running dungeons and doing other things as well, but dont have the time when I have to prospect 400 stacks of ore.

  4. Glad you got out of it clean. For me, i got into it late and am aware of the grind, etc (darn that mailbox takes forever to clear out). But I decided to follow a modified advice from Stokpile. My part was adjusting the trade skill master to value items at current sale price. Default crafting to 2 glyphs each. Then after an AH scan, I can look through the glyphs to see what is posted lower than my threshold (30g) and modify those to create 1 only. Post them all on 48 hours on day 1, day 2 is a one time cancel/post, day 3 is the cancle/post/create new/post. Very casual, don't care about anyone else and still make some money (4 weeks and 11,000). Is it a killing? no. I think a lot of folks try to compare this with JC which has a huge turnover rate. At any rate, with the method I use it still takes up to almost an hour so I still have time for fun.


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