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Friday, July 1, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I've spent the past two days or so thinking about myself and gold making.  A lot of people have said "How's it feel to be at cap?" and so I've been trying to pinpoint exactly how it feels, as well as decide where to go from here.

Looking Back
I didn't have a firm goal, other than desiring to hit the cap (214k) back when I started making gold last fall.  I just wanted enough to not have to worry about my expenses in the upcoming expansion.  Quickly I found I really enjoyed gold making, as well as blogging about my efforts.  It revitalized my dwindling interest in WoW and I continued to enjoy gold making well into Cataclysm.

Though I always wanted to hit the cap, gold making for me has never really been about the end result, it was about the "journey," as cheesy as it may sound.  It was about the interesting subculture found in the gold-making community and the fact there's a completely different side of the game that many people don't see and I loved being a part of it.

The Here and Now
Many have asked me how I feel now that I've hit the cap.  Several gold bloggers who I've always enjoyed reading stated they felt reaching the gold cap was a bit anticlimactic.  There are no achievements.  You can't really go around exuberantly telling your friends because it comes off as bragging to most players.  You can probably buy everything you've ever wanted in game with less than 500k (Spectral Tigers not included, of course!)

There's no fireworks, it's true.  What pleased me about hitting the cap wasn't the arrival at a destination, so much as what I found once I got there.  Every purchase I've made over the past few months, be it 1k or 100k, has caused me to cringe within a few moments of the purchase.  How many days did that set me back from my million? Did I really need it? Can I get a refund? OH GOD I'LL NEVER BE CAPPED.

Now that I've reached my goal all of that is gone.  I've banked my million and all excess is being sent to Faid to carry around in her bags.  I love browsing the 378s on the AH and thinking "You know, if I wanted to, I could buy that and I'd still have a million gold in the bank."  Granted, I didn't get a million gold by buying epics at ridiculous prices and so I likely won't be buying any, but I could, and that's what feels so great about being capped.

Looking Forward
The biggest thing on my mind lately has been what my post-cap goals will be.  I could go for two million, or some other arbitrary number.  I could try to gold cap on both factions, that would be interesting.  I could start doing weird gimmicks where I make 50k with just X, then 50k with just Y, etc.

I've thought a lot about what I want to do and honestly I still haven't decided. (You all are welcome to suggest something!)  My strongest leaning right now is to effectively go for two million, but my basic goal is 1.5 million on Alliance (Gold capped + Spending money) and 500k on Horde, just so that I still technically have 2 million. 

I'm still not sure if I want to do that, however, because that would take away this newfound "buyer's freedom."  

Suddenly, with another goal in mind, I'd be seeing every purchase of a vanity item as a set back, not a pleasure. I am still going to make gold because, for me, making gold was never about having X gold, it was about the process of  getting to that point. Gold making is now a hobby, a way I play the game, and I'm not going to stop just because I've reached an arbitrary number.

I'm just not sure what I want my next challenge to be or how I'll tackle it!

Unrelated Note:  I originally did my Obsidium Shuffle video pre-4.1.  I want to have an up-to-date video on the Shuffle so I don't lead new goldmakers astray, and so here's a revisited Obsidium Shuffle video. =]


  1. Use your gold to arrange in-game competitions and events for your amusement, where you are the Emperor(ess)Doing the Thumbs up or down :P

    Or just buy random shizz :P

  2. Great post and awesome video explaining the shuffle. Great for me as a newbie to the gold making part of WOW as it confirms that I have been doing the shuffle correctly. Currently waiting for ore prices to normalise to start this up again. Also hoping the price of truegold will rise so I can sell my small stock of 24 (prices have fallen post 4.2 on my server).

  3. hehe If I ever hit the gold cap I will either probably quit wow, or move on to learning to actually play wow. (I've never actually played the game outside of questing to level)

    Though it's been pointed out by many that while I excel at making gold, I also spend like a champ. this is largely one reason my account seems to perpetually hover in the 500k's range despite rolling into cata with only a bit less than that.

    Grats though to you faid for hitting the cap!

  4. I have a suggestion, formulate a plan to make a million dollars in real life (please forgive me if you covered this elsewhere, I have just recently started following your blog.) I've been practicing my goblin skills for just a little while now and have just capped a single toon, so I am not a tycoon yet but have some skills. I couldn't help but notice that strategies such as "market niches," "buy low sell high," "advertising (trade chat)," "spend less, save more," etc. all have a real world basis. I have even spotted opportunities that I can take advantage of in my own community. Now, I am not a writer/blogger, but with your skills, Faid, you should be able to create an interesting blog. Just throwin' that out there.

  5. Now you need to buy your way to every achievement! GOOOOO!

  6. You could do something where you have one week a month where all money earned goes into your "spending" account and the other three weeks get banked towards your goal.

    I am going for 2 million now that I hit my first, but I do plan on buying a few things if I want them.

    You know you are rich when you could get a Vial of the Sands for 10 characters on your server and still have over 500k lol.

    Good luck with your continued gold making.

  7. I used my cash stash to "buy out" the two other people on my raid team that had an interest in the legendary staff. I am getting those embers, and the two rivals that wanted it are now too busy spending their 50k ea to feel the sting of having inferior weaponry!

  8. I have a mentor who tells me that the goal and the reward must be the same. Your goal of 100 million is achieved, but what is the reward of having 100 million? This is more of a guide on setting proper goals. An example would be a goal of getting geared so that you can enjoy end game content. The goal enables the reward. Whereas if the goal is clear firelands then what is the reward? Basically saying you cleared firelands. The goal of getting to level cap is often a bad goal cause when you get there the reward is more work to get heroic geared then troll geared then raid geared, not exactly what you thought when you opened the game and chose the first toon.

    I get not spending the gold in a huge splurge cause that is how you got there.

    If having 1 million gold is not a reward then you will resent the work of getting there. If having 1 million satisfies you then cool.

    I think this concept is related to gaming burn out. You end up not being satisfied with achieving your goals as the rewards are not worth it. Or what you thought were rewards just aren't.


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