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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lesson: Don't be a Tool

I was able to pick up a Theck's Emberseal on Horde for 18k. I decided that I would flip it  to Alliance and try to sell it and, worst case scenario, my DK or warrior could use it. (Not that great of a piece so Faid will replace it soon if I give it to her.)

I started getting undercut a lot so have decided to sell it exclusively through Trade, where I am asking for 25k.  Here's some /2 from Argent Dawn when I was attempting to sell the ring:

yeah, he mad.

Anyways, things went on, still no ring sales.  I decided to restock glyphs since I'm running low on a few and hopped on my shaman (in ghost wolf form, so this following conversation makes sense!)   I went AFK to grab a popsicle and come back to an open trade window with 5 Hypnotic Dust, 5 Greater Celestial Essence, and 2 Maelstrom Crystals in the window.  After a few seconds the person accepts the Trade, giving me the materials.

So now he's on ignore and I've got some free Enchanting mats! I'm usually the type to say "lol" and help someone correct a mistake. I haven't made very many, but having made a few small slip-ups when posting auctions (20 Volatile Air for the price of 1, for example) I know how much you kick yourself for that.  But the opportunity to hopefully teach this guy a lesson about being a dick to complete strangers was too good to pass up.

I have friends in his guild, I'll probably send it to them and have them put it in the guild bank because God knows I don't need to rip people off to get enchanting materials, but yeah, too great of an opportunity.

Please, folks, from a trying-to-reform Trade Troll, remember this: Nothing good will come out of being a dick to someone.  There is no positive thing created when you harass random strangers.  The internet breeds a sense of anonymity that tends to make it so there's also no downside; nothing bad comes out of being rude to complete strangers who weren't even addressing you.  But sometimes, at the end of the day, your dickishness will come back to bite you.  Be nice, folks, and make sure you're trading with the right person before you press accept!


  1. Haha nice, I actually had a very similar story yesterday.

    So on my server horde is 6% of the server population, so I'm transfering Drakehide over from alliance (buy 378g, sell 1000g as the only seller). I bark in trade to try and increase the sales, and this guy start saying I'm completely ripping people off, telling me I should make it lower price and then start being mean to me.
    I tell him to stop crying and let me sell my item at what ever price I want (after all as you said, he doesn't need to buy it), and then he says something like I really shouldn't have said that to him, he is now going to undercut me so hard I won't know what happened.

    He logs off. Hmmmm...

    *logs sniping character at neutral AH*

    5 Minutes later, boom 3 drakehide for 1 silver LOL.

    I gave them back... but it taught him a lesson.

  2. Hah! Epic Job. Sure taught that kid a lesson.

  3. Careful Faid,

    He can report you, get his mats back, and earn your account a warning / 24 hr ban.

    All he has to do is report you for stealing his mats.

    A couple years ago, I had a similar thing happen. I thought I was being tipped the extra mats for an enchant only to log in to a temporary ban and the items removed and returned to the complaining party.

  4. had to double check what server you where on cause I thought Anklebiter was someone who use to be in my guild on Llane..could be the same person but not sure, not that I knew them well anyways.

  5. @Cold: He can't, actually. If a GM does ban me, it would be easily appealed. You see, in your situation you had an agreement with someone that they would give you X mats for Y item/service. You took their extra mats, beyond the "deal," even if it wasn't intentional.

    In my situation there was no agreement I was bound to between the two players. It's similar to Blizz's stance on ninja looting. If something's said/announced in raid chat and things go "differently" they can intervene, if nothing was agreed to then the players "done fucked up."

  6. What kind of Popsicle was it?!?!

  7. @Wes: Orange Dreamsicle :O

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. First, I in no way condone Anklebiters speech or attitude, his language is disgusting. Unfortunately, I don't think you taught him/her any lesson at all, in fact you probably reinforced his mad attitude. I've fallen into this trap too. You're angry, rightly so, and feel justified in delivering a come-up-ins. But I think you would have served him much better by kindly returning his mats and asking only that he pay your kindness forward, no strings attached.

    Maybe I am an idealist, but I find jaded people don't reform because they've been "taught" a lesson. They change because they have received true kindness and want to change themselves.

    I am making no judgement Faid, I certainly live in a glass house and fail daily, but I just think you missed an opportunity.

  10. @Faid: I'm very impressed. The only popsicile that can even come close to the dreamsicle would be a push-up. And that's only if it's a Scooby-Doo push-up.


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