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Sunday, July 17, 2011

For all Bloggers who Use Blogger

Hey guys, I just wanted to share this so maybe you all can avoid this hassle yourself.

I've always used two Gmail accounts, one for my WoW stuff (like Youtube, Blogger, etc.) and one for personal use. Yesterday I logged onto the one for personal use and found my account had been "disabled due to suspicious activity." I tried to regain access to the account and the only way Google has set up to do this is to answer long drawn out questions that I can't even remember the answers to; things like when I began the account (which would have been in Jr. High so I can't possibly remember the exact date) or the e-mail address of the stranger on some internet forum I don't go to who invited me, or the name of 10 recently e-mailed contacts when I don't even e-mail two contacts on that account, etc. etc. Because this information does not exist/is not remembered by myself I cannot get access to my account and Google has literally said "Sorry, make a new one then."

Had this happened to this account I would be locked out of Blogger and my Youtube channel and have to restart NerfFaids from the ground up. So I highly recommend you know the following about your Google accounts: The date when you started using each Google product (AdSense, AdWorks, Blogger, Gmail, Google+, etc.) , five commonly e-mailed contacts, the names of 5 labels you use to sort your mail, the date of your last successful sign in, your most recent recovery e-mail address.

I am so annoyed right now you have no idea. I'd rather have been hacked; then at least it's in my hands to up my security. Screw this "We're protecting you from everyone, even you." bullshit. -_-


  1. You can set a secondary email address for retrieving your account -- not sure if that would have helped in this case...

  2. @chris: I had one set up but unfortunately they don't seem to allow that to be used in this sort of situation. :(


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