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Friday, June 10, 2011

WTFaid?: We So Excited

I've been playing with this idea for a while.  Something I would like to do, mostly for my own catharsis, is have a series of blog posts that aren't so much about gold making, but about other WoW-related, or blog-related stuff.  They probably won't be extraordinarily useful, in fact there's a good chance most of them will end up being ranty vents.  Feel free to skip over them if you're interested purely in gold-making, but please, allow me these posts every once and a while. =]  If I share an opinion that differs from yours you are welcome to comment saying so, I hope I do not offend anyone. =]   That said, let's get right into it shall we?

So, what's caused me to finally take the leap into self-absorbed rants disguised as a semi-regular "column?" The blogging community is what's been on my mind lately.  I assume most of the readers of my blog picked up on the fact that this post didn't come at a random moment, it was largely brought about by the drama going on in the blogging community right now.  Here's effectively what happened as I understand, which may not be the whole story, but at this point I'm so sick of it all I'm not really interested in any more of the story.  If you aren't and want to skip over this summary I don't blame you one bit, kudos to you for avoiding what I wish I had.
  1. Markco started a coaching program.
  2. Cold signed up.
  3. Cold quit.
  4. Markco cancelled the program.
  5. Cold continued to be charged.
  6. Cold e-mailed Markco.
  7. Markco claimed to have stopped the charges.
  8. Cold was charged again.
  9. Cold blew his top and went on a tirade about how Markco was trying to rip him off, attempting to disguise it as an "I'm just trying to help and warn others."
  10. A bunch of people who I assume are in Markco's camp but I have no idea left a bunch of childish comments on Cold's ranty blog post.
  11. Twitter wars (lawl) started between Cold and a bunch of other Bloggers.
  12. Cold continued to throw more of a bitchfit, finding excuses to take posts which could have been valid and helpful to the community and center them around his little lover's quarrel.
  13. Now here's the surprise: Markco stooped to the same level of childishness.

So now you're mostly up to speed. It's a watered down version of it all, but, hey, why make you suffer reading through all the shit that I had to? 

So WTFaid? Why are you writing about this, Faid? Here's the thing.  First Cold's most recent post about his Carnival, then Markco's post about why he quit, I sat there and stared at my screen; I drafted several rather lengthy comments to both bloggers basically saying the same thing to each of them, but at the end of it all, I deleted them and posted something as unscathing as I could.  But the more I see this crap the more I just need to huff and puff and stamp my feet for a while, so please permit me to do so.

To Cold and Markco I have this to say: Stop. Just. Stop.  You are doing a tremendous disservice to yourselves as well as to your readers by continuing to beat this dead horse.  If you cannot handle it by yourselves in private then handle it with the proper authorities mediating, do not drag one another's names through the mud in an open forum that couldn't care less about your guys' drama.

You claim you're trying to do what's best for your readers, be it warning them about a scam artist or avoiding blog roll drama.  Bullshit.  If you were doing what's best for your readers you'd be doing one thing: Blogging about gold, because that's what your readers care about.  (Yes, I realize the irony in this non-gold related post.)

You say you're trying to be the hero saving us from being ripped off, or that you're the victim who was just the target of senseless blog drama because you were so awesome and so of course you had to remove content to avoid drama.  Newsflash: Heroes don't sling mud and you're only a victim because you see yourself as one.

Cold: We get it, you feel cheated. Maybe you were, maybe you weren't.  I'm not going to take sides on this issue.  But the bottom line is you've said bucketfuls about your side of the story.  Let the people who care make their own minds up, and let the people who don't care get back to reading your blog for its gold tips, not a bunch of shitty drama you seem to enjoy stirring up.

Markco: Quit playing the martyr and quit stooping to the level of your accusers.  You were doing so well, I was actually respecting your handling of the situation very well, that you kept your cool and didn't waste time defending yourself against what you claim are untrue accusations. You kept on keeping on and writing/managing JMTC.   But that respect is pretty much gone. 

"Bloggers especially, are filled with drama and a quest to be the best." When I read this I was quite takenaback. Thanks for lumping all bloggers into a category of drama-fueled power hungry jackasses.  I can't speak for any other blogger but I blog because I like it.  It doesn't matter if the only reader of my blog was me.  (Hell, I probably account for 70% of my Youtube views; I love listening to myself talk.) Not everyone is out to be the best and not everyone is in it for the prestige.  Believe it or not some of us actually like what we're doing because of what we're doing, not what it brings us.

Bring back your blog roll.  Seriously, what is that accomplishing?  Don't get me wrong, I've already moved on to Flux's gold blog directory but it's a shame to see your blogroll go; as I would actually advise people to go to JMTC specifically for those links.  Tell me, what are you accomplishing by removing it?  You say it's to avoid drama. No, no it is not.  If you wanted to avoid drama you damn well know that you wouldn't post anything about the drama at all.  You had every ability to turn the other cheek but you stood up there and took it right in the face.  You could have been the bigger man in this, but you chose to resort to the same tactics as your accuser, posting something that says little more than "I didn't like playing with other kids so I took my toys and went home."  Your removal of your blog roll is cutting the nose to spite the face and you know it.  If us bloggers create so much drama in our quest to be the best then a removal of a blog roll isn't going to stop us, is it?  No, it's just going to rob your fans of a precious resource.  Face it, you're as petty in all of this as Cold.

Woooooo that felt good.  Okay, so, here's the thing.  I've been putting things similar to this in comments then deleting it all before I post them because I didn't want to put a target on my back or get involved in the drama myself. But I couldn't take it; watching this bullshit day in and day out.  My new motto has been  "If what you're putting out there doesn't create good, don't put it out there."  I wondered if this post was violating that.  I feel, though, that the weight of constantly having something to say but not allowing myself to say it has become quite heavy, and good will come of lifting it so that I can feel better as I go along my merry way.

I don't have a side I've taken in this drama.  As people, I've lost respect for both of them equally.  As bloggers, they are still great blogs I will probably continue to frequent. I just needed to put into writing the frustration I'm feeling every time I go looking for great gold tips and have to wade through all the shit and mud that's been being slung around recently.


To my readers who don't care about any of this: I apologize for making such a post, but I had to get it off my chest somehow.  I will return to regularly scheduled gold programming shortly.  I do want to keep WTFaid? going, but I assure you future posts will be much less drama-tastic, and much more about WoW.  (You know you want to talk about this.)


  1. Interesting read. Popcorn MJ fits in the drama very well!

    Reviewing blogs or speaking your mind about them in general is a good idea, and I'll definitely keep reading them.

    Just hope I won't become part of it :D

  2. When I first discovered that there were other gold blogs out there, and noticed that they

    1) linked to each other
    2) supported each other

    I was blown away by how brilliant that was.

    That's why it's such a shame that there is this fighting. Trying hard to keep my nose out of it, too!

    I'm glad you were courageous enough to post your opinion. I'm a little envious of that :)

    Synergy: Together, gold bloggers are bigger than the sum of the parts. There is no need to climb on top of each other in a zero-sum inspired effort to get to the top. We can help, support and look after each other, instead.

  3. Hey Faid,

    No one has said it better than you thus far. I've been trying to make this point for a very long time. I was in the blogging scene for a very short time from early Feb to mid May--the pettiness of the other bloggers is just as bad as Markco and Cold. There are few blogs that I read everyday--obviously your's being one of them.

    What the entire gold blogging game has become is a repackaging of the same posts overand over again. Just today alone between 4 blogs that I've read I didn't see a singl unique post. All of which I readt he first few lines and realized that this same crap was said by someone else days before.

    There is no stanard for bloggers to uphold. This lame ass defense of "who cares if we repea content everyone does it." Is a major god damn flake out. Or evn better wen they say "I don't readother blogs." So not doing your homework is a valid excuse? What if I restart exploitingmyserver and just copy and paste the posts that are unique and call them my own? Ppl would be PISSED! How does this shit fly--and with such regularity!?

    Its far too long coming but serously this repeating posts from other blogs needs to stop because its an even bigger problem than cold and markco's feud. Even more ballsy are these prick bloggers who are having the stones to CHARGE their readers for their archived posts. And even above THAT are the ones who create guides that have 100% copy and pasted information from a website that they are making a "guide" for. Why is this shit ok--and why are people thrown under the bus for trying to bring it to light?

  4. Thank you for putting it so well... I honestly hope that the two of them figure out how to ignore each other or it will result in them both losing many readers... and damaging gold blogging in general - in some ways it already has.

    BTW - LOVED that last graphic you posted. It reminded me of one day I checked my remote auction house as I was booting my computer (I don't pay for it, but it lets me check what I've got posted and what I sold... just can't post more auctions) I saw that I sold two Lil' Smokeys for 303g each - one right after the other - so I checked and both went to the same person. When I checked on the AH - sure enough he had 2 up for sale - FOR 300g each???? lmao

    Oh well... I just collected my gold and posted a couple more... just a little lower than his of course... ;-)

  5. I love your blog Faid.

    Didn't really care for this post. In fact, I skimmed it basically just enough to decipher that both Markco and Cold have disgusted you with their latest bout of childness.

    While I understand the need for catharsis on your part, I'm not sure this post does anything different than Cold's or Markco's. Their's were defending/attacking posts. Your's was just sideline ranting. In the end, it's all the same, and your post only brought everything back into publicity. Your comment that you approved of Markco's handling of it by not "stooping to Cold's level" makes your post today look a bit hypocritical. :(

    It's your blog, your soapbox, and you alone get to choose what you do with it, of course, but here's one reader who wishes you'd just left it alone, and stuck with what you do best.

    In short, blog about WoW, don't blog about bloggers. You're better than that.

  6. How about you stop assuming you know what this is even about.

    This shit started months ago and long before I was lied to and overcharged, even before the false accusations of cookie stuffing. It's just the overcharges were the final straw before I went public with the warnings for others that are affected. You don't know my intentions or motives either, so quit pretending that you do.

    I won't go into details, but FYI my "little bitching fit" about the blogging carnival brought about 5 more posts for the carnival overnight. So that's 6 posts versus the 1 entry I had originally, so the call to action worked. That brings more entries for my readers to enjoy. So the post was a success, whether you liked it or not.

    You say you are tired of the pissing wars. They are already smoldering, yet you want to throw fuel on the fire? this post does nothing but stir it back up again.

    Or maybe you are just working your angle to try and reap some of the big traffic that it has seen on both sites.

  7. Cold: Why would I care about traffic? So I can capitalize on all the ads that I have on my site? To sell my gold guide?

    Oh, wait. :|

    I don't really care what the whole story is or when it started or what anyone's justification for their actions is. I care that I thought the issue was done and went back to your site and found more shit slinging disguised as a "Woe is me, no one contributes to my carnival"-style guilt trip about not churning out content for your blog.

    I care that one of the best resources I had when I began gold making, the JMTC blog roll, is now gone because of petty internet drama.

    Your post brought in extra posts for your carnival? Grats. I'm glad you were able to kick up your feet and wail and play the victim and see the same results a child would expect from such a tantrum.

    I don't assume I know the whole story and I don't care to know the whole story.

    I am a blogger, but before I was a blogger, and even ahead of my blogger status now, I am a blog reader. Seeing this shit continue (Smoldering? No, there was a post yesterday on JMTC and a post on your site the day before, don't pretend you'd taken the upper road long ago) has frustrated me immensely as a reader. I sat by and watched it all unfold, biting my tongue whenever possible.

    But I've never been one to be able to hold strong opinions back for long, and I was overcome by a need to vent my frustration, not as a "voice of the community" or as a mediator, but as someone who just wanted to scream and finally couldn't keep my mouth shut.

    I won't pretend that this is a great post, or that I'm doing a great service to anyone other than myself for getting all this negative energy off my chest. It was a vent, a rant, nothing more. I stick by what I said because they are my feelings, regardless of if you feel they have merit or not.

    Don't want me to "reap" the traffic? Then don't retweet this. (I see you already did.) I don't care if my traffic goes downhill in a hurry. I didn't get into blogging to not speak my mind.

  8. Faid, your full of shit.

    This whole post is YOU placing JUDGEMENT on the actions of OTHERS and ASSUMING their motives and intentions.

    Like you said, " If what you're putting out there doesn't create good, don't put it out there. "

    What good are you creating here Faid?

  9. I addressed that in the post. =]

  10. Hey faid well said. I can totally understand where you are coming from. The blog roll removal was for several reasons, one of them being that I want people to do more guest posts on jmtc and to interact on the forums/irc. Jmtc is a lot more than a blogroll and besides that 90% of the blogs on the roll were dead.

    Copycats abound but what I love about jmtc is that it doesn't copy, for crying out loud I invented wow blogging as we know it.

    I'm not happy with the blogosphere as a whole and I'm working on bringing in some new faces as writers at I understand the frustration in this post. You want jmtc to be as good as it was when you first saw it. Working on it ;)

    Now all that being said it is best not to assume the intentions of others. It's why this whole drama started, that and cold has a hard on for me and won't admit it.

  11. @Cold:
    Now you're slinging mud at Faid too?

    If you think someone is telling lies about you, the mature response is to CALMLY and POLITELY explain what's going on and how to solve it. But the first thing out of your mouth is "Faid, your full of shit."?

    ... yeah, REAL mature.

    Also, she isn't judging you guys, she's expressing her feelings on the matter. And if you think she's judging you, judgement can always change in the future for better or worse by how you deal with issues between fellow bloggers.

    btw, it's normal for people to wonder and assume things, especially when the problem extends for long periods of time. But again, she's just expressing her feelings.

    -just a fan of everyone's blogs.

  12. Sorry Cold, that was the last straw for me and I believe a bunch of other readers. I used to have a lot of respect for you, but now you are showing yourself to to be a self obsessed whiny little prick who cant see constructive criticism when it smacks you in the nose.

    You have been behaving in a childish fashion, and to be 100% honest, I removed you from my bookmarks and news feeds last week because you wont do what you USED to be good at, which is blog about gold making.

    This little flame war you have started, regardless of the spark that ignited it, has been handled very poorly by you and Markco both, and has lost the respect of many of your loyal readers.

    Heed my words. If you continue your tirade you will continue to lose your readership, until you are the only one reading your posts. Just stop now and you might win back your readers, but you will need to work twice as hard to win back their respect.

  13. Jesus God Damn Christ yet another bridge has been burned I see.

    Christ I say!

  14. This was a brilliant post. Very well done.
    Unfortunately, Cold's response makes him come across as a real jerk. Now he may not be, but he is portraying himself as such. Reading his continuation of his "bitchfit" here, reminded me of my teenage boys fighting. He could have ditched the insults and wrote something that made him look like he had some common sense and could act adult like. I just didn't see it. I've stopped visiting his site since all this drama, its pathetic.

  15. Great post! Sums up my feelings on the subject very well.

  16. This is quite interesting. I went from knowing nothing about WoW economy, asking on WoWhead profession forums how to make more profit from my mining than simply selling the resources as they are, to learning about shuffling, advanced addons such as TradeSkillMaster and quite a few forums, blogs, and so on. I'm discovering a whole community hiding behind the curtains. I think I Just regained interest in WoW again :D. PS:Sorry about the people affected by all this drama, but I'm just glad to see some life behind this game which has turned so cold for me :P

    Best of luck to all of you!


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