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Thursday, June 23, 2011

WoW Gold Rush - Alchemy

First off, a foreword:
I've had a few people send me messages or tweets after a Gold Rush video goes up basically saying "You didn't mention X and Y!"  Indeed I did not!

My Gold Rush videos are not meant to be a comprehensive profession guide meant to show you every single one of the gold making ins and outs of every profession.  There are plenty of those already.  My mission with the Gold Rush video series is just to show you a thing or two in a quick, compact, easy to follow format that can net you some gold. It will rarely be the highest gold per hour, the must lucrative recipe, or the super specialist secret tip.  They're ways to spend minimal time on the AH, avoid spreadsheets and market research, and just glean a bit of gold out of a bit of time.

If you feel I missed something important in my videos feel free to put them in the Youtube comments for those who watch them afterward, more information is always great! (For example, my boyfriend listened to me narrate this new video and was like "Why didn't you mention Deepstone Oil?" to which I promptly and politely replied "MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO IF YOU'RE SO SMART."  Eheheheh.  Basic point being: I don't mention everything there is to say about a profession, tis true. But you're welcome to share any input you have, and to engage your wits and find more tactics as well!

Anyways, without further ado, Alchemy!


  1. Thanks for the tips. What addon do you use for the profession "ring"?

  2. @worldw1235: Please check out the FAQ to the right.

  3. I see you are up to 4 transmute specs now :) very nice!

  4. Yow bro! =) wanna Link my blog and I link yours ? =)
    Left comment earlier about this dunno if u noticed =)
    if possible answer at:


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