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Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

Discussion question time! =D

I'm puttering around Vashj'ir on my druid farming some Volatile Life and I was thinking about how this has been something that's been a core of how I play for a long time.

Back in Wrath when I had to make my own flasks I would often find myself in need of Frost Lotus.  I didn't have a lot of gold at the time so I would farm herbs for my flasks myself.  I would sit down on a farming session and set a quota for myself.  "I won't stop herbing until I have 10 Frost Lotus" for example.

Now, with my small Alchemist army, I need 60 Life every day for transmutes. It would probably be more efficient to just buy Life when it's cheap in bulk but farming my own Life has been a routine for me for so long that it's almost my "chill out and get back to my roots" time every morning.  Even if I do find a great deal on Life that Life is "bought" Life and off limits for transmutes, transmute Life must be picked fresh every day!

I keep fourteen stacks of every Cataclysm herb (I'm not sure why; I don't really need so much but it makes my guild bank look pretty I guess.)  Once I've passed my 14 stack quota all herbs that come from my Life farming go to my scribe which also offsets my costs for glyph production without causing me to feel I was on some massive farming spree for hours.

Do you have any routine or tradition you've had since early on that you continue to this day? Do you consider it an efficient use of your time or gold, or do you do it more out of tradition or habit?


  1. I'v been sitting here wracking my brain trying to think of an old gold-making habit I still have. Unfortunately nothing is coming to mind.

    Things I would have said in the past such as "sending everything to a bank alt" or "always undercut by this much" don't really apply.

    As I've gone further and further into gold-making the more I've been open to changing things. Always striving to streamline my process and find a better way to do things.

    Not using a single bank alt is an example of this. Frankly I don't have an open slot for a bank toon. I need all my slots for max level crafting alts who all post their own auctions for efficiency's sake.

    I'm going to keep thinking though. I have many more personal/character quirks I hold onto.

  2. For me, it's looting - I loot almost 100% of what I kill, even if I'm in a low level dungeon just for an achieve or rep farming. I just cannot stop myself! The only time I don't loot is if I'm boosting a guildie - then it makes me feel guilty for wasting time for those few silvers or coppers :)

  3. Okay - now I have to go and make 3 six-tab Gbanks look pretty. Thanks a lot!

    ; )


  4. I am consistently inconsistent about anything and everything I do and dont do in game... I play for fun and when its boring, its time to change something...

    Gotta go home and fire up the chainsaw tonight... not sure if thats going to be fun or work.

    Though, Like Nev said, loot and vendor everything... Still do that...

  5. i keep all cooking craftables, and always eat buff foods. I find myself only using one type but i still keep 3 other types in my bags "in case i need them" I've pretty much done both these things since early game, they're useless. i never level my cooking on alts, but i still have a complete banker toon with all slots filled with things as bear meat, wolf meat, and all the other lvl 10 crap. I sometimes vendor them empty but i find i always fill it back up.

    As for the buff foods, i use them on my high end characters but don't bother on my lowbies, wich is stupid as it would actually get rid of all that low lvl food, but the stat gain is just pointless with all heirlooms. On my main i use the most expensive buff foods the moment i party with someone. Dunno why, if i'm soloing stuff i don't use them but in a party, even boosting, i use buff foods. I found myself using a mysterious fortune cookie the other day running a guildy through stockades for crying out loud. Its just plain dumb. But i only realise i'm doing it AFTER i've clicked the food. And i might aswell get the buff then anyway.


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