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Friday, June 24, 2011

A New Direction for NerfFaids

I've had a problem I've been thinking about for a little over a week now, and I think I've finally come up with a solution.  

The Problem
This sort of issue has the propensity to be drawn out into a long, bitchy rant, and that's not my point here so I'm going to try to keep this as dry as I can.

Through the gold blogosphere I have been appalled at the lack of integrity of many bloggers. No, I'm not getting all pissy because I was ripped off or anything; there have been some definite grey areas and ones that I'm leaning towards being rip offs, but that was a while ago and is water under the bridge.  But I don't have to be the victim to point out a wrongdoing.  

When I started gold blogging I envisioned the blogosphere being a sort of thinktank where many like-minded individuals bounced ideas off of one another to put out great information.  What I've seen in these past months is a dog-eat-dog zero sum game where many bloggers care about generating traffic and income or getting content up on their site, often at the cost of their integrity and honor.

I've always been among those who say "No idea is fully original, there will be some overlap."  I still believe this to be true.  But the blatant disrespect shown by many bloggers towards fellow community members has caused me dismay time and time again.

I could put up my plea to bloggers to have a bit of class, but the time for that is gone, I think.  Sleazy bloggers will continue to be sleazy and upstanding bloggers will continue to be awesome.  What this page is basically about is about the way I'm dealing with this.

The Solution
I was sitting here today thinking "I'll just quit blogging.  I hate what "being a blogger" is in my mind and I don't want to be among those."  I had briefly considered quitting blogging.  If I cringed every time I looked at another person's blog, how much fun can I be having? Isn't it time to throw in the towel?  But then I realized that the fact that I'm blogging isn't what upsets  me. Writing blog posts is really interesting to me!  It's all the other crap that bothers me.  Why punish people who do like to read my blog or follow my videos just because I'm upset about people who probably don't give two shits about their own blog, let alone mine?

Then I realized something.  There is a blogger named Stokpile who was actually the first gold blogger I read.  He seems to have remained completely immune to all of this blogosphere stuff.

How?  What are his magical powers? (Besides ditching WoW for Rift! D:) And something occurred to me. He's not a part of the community.  I'm not saying that in a bad way, and maybe he is more a part of it than my eyes have seen, but as I look at his blog and look at other people's blogs he's not helping people with Podcasts, he's not on Twitter, and he's not doing guest posts everywhere. He's minding his own business and writing his kickass blog.

That is what I want. I've decided my plan of action will to become a sort of "blog hermit."  I've got friends in the blogging community I will still keep in touch with to bounce ideas off of and chat and whatnot, but I'm going to try to extract myself from the "blogging community."  No guest posting/carnivals (written or received,) I'll probably be much less active on Twitter, and though I have greatly enjoyed participating as a guest on podcasts I likely will not do any more of those.  I feel that the people I care for will understand and respect this decision.

I am not going to remove my blog roll because I know a lot of people like using blog rolls to jump from blog to blog, though I will likely not update it much, if at all. (I will move it to the bottom of the page so as to help me "quit cold turkey." :D)

Certain pervasive attitudes have outraged me quite a bit in the blogosphere, some of which I actually was spurred into posting about.  Well, hopefully by removing these attitudes from my world I can, in turn, focus on the thing I actually do care to get excited about: Gold and blogging about gold.

What Readers Can Expect
Nerf Faids will continue as it has; I'll post about gold making and WoW and such. The site should remain virtually unchanged, though probably with less "WTF, OTHER BLOGS?!" rantings since, hopefully, they won't be an element in my blogging life anymore. =] 

What this will mean is that, with other blogs not being among my reading material, I will probably be a lot less likely to be able to readily give "link love," something I think is very important.  If you are a blogger and ever see something even remotely related to a post you have done, please post a link to your post in the comments and I will edit it into the original post at the earliest convenience.

If all goes as planned this will be the last long, drawn out, emo, non-gold related post you'll see on the pages of NerfFaids.  Thanks for listening, all, now go out and make some gold!


  1. Can I haz your stuff pl0x? Since you're quit- Oh.. crud nevermind. :P

  2. I started to worry when I saw don't need to go anywhere, we want you, we need you..don't stop. Other than the minecraft, I read and view all your posts. =)

    You are one of the few bloggers (maybe one of the only) that don't cause issues, you are truthful to one's front and back, and you stand your ground. Those are great qualities (at least in my eyes).

    If you haven't noticed, I have taken a huge backseat since I had my rant post around a month ago. I still love blogging, but in the same sense as you, the drama got too much to even post....well, anything.

    A daily blogger for 200 posts, lately down to a few a week, and they are turning more to the "ish" on goldish advice, at least until there is new content next week (then back to gold. finally!).

    I think you have the right idea, as the drama has definitely made it less fun to blog. No more just write, get pics, do links, and post. You have the "ugh" that follows with it.

    Stok is and was one of my favorite bloggers. We didn't see eye to eye or toe to toe, we had a few issues here and there, but I love his style and I will miss his new patch posts. I have referred his site to a handful of Rift buddies and they couldn't be happier, so I hope that works for him.

    This got a bit winded, but I think you know, I will support your decision 110%....and will still link love when it's appropriate.


  3. Good decision. IMO the so called community leads to herd mentality where everyone starts thinking alike and writing about the same old crap.

    The blogs I've always thought had the best content are the ones that aren't too involved in the community. They're the ones that come with the most original ideas and insights.

    We need fewer sheep and more blogs like Stokpile's and your's.

  4. Hi Faid,

    First time commenting, long-time on and off reader (originally found you through w_l). Just wanted to throw my words in with the others and applaud your decision. Stokpile was the first gold blog I ever found and the only one I read for quite a few months; when I finally started reading other gold blogs, I was kind of overwhelmed by how incestuous it seemed. Anyway, I have always found your blog well written and refreshing to read, and am happy to learn that you are going the same way. May your future be productive and drama-free!

  5. As long as i get my Faid fix of posts and videos, you do what you gotta do faid! Anyone says anythign against your decsion is a MUG plain and simple!

  6. I'll read anything you write and watch anything you make. You're that good.

  7. I dunno, I kind of enjoy drama myself, especially e-drama. Then again, I'm a bit of a gold-guide/ads everywhere hater so that could be my deep-seated jealousy talking.

    Keep doing what you enjoy doing for as long as you enjoy doing it.

  8. I found your blog a couple weeks ago, but you are my favorite. Your videos are great -- succinct, targeted, useful. Your writing is intelligent and well above par for the community.

    Please, do whatever you feel you need to do -- but don't stop blogging.

  9. As a newbie (pardon the pun) to the gold-blogging universe, I already have a few frustrations with bloggers I'm reading; so I can understand this.

    I've quickly become aware that some bloggers will merely re-write other people's posts or petition the community for ideas to re-write into "their own post." It's frustrating.

    My goal, with my blog, is merely to be helpful to others -- the intention behind my guild I am the GM of, as well. If I make money on the side, sweet. If not, I'm having fun writing and playing and interacting.

    We haven't talked much, yet, Faid, but I think your stuff is great. I'm hoping your "seclusion" can get you back to the fun/passion I am starting to find for myself. In addition, I will take your experience and look for what to avoid.


  10. I think it would be a good idea too, to try and distance yourself from some of the drama.

    But keep in mind now ALL bloggers out there are involved in drama. (E.G. Anaalius).

    Also about twitter, don't deprive your followers of it. Unfollow those you don't want to be involved with, and them remove them from following you too.

    Good luck.

  11. Eish, meant to say "not ALL bloggers out there are involved in drama. (E.G. Anaalius)."

  12. >Not sure what the drama is. Faid you are original and noone can be better than you at being yourself.

    Originality is what I look for in blogs. If you made a video of fishing up 'Old Ironjaw' in the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge I might watch it! LOL

  13. P.S.

    Horde catching 'Old Ironjaw' or Alliance catching something in Ogrimaar is a video I'd watch too.

    Stealing the Flame was alot easier in Ogrimaar this year, but where is a good fishing spot?

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I'm curious. What are these other blogs you mentioned? :) At least Two Coppers and Cold perhaps? If you could state a few, maybe they could improve!

    Simpler solution would be to stop reading other blogs. Hidden blog roll is a good start!

    And seeing that you haven't bashed other bloggers, besides stating truths, I'm sure almost everyone should have tremendous respect for you, and thus would do their best to make their blog better from other blogger's point of view aswell.

    That includes me! c:

  16. Sounds like a good compromise Faid. One of my other favourite gold bloggers was also distanced from the "community" but unfortunately hasn't updated much since Cata :(.

    I love reading the blog and the videos especially. Don't stop doing what you enjoy because I'm sure there are many others like me who appreciate it!

  17. I'm fairly new to reading your blog, but I recently stumbled upon it last month through the undermine journal and I'd say it's quickly become my favourite to read lately.

    For me it mostly comes down to personality and yours rocks. I'm glad you're not leaving.

  18. This is a great site and you come off as such as a nice person (we'll miss you on podcasts) Which is, alas, a considerable handicap in some cliques.

    Thank goodness you are just going drama-free rather than quitting. I was quite worried how this was going to turn out!

    Illegitimi non carborundum

    P.S. I liked the Johnny Cash intro to blacksmithing!

  19. Congrats for everything!

    Frankly, your blog is one of the blogs I usually am happy to read.
    It's normal that the gold making hints will eventually be all the same. And it's obvious that there will be profit as long as there will be demand. As long as you have more automation, you will have more profit. As long as you will rely more on what you alone can make, in the shortest amount of time, profits will roll in.

    However I would say this: when you speak of the community, you include the wow gold bloggers. There are in fact two communities, the bloggers and the readers. And it's like the internet is the AH, the bloggers are the posters and the readers are the buyers. Some of the bloggers are crafters, and they come with new ideas. Other bloggers are just brokers - buy low/ sell high (aka reuse ideas without coming up with new ones).

    In conclusion, you will do whatever you think will help your AH-ing, your blogging. Stockpile is a monopolist crafter, selling a product which has no competition. Apparently is priced correctly, so even AH sellers buy from him. :) I don't know if it's really a success story but if he's happy, it's all that counts. And maybe he's an inspiring story for others.

    Sorry if this seems ranty, it wasn't intended. I just wanted to get your spirits up. :)

  20. Agree, not sure what turned off my interest in regular posting or even going for the million mark...

    Hit a half mill and just lost interest for a time. Spending a lot more time with family and on around the house projects...

    Blogging IMO is like the game, you either have fun with it or don't for your own reasons. If its fun, and you enjoy it, Keep doing what you do for your reasons. If you write it the readers will follow.

    Stok did not seem to write for an audience in the begining, it was for is own reflection and cataloging of what he did and what worked. Just turns out that his writing style... WAS GREAT as is yours, but they are not the same. Later I think Stok did more for the audience, but I still feel it was largely his own reasons that kept him going... and those reasons were not making a profit in RL $, or creating an e-peen flex of trafic volume or anything else.

    My blog is like my game... Its something I do to amuse myself and if other read and are educated great. If other benefit, cool...

    If I get readers fine, if they share feedback and I know my words shared are valued by others, that certainly make me a better person and there is a satisfaction in that too.

    Improving my own personaly communication skill is part of why I blog... a big part really...

    Keep on doing what you do for your reasons, and dont be influenced by distractions...

  21. I hope this will kick some other blogs into line.

    Apart from a "few" who make informative origional material, quality is far better than the large repeating of info on many blogs.

    Keep up with the videos bye the way I relly enjoy them.


  22. Do what you want to do and learn how to do it good. The rest is unimportant.

    2 good originals are Gevlon and Stokpile. If someone is genuine or not can be spotted instantly.


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