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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nerf Faids now on Facebook!

Hey folks!
  Thanks to some help from Flux of Power Word Gold I was able to get a Facebook up and running; I'm not sure exactly how "serious business" I'll take it, but my intent is to use it as sort of an in-between; for stuff that's more substantial than a tweet but not quite "meaty" enough for a blog post.  Content should start popping up tomorrow! =]


  1. Ok, I liked ya. Maybe Personal blogs are different, but I couldn't figure out how to "friend" you.

    Separately, I was trying to get to your icc blog so that I could forward the rules and such to a friend (we've been talking about using your format on our server, and many of the pages, especially the raid rules are broken.
    Can you fix please, please.

  2. I don't seem able to discretely include my email address; So I have enabled the "email follow up comments" function.

  3. I seem to be having issues commenting with what you probably need, if you can e-mail me Faidtastic (at) gmail (dot) com I'll try and get the info out to you. :)

  4. Hey man I love ur blog, Maybe wanna Link my blog to yours and i do same to yours =)?
    Girl gamer from finland =P
    Writing is from 2.7k warrior POV :)


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