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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Nemesis Returns

Back in early March I posted about someone I thought was a bot. He would be online 23ish hours a day, constantly posting auctions.  He kept this up so steadily there was no way it was a single human being doing this, it was either a program or multiple people playing the same account, both which are against the rules. So zomgReported!1 After about two weeks of reporting him every other day he just poofed.  He'd been the main presence in the glyph market for several months and he just vanished for as many months.  I considered it a win and a bot banned.

I moved back into the glyph market and it's been very good to me.  Competitors came and went, some stayed and were a hindrance to my profit, but all in all it was your average glyph market.  About two months ago I noticed a player started to undercut more diligently. They used a 1c undercut so at least they weren't gutting the market, but they were online a lot.

I did the usual add to my friends list so I could keep an eye on their online status.  One day he walked up to me and I saw it. The guild tag.  He was in the same guild as my previous competitor.  I'd done some guild armorying in the past and found that this guild only had about five toons in it, none maxed but maxed professions. In other words, a profession alt guild.

So my immediate thought was that this was my old glyph nemesis back again.  My knee-jerk reaction was to report him, but I had no proof it was him and he wasn't playing in quite the same style so I decided to watch him.

He seemed to have changed his ways; he has very little time online, at least on his main glyph posting toon, and didn't seem to blanket the market and only posted a few different types of glyphs. So I let him be; plenty of gold to go around.

All of a sudden this week though he's in full force. His online time is almost matching mine (and that's a lot of time) and he's undercutting with extraordinary tenacity.  I'm going to keep an eye on him and once his activity has been to "bot" levels I'll probably report him again, we shall see.  Bot Battle 2011 still rages! :O

I'm just glad I'm more diverse than ever in what markets I hit and still bringing in plenty of gold to stay on track towards my goal. 


  1. This sounds identical to my current situation with one seller in particular: Mosang. I only wish he would disappear as long as your competition did.

    He left a week ago on June 2nd, his auctions expired, and he was gone. I only had one other bot I was working against at that time, so it was bountiful times. I sold 169k worth of goods and made 98k profit.

    I knew something was weird, so I /who'ed his guild. That's when I found Lochom. I pulled him up in a character history search. Wtf. Created April 18, leveled to 26 on May 26, then powerleveled to 75 in one week.

    The leveling ended on June 9, so of course that means he's back in full force. It was good while it lasted, if only for a week. :(

  2. Sounds just like my bot nemisis. Every time he loses one account and starts up another he starts out slowly. It takes him a week or two to build up stock and then he goes nuts, online 24/7 and undercutting constantly.

    Just got two of his accounts banned (on the same battlelnet) a few weeks ago. Everything was great for about 2 weeks, the AH almost back to normal again but yet another new bot appeared 3 days ago.

    Blizzard is too dam slow to ban these bots. It's bad enough with farm bots that pay for themselves in a month or so but auction bots are much much worse.

    I can easily make 50k profit a day without botting if I do a little camping during prime time. A few hours camping in the evening while the majority of the server's raids are ending for the day is all it takes.

    Just imagine how much more a bot makes camping 24/7. Just one day of getting away with it and selling the gold more pays for a vanilla account even if he "only" made 50k.

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  4. More info about my bot nemesis and how I fight him can be found here.

    This guy's been operating on my server for over 2 years now!


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