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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My 4.2 Log

Hey folks, it's still early in 4.2 with a lot of gold to be made, but I wanted to tell you how my day's gone so far.  First off, I'll give you a run down of what I had going into it:

Faid is my BS/Engineer and the only toon I'm really interested in doing Hyjal dailies on.  My only other toon that would really benefit would be Klix, my DK tailor.  (My boyfriend's Leatherworker can handle those patterns.)   However, I just didn't feel like opening up Hyjal on Klix so I did not.

My main gold-making plan was selling loads of gems. Having made out like a bandit with them in 4.1 I was hoping to see a similar showing in 4.2.  I did not stockpile over time, as my previous post shows, but did make a last-ditch effort to pile up some gems the night before the patch.  I logged off last night with about 50 Inferno Rubies and 35 of other colors on Alliance, and about 20 Inferno Rubies and 10 of other colors on the Horde.

Also of interest for pre-patch news.  Last night I found that, if I counted both Horde and Alliance, I had hit 1 million gold.  However, I've always felt that Horde gold was more of a "side venture" and not something to be counted towards my cap goal, so didn't consider it official I'd capped yet.

The Dawn Arrives
I woke up at the crack of noon and started downloading the patch.  Had a hiccup with it not applying correctly, but got it sorted and was able to log on about 10 minutes after the servers came up.  At which point I promptly had a brain meltdown and couldn't figure out what I should be doing first.

I logged onto my JC and posted up 10 of every Inferno Ruby cut I have (Agi/Str/Int) at 275g each.  I sat there staring at my screen. You know that feeling when there's so much to do you just can't seem to do anything?  Yeah, that's how I felt.

I saw someone in Trade looking for someone to make Unleashed Lightning. Hey! I should go research that. So I hop over to my scribe, research it, sell one to the person who was looking for it (350g) and make about 15 more.  I pop them and my Snowfall Ink stock on the Auction House and head back to my JC to start looking at gems seriously. (I ended up selling a few glyphs for 400g, a few for slightly less, then quickly they were undercut down to the price of an average glyph. :(  Oh well, was fun while it lasted!)

The Gemstravaganza
Because I was using two accounts I was able to be on my Horde bank toon posting my few precut gems  (Inferno Rubies 250+ with very little competition ) while simultaneously cutting and posting gems on Alliance with my DK. (Inferno Rubies ended up around 225+ with a lot of competition.)

Shortly after I began posting I decided to take a peek at Elemetnium. There were around 190 Stacks for 44g, which is just under my pre-4.2 threshold of 45g.  I swept all of them up for around 8.5k and spent the next few hours diligently watching the AH, keeping it stocked with every cut that was selling for a good rate (I had no formula, just whatever "felt like good profit") and prospecting ore.

After a while I started getting antsy about seeing new content. There were people with cool Alliance balloons, awesome cloaks, trash epics, and more! I wanted to get some!

So I put my Horde selling on the back burner (Remember, I consider it a fun side-project, not an actual pursuit at his point.)  My plan was to stock my Alliance glyph seller (Liquidate) up with all of my gems and to then be able to go run around on Faid.

First I had to deal with the side effects of all that prospecting I'd been doing throughout the day.  I transmuted all the Carnelians using my Heartblossom I had banked for unrelated vanity purposes, and did the usual jewerly to DE/sell.  I DE'd almost all the jewelry right away since enchant scrolls were picking up speed (300g for Mighty Stats to chest) but got pulled away to a schedule guild alt raid.   Luckily I'd been able to move my gem business to the bank toon first, however, and continued to sell through the alt raid.

After finishing up the alt raid I decided I should go do the dailies so I didn't end up a day behind.  I got about halfway through them when my boyfriend informed me that the Firelands trash farm group he was with had a DPS  opening.  Unlike the other trash farms I'd turned down all day, this one was made up of friends and people from one of the higher end guilds on teh server.  (As of the end of 4.1 my guild is 7th on the server, theirs is 6th.)  So I knew it wouldn't be a time sink wipefest.

I put my dailies on hold and hopped in.  They'd been at it for a while and called it after about thirty minutes more, but during those thirty minutes the following items dropped:

I lost on the Blacksmithing pattern but was happy to be able to snag the tanking trinket.  I equipped it right away so as to remove any temptation nagging me to sell it, as the rules were only roll if you're going to use it. =)  

The farming group was called shortly and I kept on going until I finished my dailies and the Thrall quest line, netting me a nice cloak upgrade.  Two upgrades on the first night of the patch!

The Aftermath
I'm letting the dust settle now. There are farming groups I could go to , or gems I could be cutting to sell, but I'd just like to sit here and enjoy myself. I've got a cool Alliance Balloon and a touched up Dark Phoenix and I'm pretty happy with the first day of the patch.  Here are the MySales information for the past 24 hours from some of my main selling toons, though a few other toons were involved in today's selling.



So there you can see my biggest money making items. Lots of gems, some key enchant scrolls, etc.  

I have one more screenshot to share with you guys now.

Tah-dah! Gold cap. Banked. Alliance.  I've reached the cap.  I'm going to take a breather from gold making for the rest of the evening and enjoy some new content while I decide where to go from here. Look forward to a post in the very near future about my next goal, whatever it may be!

(Oh, and I started my day at ~40k Horde and am ending at 100k, so that's pretty hot too.)


  1. Firstly, Congrats on the Actual Cap!

    Secondly, Great post, I will be Posting Gems, Enchants and other item enhancements as soon as my EU realm is online!

    cant wait for the sales!


  2. @Warcraft Econ: Indeed! I was going to do an interview at 500k but wanted to save it for the cap as a sort of "milestone reward for myself," as cheesy as that sounds. So definitely looking forward to sending y'all one. :)

    @anaalius: I'm really excited to find out how everyone else ends up after this patch, I had a lot of fun with it.

  3. Yay! Big Gratz for the Cap :) I'm at 890k going in today so fingers crossed, I may cap by the end of the week :)

    Great post too - was taking notes in IRC last night, patch is downloading now, I have my list prioritised & I'm so excited for my 1st big patch since I started goldmaking that I've been awake sice 6am like a toddler waiting for their trip to disneyland!

  4. Massive grats Faid! on the cap, and on an amazing 60k proffit on you horde in less than a day!

    Btw you really should write a post on how you multi task so well!

  5. Congratulations on the Cap and a great patch day #1!

  6. Faid, congrats on the Cap! I've been enjoying reading your posts and hope that you'll continue even though you've hit this great milestone.

  7. Congratulations on the cap! It's a fantastic achievement, and inspiring to many of us!

    On a side note, I also want to offer you an amends. You likely never saw it, but I snapped at you on JMTC when I felt you were needlessly harsh in a comment. I snarked that I was not likely to visit your site as a result.

    But I thought about that. I'd never even SEEN your site. And there aren't that many other women seriously involved in the AH game. I decided that it would be needlessly hostile and stupid for me to dismiss you based on a random comment or two.

    I came to your site, and instantly liked it. I'll be a regular reader now. So, seriously, my apologies for snarking. I may still disagree with the way you handled your comments, but that's not a good basis for turning away from your good work entirely.

    Thanks for a great blog, and congrats again on reaching your gold cap goal!

  8. Grats. I hit the cap a bit ago and need to submit my interview for Warcraft Econ as well.

    I couldnt keep my gems in stock. I sold out of inferno rubies and ore prices were above 100 gold a stack. I still have some of every other color, but damn!

    I would have stockpiled had there not been so many gems selling every day.

  9. Congrats on 1M Faid! Sounds like you had a very productive patch day. Those FL trash drops were something I wasn't expecting.

    I'd imagine they are all going for crazy prices but they do all an additional gold-making element to the patch which should spice things up.

    Also didn't realize the Thrall quests give a cloak. I'll have to be sure to get those done. (And stock cloak enchants.)

  10. Congratulations on the Gold cap Faid, You've worked hard for that and you deserve the mana that goes with that achievement.

  11. Congrats, Faid! And welcome to the club :) Be sure to let us know all the fun stuff you spend it on, if you do so!

  12. Grats Faid on the on the Cap! Hopefully the influx of comments will convince you to avoid being a hermit ;)


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