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Monday, June 20, 2011

Loaves of Bread

First off, news! Today I hit 900k banked (Roughly 960k across all toons on both factions, but I like to only count "banked Alliance" gold) and I'm now officially in the home stretch. It's weird to think I still have 10% to go; it sounds like a lot. Then again my first 100k took me two months and the last 100k took me 10 days, so I guess there's some snowball effect to count on!

Lately I've been thinking about the value of gold and how I perceive it.  In one of his election years (I tried to look it up but everyone else just says "one of his election years" as well . . .) a reporter asked George H. W. Bush a rather loaded question.  They asked him the going rate of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.  When he answered way off the mark they considered it a "gotcha" question; a sign he was out of touch and didn't understand the lives and problems of the average American.

I've sort of been feeling that way about gold for the duration of Cataclysm.  I wasn't rolling in gold at Cata launch, sitting at around 250k, but I had more than your average player.  Because of this I've started to wonder if my value of gold is drastically different from other players, or if it's much more similar than I expect.  

In late Wrath, as an example, I was discussing alts with a guild member.  He has a priest and was saying he can't really solo because it's Holy.  I was like "Well, just buy dual spec for her, it's really cheap."  He said something along the lines of: "You know, not everyone has so tons of gold to spend, Faid."  (In my defense, I thought Dual Spec had already been lowered to 10g but was actually still 1000g, mah bad!)

By the end of Wrath I know I was "rich" compared to your average player.  I wonder, though, is 250k that much now? I haven't seen a huge spike in the gold you get from dailies (though I've not looked at Firelands rewards) and raiding doesn't bring in tons of gold, but it seems there's more gold floating around.

There's a Reins of Poseidus on my AH for 200k (not mine!) and of course that gets Trade talking about the "ridiculous price people charge for mounts."  I asked how much people would be willing to spend for it and a lot of people are putting their price point similar to mine: 30-50k.

It's surprising to me, because before I started making gold as a concentrated effort I considered myself comfortable at 10k and rich at 15k.  The fact that your average player is now seeing it as reasonable to spend 50k on a mount is definitely a surprise to me.

It's caused me to realize that the degree of inflation in Cataclysm was entirely lost on me.  I don't know how much the average player has, what the average player's expenses are, and what they are willing to pay for certain things.  I am, quite frankly, out of touch with those I market to.

But what can be done?  My view of the value of gold is so skewed and even if I didn't have this gold, now that I know how to make this much there's no way I'll ever think 15k is rich again, you know?

Anyways, just some "I'm almost there" musings!

Image Source: Loaf of Bread

In other news I've started a Minecraft Let's Play video series, check it out if you're a Minecraft fan! If you're not a Minecraft fan you probably will be soon. :o


  1. Canadians use this to prove Bush was just plain out of touch:
    (skip to 3:30)


  2. Xsinthis: H. W. is Bush Sr., W's father who served before Clinton.

    But still a very amusing video. Canadians don't know who their Congressman is?! D: lol

  3. The Minecraft video was interesting to watch. Subbed so I won't miss the next one :)

  4. I have about 7k across all my characters. I think this is the richest I've ever been. I dream of Mechano-hogs and mounts. For me, I only have one level 85, and I only recently discovered the joy of farming on a gathering alt.

    And yes, I make money, but it's slow for me. So to hear of people having 100k lying around is just mind-boggling. I don't think you're out of touch, I just think that past a certain point, when you can make everything you could want yourself, gold isn't seen as that important any more.

  5. I am sitting around 500k but at the start of cata I only had about 5000g across all toons. I had quit after a few months of wrath due to RL and gave all my gold to a friend. BTW I like the vid. A buddy has been trying to get me to play Minecraft and I may have to try it out.

  6. Yea there's a whole one hour special on it, very amusing :P

    On a more constructive and less likely to start a war note:
    I've run into this problem as soon as I hit 5 golden digits. Now for me dropping thousands of gold per character to get guild mounts, items that turn you into NElfs, hogs, mammoths, BoEs etc is nothing too me. I can't simply comprehend what it would be like to not have this much gold. The days where I lived off my raid loot seems to far away.

  7. I know a lot of average players who are very rarely if ever above 20k gold. I talked to one of my gem competitors who also happens tobe in my guild. He asked how much I had and I told him that I just hit a million.

    He was amazed and said he though he was doing well at 71k.

    I imagine the players over 100k is probably still fairly low as making gold is just something they do for repairs/gems/echants for gear.

  8. My guild has a huge sampling of gold makers. We have a couple people who dominate the AH and largely determine a significant fraction of my small server's economy. We also have those who are thanking their lucky stars that our guild bank funds repairs, enchants, gems, and the like.

    Personally, I've JUST got the bug to start building a fortune in this game (side note: your videos are far and away the best information I've encountered). I started knowing that I could get into the glyph grind with just a little effort. Now I'm very competitive in that market and reached an all time high of 50k across all toons.

    This brings me to my main idea though. Reins of Poseidus (and other similarly priced items on the AH) have those "willing" price points. That's how I see it. For me, it's more "I could see someone spending 30-50k on that." Even though I don't even have that to spend myself. It's like looking at something you know you're not going to have and determining its value.

    Personally I just hit a big goal of mine (in addition to my 50k milestone). I got my sandstone drake. Just like your intro, I got it one piece at a time. I could see people spending 40-50k (what it's usually listed at on my server) but I knew if I went that route I'd never get it, so I put my alts to work. Do I feel like because I only put essentially vendor price + snatch list stuff into it that it's worth less? I mean, probably didn't go over 25k even. Heck no, I still think it's well valued at 40-50k.... I just got it at a steal.

    I think people are just more aware now that it is POSSIBLE to have a massive bank roll and they price things in their mind like that.... whether or not they can afford them (yet).


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