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Monday, June 20, 2011

I love everyone. Group hug!

Hey guys, I'm writing a gold-oriented post that will probably pop up later this afternoon, once folks have had time to get a glance at this one; I don't want to bury it too soon.  But yes, gold post coming very soon.

I just wanted to take a few moments to state a stance and clear some things up.

  • There have been some strong responses to my most recent post about bloggers being people too, and I'm glad to see so many people appreciate bloggers. =]  I have to admit I've had some unhappy feelings surrounding blogging recently and hearing overwhelming support has been great.

  • A few of the later comments have dealt with the use of the response to my WT application.  I will say nothing was taken out of context that it was given to me in; the original quote may have been taken out of context, but it was the full quote that I received.  It was one of several reasons, not the only reason, which I was declined. I've known this, but the other reasons had nothing to do with the post. The post wasn't "WT application process and my problems with it," the post was about how bloggers are judged differently in the gold making community, and the quote provided seemed to support that theory. 

  • A small handful of people said they were now reconsidering applying to the Wind Traders.  Don't reconsider. If it's something that interests you: Do it!  I found that, for many reasons which I provided to Sterling and really don't need to be brought into the public view, it was not the place for me and so I declined the generous invitation.  It was not a place for me personally, but that's not to say it is a bad place, just not a Faid place!  They are amazingly knowledgable, and through every step of the application process Sterling was incredibly kind and an upstanding individual, something I believe is true of most Wind Traders and folks over at the Consortium.  Don't let anything I've said here deter you; if you have ever wanted to apply then do so!

  • I'm going to see if I can lock comments to the previous post.  While I appreciate everyone's comments I feel I've said my piece and gotten that off my chest.  I want to get back to blogging about gold and let that post get buried.  Thank you all for allowing me to vent; now on with the regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Fair enough. I agree with you about not monetizing the site and paying people for content - The Consortium is with you on that one.

    I just want to point out one thing quickly from one of the comments from your previous post by you and another reader.

    Faid said...
    "Essentially this person stated that because I am a blogger my motives are automatically suspect and I need to go above and beyond the Wind Trader application to further prove that I want to contribute to the community."

    Vince said...
    "I considered applying for Windtrader status, but not so sure anymore. I didn't even know it was taken so seriously. Hell, I figured blogging would almost guarantee you a spot."

    Faid, do you now see why? It's because such attitudes like Vince's exist, that we put bloggers under more scrutiny than normal.

    That combined with the fact that you weren't active on the forums lead to your application being declined.

    However, we replied to you saying that if you became more active on the forums, we would love to reconsider you.
    You did and we kept our promise.

  2. Just wanted to clarify, I'm not trying to attack Vince or anything like that in the previous post.

    I was simply showing one of the reasons why the fact that an applicant is a blogger is one of the things we scrutinize in applications.

  3. @Sinshroud: Vince's thoughts on that are no reason that bloggers should be held to a higher standard than other applicants. The same standard, definitely, I don't see a reason to give preferential treatment to bloggers at all. But you've gone beyond that and held bloggers to a higher standard.

    "It's because such attitudes like Vince's exist, that we put bloggers under more scrutiny than normal."

    Do you now see?

    Regardless, I didn't want to close off comments for this post as well, but I suppose I'm going to. If you'd like to continue this further you can hit me up on Twitter, though I'll probably not respond.

    The whole point of this post was to be done with the issue, not continue it in another thread of comments.

    I sat here staring at my screen this morning shocked that you had the audacity to say that the reason I was declined was based upon my activity, or lack thereof, on the Consortium forums. Factor? Mhm, but as Kathroman said himself, he had fewer posts than I did at the time of his application.

    I have read several responses to my application; I've avoided putting them up in public because I think they paint a poor picture of your application process and the group.

    This morning I struggled with the desire to just post up the e-mails in full, but decided, in the interest of avoiding drama and not burning bridges I would rather just take the high road and make an "okay thanks that's over now" post and wash my hands of it.

    I'd like to continue to see it that way, so I'm going to lock comments.

    Remember: The original post was never about you or the Wind Traders or the Consortium, it was about the way bloggers are treated differently, something you've said yourself in this very comment.

  4. Adding a correction: Kathroman was not the person who said he had fewer posts than me when he applied, it was another reviewer of my application. Just wanted to correct that error. :)