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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Truegold still in 4.2!

According to some of you kind readers who replied to my previous post, apparently Truegold is used to make epic Blacksmith weapons that were not listed among the patterns on MMO Champ!  Reports say they are using 8 Truegold according to data mining.

I'm not very used to researching PTR information but this filter here is what I used, and a bit down the page you can see the new weapons as blue-quality patterns that craft epic quality weapons. So Truegold will still maintain some value. But I guess my thoughts are "I may have been wrong but I was still right."

You see, there will still definitely be a demand for Truegold, so it's definitely not a bad idea I feel, with this information brought to my attention. However, I feel that Volatile Fire is still a better thing to aim for if you've got to choose one or the other.

There are a lot of factors impacting this.  For example, there's only one source for Truegold and it's on a daily CD, so this creates a choke point in supply and can keep prices high, while Fire could theoretically be farmed by anyone ad nauseum.  So from a supply standpoint Truegold will be your best bet; on your smaller servers this is probably what I'd do.

But on servers like mine where there are tons of gold-savvy players and alchemists spitting out free transmutes every night at 12:05 I anticipate the supply really won't dry up.  But when you need 40 Fire per crafted epic and players like myself are probably going to be in the market for about 15 pieces, that's a huge demand just from myself.  Now picture that spread across my high population server and I think I've found what I intend to stock up on.

So my tip about these is to engage your brain, think about your server's markets for these items and what your server will probably go through at the onset of 4.2 and act accordingly.  Bottom line is both should see profit, servers will only effect which one sees more.

(And thanks for the comments about these weapons, folks, I'm glad for any new information you guys can bring to me, I'm pretty bad at PTR research!)


  1. Have you seen anything about where these recipes will drop? I think how easy the recipes are to obtain will also affect the value of Truegold as their could be a very limited supply of these items if only a few people on the realm can craft them.

  2. @Bangkok Bill: I don't know, but folks on the PTR realm may. My impression is that it is likely from a vendor. By the time we hit ToC Blizz seemed to have gone away from BoP raid drop patterns altogether and the fact that these patterns are BoP causes me to think they are not raid drops.

    They could be bought from the already present metal trader (Can you imagine if you had to BUY them with Truegold too?) or possibly from a new vendor related to Firelands, but I don't think these will be direct raid drops.

  3. I sure hope truegold gets more uses. The Truegold currency for recipes sounds excellent, can only hope it would happen.

    For a few days the materials cost almost more than the truegold itself here, mainly some of the volatiles.

    Only bigger profit happens if you proc during the creation. Yeah right..!

    Thanks for the Behe link btw, your video was extemely helpful. Wish I would have seen it before creating the post though, could have saved time by sending people your way instead! >:3

    If you don't like me linking to it, come poke me!


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