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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Gold Making This Week

:D  Minecraft! I'm on a Minecraft binge this week and by the way my mine is amazing.  I haven't spent much time making gold in WoW but here's what I have to say about that: I've still made gold!

Knowing I wasn't going to be on the AH all day I switched all my glyph postings from 12 hours to 48 hours; posted three of each, then logged off and forgot about the AH toon for two days. And I logged back in the next day to 7k! 

This is interesting to me because usually I'm the person who will log on first thing in the day; cancel anything I've been undercut on and repost everything, then constantly scan and repost throughout the day.  I thought that this was why I was making the gold I was, but even with next-to-no attention given to the AH I still made 7000g from what was actually a very small amount of glyphs.

It's caused me to drastically rethink the way I want to approach my posting and cancelling.  Constantly tending to the AH doesn't detract from my playtime very much since I have two accounts; but it's still a bit annoying to do all day.  Perhaps I will be a bit more passive with my posting in the future and see how that all works out.

Even with the Minecraft binge I was able to upload the next WoW Gold Rush video a few days ago; be sure to subscribe to my Youtube for up-to-date video releases. =D


  1. I switched to this method when I thought I wanted out of glyphs. The set it and forget it method has been very effective, since I make only slightly less than before, with hours saved.

  2. I think I'm gonna have to give this method a try, reposting every 12 hours is getting old very fast. Nice tip as usual Faid!

  3. Scrolls, finding the same thing... the undercutters log, and then sell out and if you have some reasonable level of activity, yours are next or soon as the markets move.

    My recent take away is my fallback prices need to come down.

    Ex. Power Torrent... 1500G in mats -> 1600G threshold/2500 fallback... I almost neve make sales at 2500... but if I under cut a price like 1850 and am imediatly undercut... it will usually within a day as the undercutter is bought out and mine is not far up the list or far from the market.

    This leads to 3 things to do. Lower thresholds, increase #/posting, reduce the camping I do = lower profits, way less time in that market and more time for another market..

  4. I stopped babysitting my auctions when my guildies and significant other started complaining about the amount of time I was doing it. I don't cancel anything that's undercut now, I just post more and undercut the undercutters. Once you have a good bankroll/stockpile, there's no reason to cancel/repost unless its a big ticket item, and even then I think you're better off holding out.

    Wish I was on your server, it takes me a week to make 7k from glyphs. My BEST day is 1k in glyphs!

  5. I stopped doing the cancel/re-post cycle quite some time ago because I got tired of the extra time it takes, plus I didn't care for the "pvp". So now I just post once, sometime in the evening after work, with a 12 hour duration. That way they expire the next morning when I'm at work and I can just deal with them whenever I happen to sit down with the game after I get home.

  6. The best way IMO to make money right now with enchanting are the boa scrolls. Since the shattering(?) reputation gain has been increased dramatically. I farmed up to honored with timbermaw hold on my lvl ~73 DK in about 30 minutes (15 and 25 agi to weap chants). For thorium brotherhood (22 int) it takes 20 fiery/lava core, or about 200g. All these chants give great profits with minimal time investment.

    You could also mention the 3 small-->large prismatic shard transformation... I turn 1 gold into 15.


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